Field Installable Connector

Field Installable Connector

QACTM – Quick Assembly Connector Network Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in passive optical network components and solutions since its establishiment in 1999.
NWC has offered differentiated products for Passive Components, Optical Distribution Systems, and Passive & Active Devices out performing FTTH.

Products : Quick Assembly Connector
NWC QAC provide quick and easy termination of optical fibers in the field.
Both SC single mode and multi mode connectors are available for 900 micron and 3mm drop cable application which allow the installer to terminate and make connection in 3 minutes in the field. This connector system doesn’t need any requirement such as epoxy, adhesive and costly curing ovens.

  • Real APC connection
  • Quick and Easy Fiber Termination
  • Field Installable, Cost effective
  • Reliable Optical Performance
  • No epoxy and polishing required
  • Variable types available : SF, NS, S, L, W, SW, C




Strengths of Products : Real APC Connection
Cutting the surface with Angle to minimize Return Loss of QAC

Temperature cycle -40°C ~ 75°C →  Return Loss < 60dB




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Digital Broadcasting & A/V System

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[INQ. NO. 1508E19] BICOM is a company established to lead the global market and maximize customer satisfaction through various projects as well as a reliable digital broadcasting system with the new development technology to lead the digital generation.

Digital-Broadcasting-&-AV-System BICOM started converging broadcast and A/V systems when no one would even think of trying it. The company has conducted research and development for more than 15 years since 1999 to provide the best and most efficient system with professional experience.

BICOM has developed a [ONE-LINE] combined broadcasting system by connecting audio/video and communication lines for the first time in South Korea. Also it obtained a new technology certificate from the government about the achievement of full-digital broadcasting system and high quality digital amplifier to create an ethernet ONE-LINE network connection through more than two buildings.

Meanwhile, BSP series are designed to achieve top-quality sound, intuitive control and excellent performance for SR (Sound Reinforcement) circumstances. BSP-408 features various inputs, analog and AES/EBU fully routable to any one of eight outputs. Each channel features complete sound processing, including various equalizers, limiter, delay and support for linear phase FIR/ IIR filters. Its new advanced FIR filter provides high stop-band attenuation, lower pass-band ripple, and sharp band transition characteristics. It bears no comparison to conventional FIR filters. It also provides linear phase response while maintaining low noise and exact phase over the entire frequency range for uncolored audio reproduction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ignition cable set

[Serial No. 2012-B-244]

Kodaecs, a specialist manufacturer of rubber products for automotive spark plugs, has recently started producing various kinds of rubber products for automotive parts such as spark plug cable set, engine mountings, bushings, etc. Launching its export to Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1996 in the form of OEM, the company maintains its active export activities in many global markets especially in Singapore, the Middle East, and South America. The recent annual export volume of the company came to US$1 mil. on average.

Ignition-cable-set Kodaecs’s ignition cables guarantee quicker and guaranteed start than the existing ones even in the winter time, thereby helping the driver save time and energy significantly and lowering air pollution. The products’ carbon glass fiber core protected by the silicone film reduces the resistance considerably and thus transmits intensive current (maximum 40,000 volt) to the ignition plugs. The built-in silicone protective film provides an extended durability with the temperature range of -60ºC ~ 200ºC.

At any RPM range, the power is enhanced and the fuel consumption is lowered. It is easy to install in any car thanks to the wide variety of connectors and cable length. The solid and safe connector combined with the Posilock ring clip is the most suitable for the direct injection type engines. Kodaecs’s long years of strives including such solutions for improving and preserving the surrounding environment to be continued.

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New concept of home service robot

robot[INQ. NO. 1312E05]Roboware is a company founded in 2007 with the vision of “Robots for Humans.” It has obtained the core technologies of hardware platforms, software platforms and robot service platforms.

Roboware has already introduced a new concept of robot, “KIMI,” at the CES2013, which is a customized home service robot customers have never seen before. Children and “kidadults” are the main users of the new device. With supported scheduler application, users can directly drive contents they want. The brand operates not only by various sensors – camera, mike, touch sensor, acceleration sensor, buttons, etc., but by smart devices backed by the Internet environment
such as smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.

In such an operating environment supported by the Internet, users can reproduce suitable contents on KIMI depending on the user-defined type scheduler. For the students, engineers, and content providers who manipulate robot, Roboware is now providing contents builder tools(KIMI motion and scenario editor) so that they can create their own contents such as educational curriculums and experimental engineering missions.

Currently, Roboware is seeking new distributors who can take on the role of providing service and contents. Any inquiries as to the newly released robot brand of KIMI are welcome. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Solar Cell and Module

Solar Cell and Module 2007, Shinsung Solar Energy started its PV business, the key field of renewable Energy, and now it has 350MW solar cell annual capacity at Jeungpyeong, Chungbuk and 150 solar module annual capacities at Eumseong Chungbuk. Shinsung achieved the world’s first 20.03% conversion efficiency rate for solar cell, and 19.2% efficiency rate in mass production in 2012.

Currently, Shinsung is producing above 19% efficiency solar cells with pure Korean technology and successfully established ‘solar cell module installation’ model, improving its own competitiveness in the global solar cell market.

Through the continuous efforts focused on R&D, Shinsung successfully achieved the world’s first conversion efficiency rate of 20.03%. In addition to this achievement, Shinsung added a solar cell production line with Korean technology and now mass produces above 19% efficiency solar cells. The high efficiency achieved through optimized processing is the pride and competiveness of Shinsung Solar Energy. The modules produced with Shinsung Solar Energy’s high efficient solar cells are certified with Korea’s top efficiency rate (250W, 255W, 260W). The products reduce the area required for installation and also reduce installation costs.

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Regulating Electronic Devices

3_카이테크_20130112_1Maintaining economic stability is important for a nation. For that matter, the government acts as a regulator that manages economic activity. For example, it controls the amount of foreign currency circulating in the market depending on certain conditions. In the same way, a machine like an automobile also needs a regulator; this time it controls such elements as gases, electricity, fluids, etc. Korea’s KAI TECH helps a mechanical system regulate for its stable performance.



3_카이테크_20130112_2Registered in 2008, KAI TECH launched its business aiming to supply the best products and services like alternator regulators and alternator rectifiers. The firm is also interested in exploring the 42 bolts system (Hybrid car) industry. KAI TECH’s major engineering activities involve electrical circuit design, durable thermal design, design optimization & verification, etc. And main businesses are system engineering for power-train application, advanced drivers and controllers for the next generation 42v system for hybrid car, and power driver for LED lighting.

For “Charging Control for Automotives” KAI TECH offers alternator regulators and rectifiers. Alternator regulators features 12V & 24V charging system, self-compensating thermal circuit, soft start & fault warning function, etc. The rectifier for 12V & 24V charging system has press-fit type zener diode and die cast & extrusion type heat sink.



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