Solar street light [INQ. NO. 1610E14] KTES, since its establishment in 2005 has continuously been challenging existing high-technology industries in the electrical/electronic/communication sector. As a company specialising in signal processing devices used in defence sector radars and sonar systems, multi-function console for electric system and power supply devices, KTES works for a better future using renewable energy technology.


KTES’s solar street light is a green renewable energy device. It works by storing power generated by the solar module in the battery at daytime and runs the LED lamp using battery power at night time.
KTES’s solar road stud is also highly competitive product that uses a self solar power generation system that illuminates the LED lamp with eco-friendly energy saved in the battery or super capacitor. This converts solar light into electrical energy through its own solar cell and thus does not require additional power supply.
KTES recently developed a multifunctional streetlight called solar smart LED street light that is installed at the site in the form of a streetlight, which makes safety warnings after sensing motions of incoming and outgoing persons, reports to central control room, and acts as camera surveillance while at other times it is used to detect surrounding environments (temperature, humidity, etc.,). All these operations are established with only the configuration of a multifunctional remote control system PCB that is installed in the web server of the central control room and at the site. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

External batteries [INQ. NO. 1610E13] Korea Electronics Technology (KET) is a Korea-based secondary battery maker that boasts slim-design portable quality batteries in diverse colors. Certified as an Inno-Biz, promising export firm, and a small- and medium-sized firm with intellectual asset management at home, KET has focused on producing safe products that have achieved CE, FCC, and RoHS, among others. It is committed to developing diverse products (portable external battery packs/wireless battery chargers) for smart device users and bulk batteries (industrial and camping) for outdoor use. With years of market research and know-how under its belt, KET strives to develop products that meet the needs of global consumers.

It has also achieved international certifications, such as CE, FCC, and RoHS and developed KET’s power bank products that are noted for their stability and charge capacity. With lithium polymer battery cells as their major component, KET’s power bank products are safe and offer 90 percent of charge capacity thanks to the PCB based on the patented technology the firm developed.
They are also packed with diverse functions. For instance, they show the remaining output left by simply shaking the batteries.
Also, the smart identification function can have the power bank switch on automatically by simply plugging in the cable.
Also, users can adjust the charge current of the connected device (increasing efficiency while cutting charging time) by using the software chipset. KET’s power bank products are made with high-quality materials such as aluminum and metal for durability and heat resistance; and they feature the ultra-slim, back engineering method, a design technique that KET developed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Shaving steamer [INQ. NO. 1610E12] BAE Intelligence, a promising small and medium-sized export enterprise, was established in December 2012 for the purpose of specializing in development and production of household appliances using IT technology.
Beginning with production of 100% eco-friendly LED hydroponics, for the first time in the world as of year 2016, it has launched a hypoallergenic shaving product exclusively for men, which provides moisturizing effect and skincare at the same time regardless of the age.
The shaving steamer from the company provides luxury design for men’s taste with the PTC-heater method, capable of generating steam quickly (30~50 seconds).
Shaving foam or gel is

201610e-87_07not needed at the time of T’mer steam shaving, and clean (hypoallergenic) shaving is possible by minimizing irritation to the skin with formation of the moisturizing layer through steam. It has the function of improving skin problems and the effect of aroma therapy with the natural T’mer pack’s steam bag.
Minimizing the use space is available with the wall-mounted type (also capable of being put on the table), and it enables the beginner to use easily with the functions of non-contact one touch ON/OFF and LED color indicator indicating the temperature state of steam. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Electronic measuring equipment

[INQ. NO. 1610E10]

Since its establishment in 1986, Master has been developing display inspection equipment and standard picture quality equipment, boasting the best-quality system based on its long experience and know-how.
Master supplies its products to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, as well as many companies overseas. Also, the firm developed the SI integrated system equipment in 2010 and has diverse products, including Matrix Router, Switcher, Optical Fiber, and KVM series. Since its launch of the brand I&X, the firm has been participating in various shows at home and abroad, including KOBA and Infocomm China, to promote the brand.

The IMR-Series, modular matrix-typed equipment that integrates diverse visual and audio signals into one router, can be expanded from 4×4 to 72×72 and supports diverse resolutions. It is a slop type so that users can design the system they want. It also has a hot-swapping function that allows users to replace the slot without shutting down the system. It is equipped with a touch screen, which is easy to operate, and can be designed as a standard rack type. The types of input and output slots include HDMI, DVI, SDI, VGA, and fiber. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Small Home Appliances

[INQ. NO. 1610E09]

Established in 2013, LLucex is a Korea-based company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying small home appliances, such as humidifiers, dental water picks, and beauty devices. It is equipped with a one-stop production system that covers the entire process from raw materials purchasing to production, assembly, sales, and after sales management.
Having made facility investment consistently, LLucex has a customized production line designed to manufacture customized products for clients, and applies rigorous quality control for each product for the consistent production of quality products. As a result, it is widely recognized among customers for its quality products.
201610e-86_03The company is engaging in aggressive marketing activities at home with its own brand “LLucex,” which is especially popular online and compatible with big name brand products.
The company has an OEM system spanning all stages from production to distribution so that it can overcome the constraints it has as a small company capable of producing a limited number of items, and can thus introduce diverse household products to customers to maximize customer satisfaction.
In 2015, LLucex started its advancement toward becoming a global player by launching branches overseas and exporting to China. It is making every effort to ensure customer satisfaction by providing customers with zero-defect products through consistent R&D activities and commitment to quality assurance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

A Leading Provider of LCD Mold Frame to Major Display Manufacturers Founded in 1987, Samjin LND started out as a precisiontooling company exporting components for Korean and Japanese camera and copier manufacturers, and has received numerous recognitions for quality and technology.
Since 1999, it has been leading the innovation of the components industry for TFT and LCD displays, culminating in winning the 2005 National Quality Management Award.
201610e-80_03Since 2000, with the rapid development of the LCD industry, Samjin LND continued to grow as a leading provider to major display manufacturers of LCD Mold Frame. Since 2009, with proprietary LCD backlight and light guide plate optics and precision mold technology, and by incorporating eco-friendly LED light source, it is developing and producing high-effi ciency, high-quality and human-centric, award-winning LED lighting products.
Due to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Korea’s “Basic Energy Rationalization Plan” phasing out of incandescent light bulbs by 2013, Samjin LND’s LED lighting business is expected to experience radical expansion. Samjin LND has already developed a variety of industrial and commercial lighting products such as indoor fl at panel lights, round ceiling lights, linear lights, fl ood lights, security lights, and street lights. Having established an excellent reputation for the performance and quality of its products, it has already started making considerable earnings in the domestic and export markets as a company specializing in indoor and outdoor LED lighting.
Its LED lighting products have received KC, Effi ciency, KS, Sustainability and Government Procurement certifi cates domestically, and UL, DLC, CE, PSE internationally. Samjin LND employees and management team are committ ed to continuing to develop the best products by building on many years of accumulated experience and technology, and it will continue to be a company that strives for the highest satisfaction of its clients.


Specialization in Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting

SIRIUS linear light is the latest vapor tight, high effi cient highbay over 160lm/w. It provides excellent horizontal and vertical illumination. Optional bracket is available to enable simple multi connection such as 2 pack, 3 pack and 5 pack.
Sirius series can be controlled with a wireless dimming system.
BEETLE is a troff er shaped and intelligent Smart controlled light, which stimulates a person’s well-being, mood and health. It can improve concentration, safety and effi ciency at workplace or educational environments beyond energy-saving only.
Tunable TUBE is a convenient Bluetooth-controlled light using a smartphone or tablet with direct interface, easy to control color temp, dimming, on/off in application. One smartphone/tablet can control up to 1,000 smart lamps. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Seetech, a Mecca of Currency Processing & Expert Companies of Global Banking Machines Seetech Co., Ltd. is a small but strong global company that exports banking machines to approximately 100 countries around the world. Seetech that began the export of general currency counters upon its establishment in 1996 created a huge sensation in the Korean domestic market with launching of the fi rst counterfeit detector CF-100 and swept over the market that had been dominated by foreign products at that time, and the technology was highly recognized worldwide.
201610e-78_06Seetech was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for the fi rst time in 2005, and the Prime Minister’s award continuously from 2006 to 2013 in the section of trade and export in Korea based on high export records. It was selected as a small but strong company in 2012 and the excellent technology of Seetech has been writing new history in the industry of banking machines very year is highly recognized by about 100 customers around the world.
Two Most Representative Products of Seetech, iH-110 and ST-350N

201610e-78_10The I-hunter iH-110 is only one machine that is possible to count the Banknote, Cheque and Barcode together in the world.
It is a highly effi cient banknote, Cheque and Barcode detector that will meet your needs and requirements. It can accurately count notes and safely detect counterfeits all at high-speed operation. It features FULL IMAGE with FULL COLOR (R,G,B), FULL LINE MG, IRR, IRT with dual CIS and UV. It also features fast image processing without delay and strong serial read and comparison.
201610e-78_03It can read serial with fast speed (up to 1200) with powerful serial number comparison. It also can read the MICR for Cheque and Barcode with fast speed. It is very effi cient because its fast network with the machine can upgrade the SW and send any data (counting, serial, full note image) with fastest speed by network. The machine has suffi cient storage so you can have over 40 currencies. Put any notes and the machine will check them.
ST-350 is a smart, practical multi-currency fi tness sorter and banknote counter designed for users’ convenience.
ST-350 is optimized for high performance, enhanced authentication and easy operation. Its fi tness sorting is more complete as it is designed to fi tness sort and authenticate banknotes with an unprecedented level of accuracy and security.
Continuous and uninterrupted sorting is available with a processing speed of 700 notes per minute. It is designed for multi-currency, multi-level fi tness sorting and authentication, available up to 10 diff erent currencies. It is easily upgradable with USB memory stick, and it features easy control keys with Graphical User Interface (GUI). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Specialization in Smart Home that Creates Value and Safety of Life Since its inception in 1968, Commax has sought to step up convenience in life through its innovative telecommunications devices in a bid to reinforce human safety and create new values for all human beings.
Half a century later, Commax has now grown into a global enterprise that fulfi lls the expectations of its customers around the world because it has always been faithful to its core business philosophy that its products and technologies must be completely trustworthy from its customers’ perspectives.
201610e-77_06Commax is a global top brand that’s loved all over the world. It meets global standards with its full line-up of products and systems satisfying diff erent local market environments and requirements, as well as providing standardized products and services by means of its globalization strategy that targets globalization and localization at the same time, along with accumulated technologies and know-how.
Making the Value of Life and Safety Professional Smart Home Industry

201610e-77_03The company’s 7-inch premium full-touch Modum Videophone improves the standard of home interiors. It has enhanced security function of CCTV monitoring and security sensor and can be installed in all door entry environments, from a stand-alone house to an apartment complex.
It has enhanced security functions of CCTV monitoring and guard / porter call. Plus, it is able to communicate faster when assistance is needed. It is expandable with up to two monitors, two door cameras and two interphones with wide LED display. Also, it is connectable with IoT devices and visitor identifi cation via smartphone.
201610e-77_10The smart wall is integrated with an IHD function, eco function, boiler and lighting switch, EMS controlling, entertainment and security. This product is integrated with smart equipment, the world’s fi rst information platform. It features full HD display and smart touch so it provides a convenient smart home solution via Full HD touch display.
Lighting and boiler switches are integrated into the wall pad, providing unity of interior. With EMS (Energy Management System), it is possible to monitor the energy status on a real-time basis. Users are able to monitor the information of home network devices via IHD (In Home Display).
Premium public entrance lobby phone, with the world’s fi rst tempered glass application, provides various user-oriented functions for security and access control. With visual and vocal recognition functions, multiple access control is possible with a variety of verifi cation methods. It enables video, audio and data communication via one UTP cable to simplify the installation. It also creates a luxurious atmosphere with Commax smart blue. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Success with the World’s First Cord-Free Massaging Gadget Homelec Korea Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers / exporters in advanced personal care devices in the region. Its specialty lies in developing products that can reduce technologies down to a much simpler level – from cord-free, to eventually hassle-free for any personal care gadget that is used on a regular basis around you. It is always in Homelec’s best interests to deliver high levels of convenience and comfort.

With over a decade of product-design and know-how, it strives to reach beyond expectations, designing to market’s needs, delivering quality products to end-users, and eventually building trust. Its fi rst system, Cordless Massager, has made moderate success since its offi cial launch in mid-November 2013. And it is exported to Australia, Middle East and North America as of now. The company is looking forward to gaining more momentum in the upcoming years.

Homelec Cordless Massager

Homelec Cordless Massager is a portable dual massager that is free of cords and cables. What is so special about it is that there is no reduction in massage strength compared to other electric-powered ones in the market. What’s more, the gadget off ers various strengths to match your options.
Appropriate level of massage strength on the waist, shoulders and thighs is no problem for this massager. To spice up the fun of the massaging gadget, there is a vibration motor at the tip of the hand grip for facial and scalp massage.
It is a cord-free rechargeable massager with percussion massage. This vibration massager features silicon material and long lasting batt ery which can last more than three hours after one hour of full charge. You can change its head as well with options of air-cushion, point, six-head, oil massage, scalp and facial. It can also massage bone or joint areas such as the knees, wrists and feet. It has a dial-type control and comes with a massager stand. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Becoming a Total Solution Provider in the Global Optical Fiber Industry Since 1982, when Ilsintech was founded as a high-precision tools manufacturer based on its management mott o, “Challenge and Innovation,” the company has been leading and pioneering the processing equipment of optical fi ber, other tools and accessories.
201610e-69_03Launching the fi rst optical fi ber termination products in 1999 in order to meet the customer”s needs for highly effi cient and reliable quality products, Ilsintech has been developing and introducing various products for processing optical fi bers such as strippers, cleavers, multipack, core alignment splicers, clad alignment splicers integrated with thermal auto stripper and cleaver, Splice- On Connector (SOC) and many other related accessories.
Ilsintech is very proud of being qualifi ed as a fi rst-class manufacturer of precision technology products, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifi ed, holder of many domestic and international patents.
Also, Ilsintech”s products have passed strict quality standards of major international certifi cations. Ilsintech is highly appreciated by worldwide customers for providing the fastest customer service. It will keep serving its valued customers with cutt ing-edge technology products as a total solution provider in the global optical fi ber industry.
Three Major Products of Ilsintech, SWIFT K11, SWIFT KF4A and SWIFT KR7

201610e-69_14Swift K11 is the most advanced and the best performance core-to-core alignment for every splicing purposed like medium- and long-range optical circuits, LAN, CATV, FTTx with least loss. With compact, light, rugged design and long-life batt ery, it delivers high precision performance.
Furthermore, a 5-inch color monitor with touchscreen off ers users more convenient and effi cient working processes.
201610e-69_06Swift KF4A is the highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE cladding alignment fusion splicer, which has been designed to perform the fi ve major multifunctional features systematically: stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving. In addition, optional Optical Power Meter and V.F.L (Visual Fault Locator) are embedded in the machine.
They allow users check the splice result immediately without additional tools.
201610e-69_10The Swift KF4A is best fi t for fusion splicing and fusion Splice-On Connector (SOC) of FTTx network applications, which eliminates big drawbacks with conventional mechanical connectors (low quality, weak durability and high maintenance costs). Swift KF4A fusion Splice-On- Connector gives its customers the best ROI.
Swift KR7 is the advanced typical ribbon splicer that can proceed the maintenance via the Internet. And it can take user-friendly GUI for user convenience. The Swift KR7 can be used for single, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 types of ribbon fi ber and even Splice-On Connector (SOC). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods