Solar Cell and Module

Solar Cell and Module 2007, Shinsung Solar Energy started its PV business, the key field of renewable Energy, and now it has 350MW solar cell annual capacity at Jeungpyeong, Chungbuk and 150 solar module annual capacities at Eumseong Chungbuk. Shinsung achieved the world’s first 20.03% conversion efficiency rate for solar cell, and 19.2% efficiency rate in mass production in 2012.

Currently, Shinsung is producing above 19% efficiency solar cells with pure Korean technology and successfully established ‘solar cell module installation’ model, improving its own competitiveness in the global solar cell market.

Through the continuous efforts focused on R&D, Shinsung successfully achieved the world’s first conversion efficiency rate of 20.03%. In addition to this achievement, Shinsung added a solar cell production line with Korean technology and now mass produces above 19% efficiency solar cells. The high efficiency achieved through optimized processing is the pride and competiveness of Shinsung Solar Energy. The modules produced with Shinsung Solar Energy’s high efficient solar cells are certified with Korea’s top efficiency rate (250W, 255W, 260W). The products reduce the area required for installation and also reduce installation costs.

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