GBCPRIME, Trilateral (Buyer – Govt. Agency – Seller) B2B Online Trading Platform

GBCPRIME is a B2B online trading platform representing Gyeonggi Province, the largest local government in the Republic of Korea. What makes GBCPRIME different from other online platforms is that local trade experts, called GBCs (Gyeonggi Business Centers), arrange secure trade deals between buyers and sellers. GBCs act as a broker for transactions between the two entities, but they do not collect any brokerage fees for matching buyers and sellers with each other.

GBCs are the overseas offices in 10 countries affiliated with the Gyeonggi Provincial government, introducing excellent Korean products to overseas buyers and assisting them to sign trade deals with Korean companies so that both parties can import and sell products without any problems. If you click on the ‘GBC’ column in GBCPRIME, you can check the Korean companies and products managed by each GBC. The product of the company managed by GBC is labeled ‘GBC PICK,’ which means not only exceptional products but also highly reliable companies approved by GBC.

There are about 1,300 products in GBCPRIME with 10 fields, ranging from consumer goods to beauty products, as well as industrial goods, electricity and electronics, and bio products. Various other excellent products will also be added continuously very soon. At the bottom of the platform main page, there are ‘BEST PRODUCT,’ and ‘BEST COMPANY’ spaces, which are changed every month to include products and companies that are performing excellently.

Buyers need not sign up to use this platform, and if they are curious about GBC or the specifications of the registered products, they can just leave an inquiry. The inquiries will be automatically forwarded to GBCs, and they will either provide an answer to the buyers’ queries or arrange a meeting between buyer and seller.

In addition, we hold regular Online Exhibition & Consultation sessions (GPS, GBC Product Show) in GBCPRIME. Products are displayed online via the GPS column 10 days before the main event, and buyers can submit inquires if they find items they are interested in. Then, GBCs will check the buyer’s request and arrange an online meeting during the event. We are currently holding exhibitions for all categories, but we plan to diversify the exhibition topics to GBC-based regions or specific item groups tailored to buyer needs. If buyers wish to participate in the events regularly when GPS of interested items are held, buyers need ask the GBCs to register them only once, and they will then confirm the buyer’s intention to participate whenever the same kind of exhibition is held later. In the future, a logistics & payment system will be added to GBCPRIME so that B2B transactions can proceed one-stop within the platform.

Gyeonggi Province is Korea’s largest local government with 14 million people and has the largest number of companies, from traditional enterprises to high-tech industries. Therefore, buyers are advised to browse through the broad range of excellent products of various Korean companies available via GBCPRIME, and continue with the transaction safely and free of charge through GBC. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods