High-temperature Glass Lens Molding Solution based on Glassy Carbon

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E08] eTOM’s mold manufactuing technology, based on bulk glassy carbon, facilitates precision glass molding of high melting-point glass materials such as borosilicate, fused silica, etc., which were dependent on grinding, etching and other manufacturing methods.
Thanks to the technology, it has become possible to save costs for producing various mid-infrared glass materials, which are increasingly used for infrared cameras, sensors for vehicles, home beauty laser applications, etc.
In general, when molding optical glass lenses, the layers that are known as Diamond-like Carbon(DLC), are placed onto the mold surface by utilizing vapor deposited carbon in order to prevent the glass from sticking onto the mold during the molding process at high temperatures.

The use of such carbon-coated layers is restricted at temperatures of over 600 degrees Celsius as they start to get cracks due to the difference of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) between metal or ceramic-based mold materials and coated carbon layers.
However, the glassy carbon mold that is made of pure carbon materials itself can be stably used without cracks under inert gas atmosphere or vacuum conditions even at a temperature of over 600 degrees Celsius, as it does not require a separate carbon-coated layer.

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4R Insulation Blanket (Removable Insulator)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E07] The 4R Insulation Blanket is an eco-friendly material widely used in varied heavy and light industries as an insulation cover to protect pipes, flanges, valves and others exposed to external risks, to prevent internal heat loss and freezing & bursting incidents frequently seen in winter and to prevent workers exposed to high temperatures from having to face safety accidents.
In addition, as the product’s interior and exterior materials and logging materials are combined for resource saving and economic energy use, general workers, even if not skilled, are also able to detach and attach the product with ease.
Based on the details stated above, the meaning of ‘4R’ can be defined as “outstanding insulation effect”, “energy reduction”, “simple installation and removal” and “reuse”.

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Intelligent Motion Controller

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E06] Sejong Newtech’s advanced intelligent motion controller is a product that controls intelligent robots or standalone automation equipment that is required to be applied at smart factories and smart farms, based upon technologies of control and measurement, motion control, and software.
The intelligent motion controller is made with various competitive functions such as PLC, sequence motion control, 12 different analogue and location data-based data analyses and decisions, ethernet communications, serial communications, etc.
For displaying of such notable functions, the intelligent motion controller has two channels of 24bit ADC, one channel of 16 bit DAC, DC 24V DIO four channels for industrial equipment, and high-speed interaction control, ethernet communications port, and RS232 & RS485 serial communications ports.

In particular, this, as a small-sized controller, has a compact size (68*54*100mm) and thus can be conveniently installed and operated in a narrow space. Also, as this product has a one axle or two-axle motion-control function, it is highly effective in realizing simple standalone automation equipment in the spot.
This product, which is now being sold with a DC transformer that can variably be amplified up to 15,000 times, can help customers develop intelligent devices.

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Smart Laser Marker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E05] Materon Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in consulting on manufacturing processes and in providing solutions, by integrating laser processes (marking, micro-cutting, soldering, micro-joining, laser cleaning), which are based upon technologies of laser, robot, and vision control, with sensors, robots, and control equipment.
The smart laser marker manufactured by the company, using 3D controlling, enables marking the targets with different focus including curved surface, sloping side, etc., and with a wide area.
With the equipped computer vision system, this smart laser marker traces a certain location and then carries out marketing and processing. This product allows integrated control-based system management by being connected with the upper level of the process information system.

By using such various laser light sources as fiber laser, UV laser, Co2 laser, etc., this product performs marking process on various materials like steel, wood, glasses, plastic, etc., and thus providing customized optimal solutions for customers’ needs in their manufacturing processes such as automotive parts, packaging, electronics, etc.

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NanoJet Series (300S, 450S, 600S)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E04] NanoJet Series (300S, 450S, 600S) are Micro-Flow Technology’s current flagship product and are precise fluid dispenser equipment.
They show outstanding performances, fully covering everything from PL (Pico Liter) to mL, from low viscosity to high viscosity.
These products carry out various precise operations including slide glass discharge,discharge of designated volume, maintaining of discharge distance, arraying element number, etc., and thus carrying out multi-channel temperature control including heating and cooling, by taking advantage of the precise control of location and using the digital temperature sensors.

With the embodiment of integrated control by using the C#-based Window UI program, the product permits the user to easily control it. And the user can control this product by simultaneously connecting multiple ports into a PC by applying RS485 port.

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Dental Zirconia Blocks

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E03] Establishment in 2013, UNC international has been producing dental Zirconia blocks by using its own superior technologies. Among the representative brands are: RAZOR series, and the Everest Multilayer series.
The RAZOR block series have noticeable harmonious merits with colors of teeth that users can use them conveniently for making dental prosthesis in dental clinic and dental technical laboratory.
Moreover, the series is easy to process and display. As their properties are hard, they dominate the leading share in the local dental zirconia block products.

The Everest Multilayer series is formed with natural gradation effect in each block, giving an effect of natural teeth, for manufacturing products for anterior teeth (front teeth) and posterior teeth ( back teeth), thus ensuring higher satisfaction to users. In addition, this series allows easy treatment, but gives high effect and satisfaction in dental clinics and dental technical laboratories.

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Ceramic Bracket (S-Line™)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E02] BIOCETEC Co., Ltd., which started its business in 2012 as a specialized R&D company of dental living body ceramic materials, has recently consecutively released a series of orthodontic products, based upon three years of intensive R&D activities.
Starting with the release of Bio-Track, a mini implant for straightening irregular teeth, in 2015, BIOCETEC unveiled C-Line™, a ceramic bracket, in 2016, S-Line™, an all ceramic self-ligation bracket, in 2017, and all new S-Line R™ in 2018.
BIOCETEC has been creating new waves in the local orthodontic market, based upon such consecutive performances.
BIOCETEC has set its goal of growing into a company that leads the global dental market by consecutively investing in the development of world-class products in order to meet the demands of global top-class Korean orthodontists.

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Flexible Piezoelectric Sensor Element

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E01] INITECH’s flagship flexible piezoelectric sensor element is a product made by using flexible piezoelectric fiber composite material.
INTECH usually manufactures piezoelectric sensor element by using piezoelectric ceramic inorganic fiber and epoxy organic material. With the manufactured piezoelectric sensor element, the company produces wearable piezoelectric sensors and elements.
Based on such performance, the company produces an electronic mitt for taekwondo, develops LPWA telecom/sensor modules, and develops independent-power type IoT delineator systems.
INTECH developed an original technology of bendable sensor, an essential component of wearable electronic devices. The company’s flexible piezoelectric sensor element utilizes output voltage in even micro modification. It is widely used for sensors and actuators.
This product enables the manufacturing process technology of wearable composite elements to be used as a platform technology, by being actively connected with the flexible electronics industry.

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UV Curing GFRP Laminates

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E21] Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP or FRP) is used in various industrial sites due to its high strength, high chemical resistance and mechanical properties compared to specific gravity.
GFRP work, which is applied to small and medium-sized ships, various chemical storage tanks, and large pipelines, is still mainly done by hand.
UV cured FRP sheet can greatly reduce the work time of this manual method and minimize the generation of toxic odors, thus ensuring the safety of working in a closed space.
It is produced in roll form of 2 ~ 3m in thick, 1m in wide and 10m in long, and can be cut and used according to each different purpose. It can be cured in about 5 ~ 10 minutes in ordinary sunlight and within 30 seconds using industrial UV lamp.

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High Luminous Intensity Aircraft-warning Light EM-wave Energy Harvesting System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E20] EMAG Innovation’s high-efficiency high luminous intensity aircraft-warning light can be operated with less power compared to other products. Moreover, it can work in conjunction with solar power. Energy harvesting enables electromagnetic energy from transmission towers to power the product.
It is easy to adjust the product’s angle according to environments and locations. The product can be operated with low power, so it only needs one fifth of solar panels and batteries compared to other products. Energy Harvesting System work is relatively easy and always generates constant power regardless of the surroundings.
According to the ICAO, high luminous intensity aircraft-warning lights should be installed on 60-meter-tall or taller structures. The product can be easily installed on such structures.

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