Digital Car Key

[INQ. NO. 2206E07] There are growing demands on how to conveniently enjoy a smart car life through the ubiquitous use of smartphones in daily life.
Carbershop’s “The Cup” is therefore the very product that consumers have been waiting for. It is a digital car key that guides a smart car life, providing digital key functions of opening and closing car doors through users’ smartphones without having to possess an actual car key.
Anyone is able to easily install and use this product without losing or damaging the car key – unlike similar products.

As the digital key option has so far only been available for some of the latest-model cars, there have been no ways for owners of older cars to use such a convenient function. Thanks to The Cup, however, anyone with a car with a smart key function applied is now able to use ‘digital key’ functions, regardless of when the car was produced.
Other than such functions of opening and closing car doors via a smartphone, The Cup also has an ‘Auto Door’ function that automatically opens car doors when you get close to your car, and closes them when you are away from the car. What’s more, thanks to the ‘Car Key Sharing’ function of the product, you can easily share your car key with your family members and acquaintances, with no restrictions on the number of persons.
Carbershop recently launched 100% ‘untact’ services based on The Cup (IoT H/W) including car washing, repairing, consignments, etc., beyond simply selling IoT H/W products.
Carbershop aims to take the lead in establishing a platform for car owners to enjoy smarter and more convenient car lives through various ‘convenium’ (convenient + premium) services.
Carbershop’s products and capabilities are drawing keen att ention, and are expected to resolve problems arising from possessing a car by managing a car conveniently. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Ergonomic Smart Moving Desk

[INQ. NO. 2205E09] Moiin Group’s Robo Desk” is an ergonomic smart moving desk that allows monitors and chairs to be adjusted to maintain the most comfortable and healthy posture.
The triple interlocking structure of the monitor, desk, and chair allow the user to maintain the most ideal posture for long periods of time.
Equipped with a massage chair that cares for the whole body of the user, this desk provides a pleasant and healthy environment and minimizes vibration through scientific vibration distribution design.
In compliance with international standards, monitors and chairs can be freely applied and replaced, and space utilization can be maximized for optimal installation anywhere including stores, offices, homes.
As a global content and IT company, Moiin has been devoted to customer satisfaction based on its outstanding technical expertise and remarkable content quality.
Moiin has been recognized as an excellent company due to its ceaseless efforts for technical innovation and groundbreaking R&D, in conjunction with all of the employees’ determination to reach the top in the ICT industry. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Smart IoT GPS Tracker

[INQ. NO. 2206E06] Findme is a smart IOT-supported tracking device that performs with more superior accuracy on location than other existing devices, receiving GPS location through Cat.m1 network, one of the low power, wide area networks.
This product is fully available not only for vulnerable people who need social protection including women, children, the elderly with dementia, and the disabled, but also for things such as vehicles, motorcycles, personal mobilities, etc. More specifically speaking, this device can be used in wider areas including military, police, hospitals, company vehicles, smart factories, etc.
Users can identify the location of Findme through the exclusive application and receive an alarm about entry and break-in through setting out the area range they want as a safe zone. Furthermore, when pressing the button inserted in Findme, the emergency alarm transmits to user, who can thus swiftly cope with various types of crimes and accidents.
Daeho I&T’s life-care product Findme enables users to protect valued family and properties from potential risks of crimes and accidents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Smart Door Lock

[INQ. NO. 2206E05] BABA smart door lock is made with basic fingerprint, key card, password, and emergency key opening functions. Additionally, mobile app control (WiFi, Bluetooth), remote control, and intercom videophone connection is possible.
The product has special antibiotic coating with permanent effi ciency against viruses or harmful bacteria. BABA lock is recognized as a Brand K product by the Korean government, which makes it the first and only representative brand recommended by Korea among all Korean smart door locks.

BABA smart locks have one-time password, random-password, fire alarm, intrusion alarm, low-battery alarm, double lock, master code and card, voice announcement (English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese), sound control, silent mode, and other functions, which make it more eff ective, secure and convenient.
BABA smart locks have gained a number of awards including Russia International Science and Technology Council Prize, Polish Inventors Association Prize, Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition Gold Medal, etc., att racting great interest of the industry wherever these prototypes are accepted.

Pushpull System products are selected by the Korean government as Brand K products, which makes the company the only Korean smart lock manufacturer to represent Korea in global markets.
This recognition assures and promotes company to become the leading smart lock brand of the Korean smart lock industry.
Pushpull System Co., Ltd. is a Korean smart door lock manufacturer that directly produces several smart lock innovations under the best Korean quality standards.
Pushpull System was established in 2013 and its products are manufactured under BABA Lock brand name. Pushpull System has branches in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Australia. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Air Purifier

[INQ. NO. 2206E04] AIWANATECH’s recent and newly upgraded air purifier called “Mam2” is a product certified by FCC in the USA, as well as CE in Europe, PSE in Japan, and ECAS in the UAE — in order to advance into the global market.
Unlike previous products that require the use of costly exclusive filters, this product can be used in car air conditioner filters that have gained the stamp of approval of many global brands including 3M, Bosch, Hyundai MOBIS, Bullsone, etc., thereby enhancing accessibility and cost-effectiveness for a user to easily and conveniently purchase anywhere.
As for the motor, one of the core components of an air purifier, the company has applied the BLDC motor used for Samsung Electronics’ premium home appliances to secure quality reliability. This motor not only has strong cleaning effect, but is also low-noise so as not to interrupt one’s reading or sleeping when in sleep mode.

Creating Luxurious Interior Design
Mam2 looks natural in any space and is also efficient in creating luxurious interior design. As it can be used in any indoor space, it is possible to utilize this product in various ways such as for cleaning air, removing odors, etc., in a number of places including one’s own space, small rooms, kitchens, dressing rooms, studios and small offices.

Compatibility with Global Brand Filters
“Since not only the exclusive filter but also car air conditioner filters provided and guaranteed by a number of global brands can be used, Mam2 is the most cost-efficient product that is able to manage fine dust in our daily lives for the protection of your health and that of your family,” explained a spokesperson for the company. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Image Pointer

[INQ. NO. 2206E03] The premium wireless presenter model XPG300Y recently released by ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd., which developed the world’s fi rst wireless presenter model X-Pointer, is a hybrid pointer that supports both image pointer mode and premium green laser mode.
Unlike the common laser pointers that cannot be used in LCD monitors, XPG 300Y pointer is available for use in all kinds of screens including LCD monitors.
With no separate installation of program, XPG 300Y can be used as a presenter in all screens including LCD screens. Any presenter can operate the same functions as with the existing mouse such as drag & drop, double click, etc. in the very place where they are standing.
Using the exclusive software for image pointer enables the more powerful display of presentation functions. The operator can set up the pointer image of what they wish to display and utilize such various functions as the expansion and emphasis of the essential parts in their live presentations.

Smart Electronic Thermometer
ChoisTechnology’s thermosafer, a wireless thermometer that is compatible with smartphones equipped with the Bluetooth function, is again capturing att ention among global potential buyers – in a situation where the COVID 19 is still spreading globally – focusing on respiratory diseases and identifi cation of fever symptoms.
Thermosafer is a wireless thermometer that can monitor the status of body temperature on a real-time basis through Bluetooth-connection with smartphones. Through this exclusive application, Thermosafer enables the user to set the high-temperature & low-temperature alarm and to confi rm the dosing time and the graph of body temperature change.
ChoisTechnoloy’s XST400, a newly released disposable patch-type wireless thermometer, comes in two models depending on the period of using time – a model having three days of using time and a model that can be used for two weeks of COVID 19’s incubation period.
As XST400 is designed as a silicon patch type – a product that provides a low-stimulus to the skin, users can conveniently att ach it to certain parts of their bodies and of their babies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Body Shape Analyzer

[INQ. NO. 2205E09] GHiWell’s advanced GW3000GS body shape analyzer is a fully integrated database system with FSR pressure sensors & 3D LED Camera module.
This analyzer analyzes the user’s 3D dimensional postures with 3D body color. It measures all static pressure and dynamic gait analysis with the results of foot pressure, balance, gait pattern and gait movements from the device.
This allows a user to analyze 3D musculoskeletal conditions with the results of future predictions of the user’s posture.
Its all-in-one system allows one to measure foot pressure, gait analysis, posture analysis, 3D analysis and motion analysis with one device.
This product also can measure 3-Axis COP balance movement and COG motion analysis with a synchronized motion camera.
This product allows measuring of 3-Axis body line and colored body status, and shows the results of Lordosis, Kyphosis and Scoliosis. The built-in auto measurement system needs no marker for posture analysis.

Gait Analysis Treadmill
GHT2200 gait analysis treadmill is equipped with 6,144 pressure sensors and analysis camera on the rehabilitation treadmill.
GHT2200 is mainly popular for scientifically analyzing dynamic gait analysis, static pressure measurements and gait training with video for patients with musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation for the elderly and abnormal movements of the central nervous system.
With minimum speed of 0.1km/h, GHT 2200 weighs 195kg(weight allowance of 180kg).
GHiWell Co., Ltd. provides its customers with total solutions for posture & health. As the leading equipment company in Asia, GHiWell seeks to be a world-class pressure platform equipment company that continuously strives to meet customers’ needs by offering worldwide products and related supplies.
As a professional company of sports and medical equipment, GHiWell is expected to gain global attention, and always prioritizes its partners and customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

AI-powered Medical Imaging Platform & 3D Application Solution

 [INQ. NO. 2205E08] The medical industry is also actively adopting the new metaverse technology to areas ranging from medical education to skills training, surgery, and clinical trials. The metaverse technology is also being utilized in diverse ways to help patients identify medical facilities within hospitals and receive remote medical counseling.
Medical IP, a company specialized in AI-powered medical imaging platforms and 3D application solutions, is garnering attention as a leader in medical metaverse technology by introducing digital twin technology based on a patient’s medical data and commercializing anatomical VR, AR products.

Even before metaverse became a buzzword, Medical IP has been linking medical data with cutting-edge technology including AI, AR, and VR to materialize digital twin technology that can be utilized by many in the medical field, focusing on developing medical solutions that can maximize the usage of medical imaging while contributing to saving the lives of patients and intensifying medical practitioners’ capabilities.
Based on this, Medical IP was able to secure the necessary medical metaverse technology utilizing patients’ anatomical data in the 3D environment.
Medical IP’s metaverse solution was developed by integrating its proprietary medical imaging 3D modeling and AI segmentation technology, CAD/CAM design, and then linking patient’s digital twin data with VR, AR, XR technology.
Using its representative product, ‘MEDIP PRO,’ that has completed MFDS, FDA, CE certification, Medical IP has been enabling 3D modeling of CT, MRI, and other medical imaging data of patients as well as using intensified AI technology to swiftly and accurately divide all types of anatomical structure including organs and lesions.
Based on such source technology, Medical IP was able to process the divided human structure using its own CAD/CAM design to enhance the level of completion, and ultimately using it to materialize the metaverse technology by creating VR, AR anatomical contents.
Medical IP is now accelerating the development and commercialization of core products that can most effectively utilize medical metaverse technology based on patients’ digital twin including areas of ‘medical education,’ ‘surgical navigation,’ and ‘surgical training.’
Lately, Medical IP has completed the 5th round of advancement of its ‘MDBOX,’ a metaverse platform, and has successfully signed supply contract with medical colleges that are seeking practical anatomy education.

MDBOX is a product that has brought delicate human body information into VR space, so that users can experience a high level of practical education without the need to use a cadaver (corpse used to study anatomy). Medical IP has signed contracts for this platform and is in the process of negotiating product supply to numerous medical schools.
Hopes are also high for MEDIP PRO AR, a surgical navigation AR platform that can be used to increase surgical stability. It can allow users to decide surgical routes in an accurate and safe manner by enabling them to check human body structure created with AR technology with the naked eye.
In particular, MEDIP PRO AR recently became Korea’s first surgical guide product linked with metaverse technology to acquire certification by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Likewise, Medical IP is showing remarkable achievements in the medical metaverse sector.
CEO Park Sang-joon noted, “There have been numerous attempts to integrate VR, AR, and other cutting-edge technology to create metaverse, but there are not many companies that have developed and commercialized products applicable to the actual medical environment as enhancing usefulness in medical education and surgical accuracy through utilizing digital twin technology.”
He also explained, “We will strive to become a top player in the medical metaverse sector by not only diversifying solutions to materialize patients’ medical data in the metaverse environment but also by introducing technology that can lead paradigm changes across the entire medical cycle.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Aesthetics Lasers

 [INQ. NO. 2205E07] Lutronic Co., Ltd. is a leader in the medical aesthetics industry at home and abroad that has enhanced practitioner-friendliness and safety features of its devices by installing the ‘Intelligent Care System’ co-developed by researchers from the USA and Korea in its new products including ‘DermaV’ and ‘CoreLevee.’

Medical Device for Vascular Treatment
‘DermaV’ is a medical device for vascular treatment. While conventional vascular treatment devices had limitations in energy uniformity and accuracy, Lutronic has utilized ‘real-time dual calibration’ technology to address such problems related to low accuracy and unstable energy.
In addition, the company has introduced real-time detection technology of skin temperature, while enabling faster treatment involving less pain using its skin cooling technology. Lutronic has also incorporated ‘IntelliPulse’ technology in its DermaV device to reduce side effects while enhancing user satisfaction. Such technology enables the adjustment of vibration (pulse) width to ensure more delicate and safer treatment of vessels situated within the skin layer regardless of their thickness.

Dual Wavelength Long Pulse Laser
DermaV is a 532nm & 1064nm dual wavelength long pulse laser that has integrated all of the strengths of conventional vascular treatment devices. Equipped with IntelliPulse, a type of Intelligent Care technology, the device enables users to adjust the pulse width depending on the depth and thickness of vessels. Moreover, it is equipped with real-time dual calibration technology to address the drawbacks of conventional vascular treatment devices — energy accuracy and uniformity.

Non-invasive Medical Device
‘CoreLevee’ is a non-invasive medical device aimed at alleviating muscle pain through an applicator that uses medical electromagnetic field technology. Adjusting to the user’s lifestyle, it provides four types of programs to activate muscles, and is designed using customized smart technology that enables adjustment of intensity by area starting from soft and low-irritation care. It is a device that enables effective treatment by maximizing user-friendliness as its applicator that enables independent irritation control to tailor more detailed treatment for users.
Its latest product, ‘Hollywood Spectra,’ has gained enhanced recognition after being awarded in the medical aesthetics equipment category of the 2021 Korea Brand Hall of Fame. Hollywood Spectra is a device optimized to uniquely perform the popular Hollywood Laser Peel, which enables practitioners to brighten a patient’s damaged and aging skin complexion. It is a device gaining increasing popularity across the USA, as it has been well received among Hollywood stars and famous celebrities.
Moreover, the company presented wide-ranging globally leading products at KIMES 2022 including ‘Genius’ that delivers precise clinical effects, as well as ‘Clarity 2’ equipped with upgraded functions from its conventional ‘Clarity’ model that enables safe and fast treatment by measuring skin temperature real-time.
A spokesperson for Lutronic explains, “We continue to take great leaps forward toward becoming a total healthcare provider starting at the center of new trends in the post-pandemic beauty ecosystem.” He added that “Lutronic will be establishing a stronger brand power globally by showcasing innovative products aimed at addressing the skin concerns of medical practitioners and patients around the world.”
CEO Hwang Hae-lyung of Lutraonic noted further, “The collaboration with medical practitioners even amid the COVID-19 pandemic based on our ceaseless investment in R&D to materialize the best level of technology has contributed significantly to our product development.” He also stressed that “We will not remain complacent with having a global network across some 60 countries around the world, but will continue to increase its sales workforce, and establish overseas corporations to provide differentiated services that would contribute to enhancing satisfaction of medical practitioners and patients.”
After its founding in 1997, Lutronic has become a leading player in the domestic medical aesthetics laser equipment market with the largest market share (as of 2020). With its differentiated technological competitiveness, it is now being wellreceived by experts in the United States that is leading the global medical aesthetics market trends, and its new product line-ups are raising hopes in the market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High-frequency Hyperthermia Device for Cancer Treatment

 [INQ. NO. 2205E06] Dongseo Medicare, well-known as a supplier to world-class companies including Supersonic Imagine and Bard, has successfully developed Celief, a high-frequency hyperthermia device for cancer treatment with 100% homegrown technology.
Dongseo Medicare showcased its ‘Celief’ portable version (CPB-2000) at the 37th Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2022).
The name ‘Celief,’ a compound word of ‘Cell’ and ‘Relief,’ implies ‘safe recovery of the cells.’
Just like its name which is intended to also consider patients’ psychological state going beyond treating cancer, the equipment provides mental stability and relief for patients undergoing treatment.
Using the electrical properties of cancer cells, the high-frequency waves from the generator of the high frequency hyperthermia are used to heat up cancer cells to over 42~43°C and kill cancer cells. It is known to have maximized effectiveness when used together with most common treatments of cancer-surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
The product, in particular, which is garnering attention as the first portable hyperthermia device among those that are equipped with 13.56mhz frequency, is expected to create a sensation within the market as it has not only granted multifaceted functions but also enhanced convenience for both medical professionals and patients.

Easy Treatment-Plan Setting with 15.6-Inch Panel PC
The device is equipped with an all-in-one system using a 15.6-inch panel PC that stores patients’ detailed treatment data. Without the need for a separate operating room, the device enables easy setting of treatment plans while facing patients. Both the users and patients can be prepared for possible emergency situations, while users can use an LED light to check the equipment status and backup data using USB outlets.
Using the electrode auto focusing function, the automatic impedance matching that maximizes treatment effect enhances frequency output stability, while enabling smooth mobility and safe locking to ensure safety and no noise. Based on such features, the device makes it easy to access patients, while enabling easy treatment even for patients with mobility problems.

Six-Way Flexible Movement of 122cm Arm, Providing Optimized Environment
With its one-touch electric movement, the product also enables six-way flexible maneuvering of the head area arm that moves electrodes.
Equipped with sturdy electrode support, it minimizes the pressure on patients, while the joint area of the arm can be fixed to enable electrode movement using both automatic and manual methods. It thus allows for an optimized environment to place the 122cm arm on the affected area. The device is also equipped with a servo motor that automatically releases pressure following the completion of the treatment, while its design enables stable support of the arm and electrode as well as buttons and screw designs to allow efficient changes of electrode.
Compared to its previous design with a waterbed filled with warm water to increase treatment effect by allowing patients to have a relaxed state of mind, the new product has added a sophisticated image based on its compact design. It also comes with two emergency stop functions and a cooling system to prevent skin burn.
In addition, the high frequency hyperthermia IEC 60601-1Edition 3.1 version has been certified for its product safety. This means that the device has been certified for its safety in electro-mechanical safety tests. This version has been subject to extended certification standards including electromagnetic waves, radiation protection, fitness for service, alarm system, environmental design, and ergonomical control device, verifying that it has strengthened certification for safety and essential functions compared to the previous two versions.
Since its establishment in 1995, Dongseo Medicare has been exerting utmost efforts to develop and supply high-quality medical equipment under the company motto of “faith and diligence,” with the aim of promoting a happy and healthy society, “a society that favors people” where everyone’s dignity is respected, as well as “a company that favors people” where all its staff and executives work with pride. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods