Gaming Indoor Bike

[INQ. NO. 2204E04] UNIVR Co., Ltd., a body of a group of people who help ordinary persons change their decision for exercise to sincerity, recently unveiled the new DETS bike G1 as part of its fitness brand DETS.
The DETS bike G1 is an integrated product of indoor bike and online mobile game in order to help the users of indoor bikes to exercise entertainingly, rather than the repetitive and boring routine of existing indoor bikes.
This is the so-called gaming indoor bike with which an exerciser can enjoy exercising while gaming with other people – through interlocking with its own developed online mobile game and Bluetooth.

Gaming Indoor Bike

DETS bike G1 has price-competitiveness over other existing products – based upon the company’s own product-development contents.
UNIVR sells and services digital healthcare products integrated with digital contents and exercise. UNIVR supplies products integrated with the public-friendly and interest-arousing game-contents, and exercises for health promotion. And it provides game-contents and exercise-management services.
UNIVR is currently engaged in home training, fitness centers, and rehabilitation areas. UNIVR commercialized DETS bike G1 for home-training in 2021 and has plans to launch gaming fitness in 2023 and non-contact rehabilitation service in 2025 – in order to supply innovative products to places where exercise is needed, from exercise to medical areas.

Gaming Indoor Bike

UNIVR developed products through more than five government-supported R&D projects. It holds many intellectual property rights such as five registered patents, and eight copyrights. At present, UNIVR is carrying out its mission as a research partner of Chungnam National University Hospital.
Through a local subsidiary in the United States, UNIVR plans to export American-style products in earnest in the second half of 2022.

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Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform

[INQ. NO. 2203E10] cetalab is a healthcare edu-tech platform venture business based on AI, big data, smart device and cloud.
cetalab provides education, training, and evaluation on the basis of competence, and a portfolio management platform in which self-examination is in a virtuous cycle, so that it contributes to fostering excellent healthcare. The company intends to become a leader in global healthcare edu-tech platforms by combining advanced ICT technology and healthcare education technology.
U-FOLIO, which cetalab has commercialized, is a service for students in the healthcare field, and is a means to present what they have learned, how they engaged in practical exercises and introspection, and how much their capabilities have improved.

Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform

Now, we live in an era that requires a story highlighting the way one has improved competencies required for a clinical setting, instead of merely considering academic background, grades, and results of the state examination.
All learning activities can be recorded including clinical training, volunteer work inside and outside of school, certificates, awards history, reading diary, and various essay type assignments, as well as credits. Before graduation, through the U-FOLIO B2B service and after graduation, through the U-FOLIO B2C service, one’s portfolio can be stored and managed for one’s entire life.

Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform

U-FOLIO has been developed based on a standard of Web/mobile Web, and is suitable for various devices and browsers such as desktop, laptop, tablet PC, and mobile.
In order to reinforce security, stability and convenience in a busy clinical environment, with frequent disruptions of networks and commonly used devices, an exclusive tablet PC for U-FOLIO use is provided. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wireless Keyboard for the Blind

[INQ. NO. 2203E09] This product is a wireless input device that helps the visually impaired in using a smartphone.
It helps the visually impaired to use smartphones in the same way that people with normal vision do. It is a smartphone case-type wireless keyboard. Users can type with ten fingers in mobile phone mode.
It is designed with such key functions as input and edit text, phone dial (IVR,ARS), smartphone control, and exclusive functions for the visually impaired.

Wireless Keyboard for the Blind
Wireless Keyboard for the Blind

Users can type without ever learning the keyboard as it has the same key layout used on a computer keyboard. It is a product with a capability of increasing keyboard input speed, reducing mistyping frequency. It is a patented product and is currently going through international application under the PCT.

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IoT-based Inventory Management System for Silo

[INQ. NO. 2203E08] There are currently totally 212 Rice Processing Complexes (RPCs) in Korea, first introduced in 1991 as a part of the agricultural structure adjustment project.
APFleet came up with a more efficient inventory management method by improving the existing manual management way of the silo inventory – in order to secure the precision in the decision of the storage-level.
For RPC, smart RPC project through digitalization and advanced industrialization was recently launched. The strongest point of the smart RPC project is on how to precisely measure and monitor silos on a real-time basis – so that operators can identify the amount of rice nationwide at a glance, and redefine the relationship of rice caused by precise measurement. Operators can thus prevent the losses of rice and identify the regional status of rice.
The inventory management method of this product is that it can monitor the inventory of silos on a real-time basis by continuously measuring the measured value transferred wired/wirelessly via PC on a real-time basis.

IoT-based Inventory Management System for Silo

The 3D level scanner applied in this IoT-based inventory management system uses what it called “dust permeation technology” through audible frequency, and measures more than 50 points in the silos – unlike the existing level sensors that measure a singular point or small range. Utilizing the unique 3D mapping technology, it can mark visually the shape of the raw materials in the silo, measure the depth of the container, etc.
There are some benefits gained through the use of this solution, whereby farmers can accurately predict the farm income in rice farming and the farming-related bodied including national agricultural cooperative federation, etc. can enhance trust of their own production.
Moreover, exporting of related technology-based systems and platforms to overseas farming nations is possible, and thus contributing to the development of the national economy. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bio-Ceramic 3D Printer (INNI-II)

[INQ. NO. 2203E07] AON Co., Ltd., as a first mover leading the additive manufacturing (AD) technology of ceramic materials, has introduced a new paradigm in the dental equipment market through its ceramic 3D printer and bio-ceramic liquid material.
The bio-ceramic 3D printer INNI-II with DCAM technology, DLP-based Ceramic Additive Manufacturing technology, developed by AON, provides a solution through which bio-ceramic products such as artificial teeth with complex shapes can be easily, swiftly, and precisely manufactured at a low cost. The INNI-II can stack up a sculpture that features a size of 76.8x510x75mm, a thickness of 25~100μm, and a lateral resolution of 40μm.

Bio-Ceramic 3D Printer (INNI-II)

AON’s 3D printer was designed through application of the development of an exclusive software and beam projector, so that it can be used in various areas with diverse ceramic materials. Moreover, it has superior price —competitiveness over 3D printers of other enterprises both in Korea and abroad.
The bio-ceramic material INNI-CERA, a biocompatible zirconia(ZrO2) material, can mass-produce stacked high-quality artificial teeth through the exclusive 3D printer INNI-II. Such artificial teeth have up to 999MPa of high bending strength value, and they have also verified reliability through tests on biocompatibility, stability.

Bio-Ceramic 3D Printer (INNI-II)

INNI-CERA is the world’s first ceramic material for laminated manufacturing that acquired approvals from Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, CE in Europe, and FDA in the United States. INNI-CERA supplies a complete solution of ZrO2 3D printing prosthetics. INNI-CERA, with its high bending strength value and biocompatibility, can be applied not only to artificial teeth, but also to the implant area.
Moreover, it can be used with various ceramic materials, and can thus be applied in multiple areas including general industry, semiconductors, and medical. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Web Platform System & Smartphone Application for Rental Vehicle Maintenance

[INQ. NO. 2203E06] SS Mobility Inc. recently released a rental vehicle maintenance web platform system and smartphone application through which contracts can be made between rental vehicle entrepreneurs that own rental vehicles and enterprises that are engaged in the maintenance of the registered vehicles.
For long-term rental vehicle service and car-sharing service, this web platform system and smartphone application enable the user to close a contract with nationwide companies engaged in maintenance, manage vehicles conveniently, and to monitor the status of maintenance on a real-time basis.

Web Platform System & Smartphone Application for Rental Vehicle Maintenance

In addition, SS Mobility supplies a smartphone application that allows the user to monitor the system account of web platform managers and the maintenance status of the rental vehicles, and to apply for maintenance service.
Smartphone application – through which the receipt of maintenance service and the registration of service progress and results are available – is provided to maintenance contractors.
SS Mobility is the only certified social enterprise in the mobility area and is rated an exemplary company in Korea. It actively employs those from the vulnerable groups including people with severe disabilities. Through utilizing such employees, SS Mobility supplies a variety of maintenance services for rental vehicles, car-sharing vehicles, and sharing electric kickboards.

Web Platform System & Smartphone Application for Rental Vehicle Maintenance

SS Mobility is itself currently actually carrying out rental vehicles/ vehicles sharing services. It recognized at an early stage the connection between the maintenance business of rental vehicles and the rental business of rental vehicles. Based upon such moves, SS Mobility came to develop a web platform system and smartphone application for rental vehicles maintenance.
Won Jun Kwak, CEO of the company, noted “I recently came to realize services related to vehicle sharing and vehicle maintenance in order to create jobs for the vulnerable groups including the disabled. I also expect such services to be linked to the revitalization of the economy of the working groups by drawing more customers to traditional markets.”

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Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution

[INQ. NO. 2203E05] logsynk is a global leading company in the area of metabolic mechanism analytics S/W. logsynk proceeds with preventive healthcare data & solution business based upon its cross-cutting technologies.
logsynk carries out algorithm analysis of personal life log information (In-App, IoT device) and medical information data (external production, API) in order to diagnose the metabolic balance, and thus it supplies its customized one-stop solutions (improvement necessity indicators, causes, improvement plans, and goal management) for personal health management, and disease-prevention risk management.

Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution

logsynk is capable of supplying customized healthcare solutions for overall and time-sequential changes in personal health management and disease prevention – through developing structural equation modeling technology applied with creative data feature engineering methodology.
logsynk researches tens of thousands of functional (nutritional) medical clinical research results proven both domestically and abroad – for databases, and then it carries out the standardization and quantification of data for analysis by system. logsynk supplies customized solutions based upon personalized preventive healthcare parameters through causality analysis.
Currently, logsynk has four domestic patents registered in the areas of precision nutrition care and precision beauty care, and is also registering two PCT patents. logsynk is making patent applications for two patents in the United States and China, respectively.

Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution

The 1st-stage profit model of logsynk is based on the beauty and wellness areas that it pursues through personalized healthcare solutions, through customized nutrition management, health functional foods, and services, which are being sold in combination.
The 2nd-stage profit model is supplying healthcare & beautycare data algorithm S/W to business partnerships engaged in areas of big tech, fintech, insuretech, and health equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Device Lasers

[INQ. NO. 2203E04] Oro Co., Ltd. is the only fungus laser manufacturer in Korea, and based on various laser source manufacturing technologies such as industrial diode lasers and CO2 lasers, it began research and development with medical device laser experts in 2016.
After obtaining GMP certification, sales license acquisition, venture certification, KFDA certification in 2017, ISO13485 certification in 2018, two technology patents were acquired. Export promising SMEs were selected, and Atodiscovery laser development and sales began in 2019.
In 2020, Korea’s first animal skin disease treatment laser development and licensing were acquired, and the capri laser is currently being licensed by the U.S. FDA and Taiwan FDA, while the Atodiscovery laser has CE and a corporate research institute.

Medical Device Lasers

Medical Lasers
Oro developed and commercialized the world’s first 1450nm+415nm blue laser (dual laser). It also first developed a 415nm blue laser, acquiring the nation’s first certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. This product was also registered as a SCI-level thesis.
Ora advanced into the skin beauty laser market, and recently recorded the No. 1 sales amount in the nation.
Ora’s capri laser for medical purpose is fast becoming popular among more than 350 dermatologists in Korea. The areas they are currently engaged representatively include acne, atopy, eczema, psoriasis, etc. This product was once selected as a No. 1 laser product by dermatologists. With such a record, Ora’s president was recently interviewed by Arirang TV.

Medical Device Lasers

Animal Lasers
Ora has first developed a laser that relieves pain and cures inflammatory skin disease in the nation, and acquired a license from the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency.
In October 2020, Ora first won certification of veterinary skin laser for animals in the nation, and started selling it. This product is designed to sterilize and cure the skin diseases of pet animals including dogs and cats.
The skin diseases representatively include itchiness, atopic dermatitis, food allergy, contact dermatitis, flea allergic dermatitis, etc.

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Comprehensive Functional Lights

[INQ. NO. 2203E03] Established in 2018, The Bio Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that manufactures a comprehensive range of functional lighting products.
Currently, The Bio, which started its business with air-purification LED lights utilizing plasma ionizer and photocatalysis, has developed a lineup of plant-growth LED lights for smart-farm that uses five wavelengths and ionizer; air-purification LED lights for eye-protection that utilizes the wavelength strength enforcement technology; IoT smart lights, etc. – after successfully launching low-priced photocatalytic coating lights that targeted the nation’s large-sized marts.

Eye-protection Five Wavelength LED Light

Eye-protection Five Wavelength LED Light
This LED light adjusts people’s circadian rhythm by controlling the melatonin excretion through improving the wavelength range of cyan, red. This product transmits a certain object’s color more clearly than general LEDs by supporting the creation of rhodopsin with a light like sunlight by accomplishing more than 97 in CRI (Color Render Index).

Virus-killer LED Light

Virus-killer LED Light
This LED light purifies air twice – the first time it is purified by a visible light photocatalyst coating; and the second time it is purified by an ultra-plasma ionizer module.
In its first air-purification operation mode, this product continuously removes micro harmful substances in the air by coating a photocatalyst on the LED light cover.
And in its second air-purification process, it performs its purification activity through continuous sterilization and deodorization effects by releasing positive ions and negative ions by decomposing harmful substances in the air into ions – through the plasma discharging that generates high-voltage in the ultra-plasma ionizer module.

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Portable UVC Sterilizer

Winner of a $1 Million Export Tower Award

[INQ. NO. 2202E04] PRIMETECH Co. Ltd. was established in 2015 based on a mother’s complaint of inconvenience of sterilization.
The company’s CEO thus developed the UVC sterilizer Vray and it was launched via the Kickstarter-Global crowdfunding channel.
Since 2018, Vray has been exported to the USA, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. PRIMETECH’s exports surpassed US$1 million in 2021 and won an Export Tower award.
Even though it is a small business with few employees, PRIMETECH always strives to ensure the best quality and improve people’s lifestyles. This award is proof of its dedicated efforts. PRIMETECH expects the next advances will be made with launching brand new items in the global market.

Portable UVC Sterilizer
Portable UVC Sterilizer

Customer-oriented UVC Sterilizer Vray
The UVC sterilizer Vray is a customer-oriented device enabling a more hygienic life in homes, offices, schools, etc. Vray is strong, safe, smart, and simple. It sterilizes 99.9% of bacteria including COVID-19 within five seconds, so the customer does not need to spend much time in sterilizing things.

Portable UVC Sterilizer

The SANKYO UVC lamp is specially coated for anti-shattering to prevent the user from an accident caused by a broken lamp. The safety sensor is embedded to shut off automatically when the UVC exposure is detected by being tilted more than 30 degrees. Furthermore, it supports handheld and hands-free use so that there is no limit to items it can sterilize. Size, material, place, and time do not pose any difficulty to sterilize with Vray.
The reliability of Vray has been verified through FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE, and ISO9001 certifications. In Korea, Vray is used in department stores, kindergartens, and senior care centers to protect the shared items. In the USA, the company that supplies school items such as headsets, laptops, and hygiene items signed an OEM contract and corporate for the next model.
It is promoted in various fields including schools, kindergartens, pharmacies, home appliances, and small electronics. It is a driving force of the company’s growth, enabling it to compete in other fields such as hotels, casinos, car wash, and mattress care systems, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods