Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Designing & Manufacturing Construction Machinery Parts

[INQ. NO. 2104E18] Since its establishment in 2006, CETEC has specialized in designing and manufacturing construction machinery parts, especially excavator undercarriage parts.
CETEC has thus been contributing to the development in Korea of the heavy equipment industry by supplying its excellent quality and competitiveness to domestic and overseas customers, with its unique skills in the development of overseas parts in Korea.
In addition, CETEC seeks the happiness of family and neighbors with necessary technology for the world that promotes human safety and minimizes the impact on nature through smart mechanical equipment and organic modularization through creative parts.

Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Parts Business
CETEC has developed and manufactured heavy equipment sub-parts that are sensitive to market trends at the forefront of the parts market.
In particular, CETEC is moving beyond the Korean market to overseas markets based on its experience and technology that has specialized in ‘rubber track’ and ‘rubber shoe pad’ products suitable for small excavators produced by major manufacturers in Korea, Japan and the USA, in cooperation with DRB, which has the best rubber track production facility in Korea for the past 15 years.

Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Used Construction Machinery Business
CETEC is operating the Korean branch of MASCUS, a world-renowned online used equipment trading site that is attracting more attention in the ‘untact’ era, attracting systematic real-time data and securing external reliability and price competitiveness of equipment.
The company’s representative director Seok-ho Bae noted that CETEC’s highly experienced staffs effectively provide convenient and rapid one-stop import and export services to heavy equipment sales and purchasing customers at most contact points with domestic and overseas construction machinery customers – including transactions by specific demand groups such as used cranes.

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Electrolytic Capacitors

A Leading Manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors Drawing Attention in the Global Electronics Market

[INQ. NO. 2104E17] Samwha Electric Co., Ltd., a specialty manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in Korea, is attracting attention in the global electronics market by launching a conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitor built with advanced technology.
Samwha Electric has been providing the global market with its electric double-layer capacitor, ‘Green-Cap,’ used for eco-friendly high-value added products, such as 5G, eco-friendly vehicles, medical devices, LED, robots, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and energy-storage systems (ESSs) for wind and solar power for many years.
Thanks to a long replacement cycle based on fast charge/discharge cycles for over one million times, green-cap is easy to maintain and it can be used in extreme temperatures. As it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances, it is also easy to treat after use.
With increasing demand in strategic markets including electric vehicles, communication, smart consumer electronics, renewable energies, UPS, automotive industry and electronic components, orders for the product are growing worldwide.

Electrolytic Capacitors

Through its five sales subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, China, Thailand, and India, as well as through 14 major regional offices in other countries, the company has built a stable international business infrastructure to lead the global market.
Expecting a brighter future in line with expansion in eco-friendly automotive infrastructure and increase in demand for eco-friendly power due to expanded environment regulation policies, Samwha Electric aims to meet demands for high-specification products by developing high-valued devices at its corporate R&D center and to take an advantageous position, while transforming into a leading electronic components company by developing proprietary technologies.
“In order to grow into an integrated electronic parts maker through systematic quality control, we are implementing management systems in three stages, and effectively managing production processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP), a real-time data management system, and manufacturing execution system (MES),” explained a manager at Samwha Electric.
The current key products of the company are: EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) for radial, snap-in, axial type & module; conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor for radial, SMD type; and aluminum electrolytic capacitor for radial, SMD, snap-in, lug, screw type.

Electrolytic Capacitors

Samwha Electric’s electrolytic capacitors are selected to be used in household appliances for high ripple current, miniaturization and long life.
The products are popular in solar power inverters for high voltage, high-capacitance and high ripple current. The field of power electronics is among their applications – for high capacitance, high ripple current and long life and power industry, plant business, and infrastructure business sector.
They are popular as LED lighting products for ultra-high temperature, long life and low impedance. They are also applied in automotives for powertrain (ECU, DC/DC converter), safety (breaking, airbag, ABS) and exterior (LED headlight). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Coating Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2104E16] Noanix’s SoniCoater is a device for coating drugs on the surface of different types of DES (Drug-Eluting Stent) including peripheral blood vessels, non-vessels, cardiovascular vessels, etc., and balloon catheters (DEB) for drug elution.
It can make an even coating surface by minimizing a spraying drop size using an ultrasonic nozzle. It can coat more accurately by using an ultrasonic nozzle with a frequency of 220kHz, which was developed for the first time in the world.
It is operated by a generator that can automatically control the optimum frequency and voltage so that it can spray according to the characteristics of a sprayed coating liquid. Various types of ultrasonic nozzles can be applied optionally depending on the size of an object. It can be manufactured in a customized form satisfying a customer’s requirements. It is more than 30% cheaper than those of competing companies.

Coating Equipment

Noanix Corporation is specialized in coating for medical devices, offering services for drug coating, hydrophilic coating, hydrophobic coating, antibacterial coating and antithrombotic coating — which are essential and very important for medical devices and manufacturing devices and liquids. They also manufacture ultrasonic spray nozzles and ultrasonic syringe pumps, which are essential for coating.

Coating Equipment

Noanix, established in 2009, is a company researching, developing and producing medical devices for body insertion, coating systems for biomaterials, coating solutions, coating pumps, spray nozzles, etc. It has achieved visible results including developing a guide wire coating and EMG needle electrode coating solution for the first time in Korea.
It acquired ISO90001/14001 certification and has many related patents. The company will spur the research for hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating for medical devices and continuously release upgraded coating pumps and ultrasonic nozzles.

Coating Equipment

The major market of Noanix is BME (BioMedical Engineering). Noanix is performing a lot of projects and tasks in the field of BME. The products are basically custom design.
When manufacturing, the company customizes an appearance, program control, a fluid supplying device and a nozzle according to a user’s specifications. The company has the best brand in Korea in the field of micro fluids and is unrivaled in the field of thin film spray. Also, the company performs active marketing at home and abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Industrial Cables

[INQ. NO. 2104E15] Kumhwa Cable Co. Ltd. took on a new challenge in 1990. The products of Kumhwa Cable, which are now recognized all over the world, are based on an excellent-quality environmental system and product patent certificates including bare wire, overhead cable, insulated wire, power cable, fire protection cable, control cable and rubber insulated cable.
Currently, its products are being exported to Myanmar, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, etc.

Control Cables
Kumhwa Cable’s control cable is used in the control circuit under 0.6/1kV of power plants, substations, etc. This cable prevents distortion of the signal caused by induced voltages generated from other power lines, and it is highly flexible. Among the control cables are: Cu/PVC/SB/PVC, etc. They use 0.6/1kV and have from two to 30 in cores.

Control Cables

Underground Power Cables
Kumhwa Cable’s underground power cable is adopted for power distribution lines, having excellent electrical, physical and chemical characteristics. The underground power cables manufactured by the company include Cu/XLPE/A(S)WA/PVC, etc. The voltage range they need ranges from 1kV to 36kV. They have core of from 1 to 4.

Underground Power Cables

Overhead Power Line Cables
This overhead power line cable is manufactured to be used for overhead distribution lines on poles and steel towers. Among these kinds of cables are: ACSR/AW-OC, AL/XLPE/XLPE(SAC, Spaced Aerial Cable). They consume voltage of from 12kV to 36kV.
Kumhwa Cable has been working on R&D and continued quality improvements to meet the needs of its clients, and is conducting thorough inspections to produce and supply safe products.
Kumhwa Cable is committed to developing professional human resources and continuing to adopt advanced technologies to become a professional company that can compete proudly with companies around the world.

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100kg-Payload Mobile Robots

[INQ. NO. 2104E14] TWINNY Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in autonomous driving technology.
TWINNY leads the autonomous mobile robot service industry with its outstanding technology in various locations such as warehouses, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, apartments, etc.
The company was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Youngseok Cheon and Hongseok Cheon.
Hongseok Cheon is an expert in autonomous mobile robots who received his Ph.D. from KAIST for research in the same area. TWINNY has about 70 employees, of whom about 50 are engineers.
More than 30% of employees graduated from KAIST with master’s or doctoral degrees.
With its expertise, TWINNY has developed NarGo100, autonomous mobile robots, and TarGo100, a target-following robot.

100kg-Payload Mobile Robots

NarGo100, 100kg-payload autonomous mobile robot, could support efficient delivery of various items without additional infrastructure such as QR codes, Beacon or UWB. Safety is guaranteed using a laser distance measurement sensor, and ultrasonic wave sensor.
Design of automatic charging station and loading space can be customized with competitive price. Control and working status monitoring are available via a web-based central control system and tablet application.
TarGo100, 100kg target following robot follows a user. Once a user presses the ‘start’ button, it starts following the user. It never fails to follow the user in complex settings as it recognizes surroundings with a 2D LiDAR and RGBD camera. It does not get confused even between twin brothers wearing the same clothes. Target tracking does not require any additional device.
The user can flexibly respond to frequent work process changes in warehouses or manufacturing facilities. And deployment of the robot is quick and easy.
Time to free up your hands! Let the robots do the delivery, and plan your time efficiently.

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Smart Derma Images Management System

Based on A.I

[INQ. NO. 2104E13] Among skin cancers, Melanoma, which has a very similar appearance to a mole, is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye. Currently, medical circles are using diagnostic tools together with either analog or digital dermoscopy.
However, most of them have only the function to simply expand the skin image.
‘MEDISCOPE’ provides various images of the skin by using multi-wavelength lights with a different skin penetration rate by a wave-length, in contrast with the existing method of diagnosing with the naked eye and a portable microsope.

Smart Derma Images Management System

It helps dermatologists diagnose skin cancer quickly and conveniently for the promptest treatment possible through the self-developed artificial intelligence module ‘DermaAI’ that uses the vast skin lesion data.
Currently the dermatology teams are managing images by the manual method for requesting reimbursement and photographing images by requesting data to store in the computer room by preparing a finding report after moving a memory of a skin disease picture taken with DSLR camera to the diagnosis PC.
F&D PARTNERS Inc. has developed this system to improve convenience in the handling professionalism of the medical team.
It enhances recyclability by simplifying management with standardization of images introducing PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) into the skin images, whose application has been imited only to radiographic images such as CT, X-ray.

Smart Derma Images Management System

It will be helpful to improve diagnosis efficiency of dermatologists and convenience of the medical team’s management by linking with EMR and CRM, which are commonly used in hospitals. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Modular Moving Light Speaker

[INQ. NO. 2104E12] RNS is a digital and living brand that suggests smart life to consumers.
PARTIER, the new product of RNS, combines the functions of a robot, Bluetooth speaker, and stage light. Weighing 1.39kg with dimensions of 287x140x140mm, it provides powerful sound and can be easily carried for any occasion.
PARTIER comes with a robotic joint which points the special LED light in all directions and angles along with a musical beat, very much like how a human arm moves when dancing, filling all kinds of space with fancy and wonderful lights.

Modular Moving Light Speaker

Bluetooth speakers showcases only the sound for the ears, but PARTIER presents a flashy lighting performance with its robotic joint that responds to a musical beat to allow its owners to enjoy the music with their bodies anytime, anywhere.
Partier’s replaceable light module comes in four types, including therapy mood light, flame mood light, starlight and disco ball light. They can be easily replaced and installed to create an atmosphere that the customers want anytime, anywhere.

Modular Moving Light Speaker

Therapy Mood Light helps the customer relax. It can work as a luxurious standing light which presents healing music.
Star Light works by revolving slowly above the children, showcasing shining stars and lullabies to stimulate the children’s imaginations.
Flame Light can produce a romantic atmosphere at the campsite without the risk of starting a fire by replacing the wood fire that generates smoke and ash.
Disco Ball Light can create an excellent atmosphere by producing dynamic club lights and featuring powerful volume.

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Photo Booth

[INQ. NO. 2104E11] IDEAVISION’s LIFE PHOTO is a photo booth where customers can select either black & white or color photos, take pictures, and print the images on the spot.
This product compensates for low turnover ratio and boredom in existing sticker cameras and frequent problems and insufficient solidity in open type photo booths.
It is a built-up-type intended for easy installation; therefore anybody can install and operate the product easily anywhere. By adopting a simple interface, users of different age groups and in many countries can take in at a single view and use it easily.
Based on the company’s belief that a photo must look good and pretty, this product provides prettier and more beautiful definition than any other cameras. English, Chinese, and Japanese language options are supported by default, and whatever country to be exported to can also be catered for. With perfect localization, the product is popular among local customers.
Kakao Talk photo transmission service is available, which is a unique service in the country, and the photos can be transmitted through email for overseas countries. Up to four photos can be printed, and cleaner and brighter photo printing is available by applying the high-quantity light flash.

Photo Booth

With 10 shooting options, you can take various pictures. A function of selecting color/black & white photo mode is embedded.
Chroma key function is embedded to allow the users to select diverse backgrounds. It uses a 20 million-pixel high-definition camera. A high-quality thermal sublimation printer is provided and the printer is easy to manage. The slim machine size allows easy installation anywhere and anytime.
IDEAVISION is growing to be a global company with leading technical skills and know-how. IDEAVISION introduced sticker photo for the first time to the country and created a new culture. Also, it established the nation’s first photo specialty store chain providing an environment for many people to access photos easily.
IDEAVISION has developed a new community market by building the nation’s biggest community site connecting online and offline, and strives to promote a responsible Internet culture. Furthermore, IDEAVISION is converting it as a media culture, and is striving constantly to be at the center of that culture. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Devices

[INQ. NO. 2104E10] The president of Handokmedical has been working in research and development of medical devices since 1983, and founded the company in 1997. Since then, he has accumulated leading technologies and experience at home and abroad with ceaseless efforts and innovation.

Ceiling Pendant System
The Ceiling Pendant System is a state-of-the-art, future-oriented device that includes all equipment needed in hospitals. Spacewing is the first Korean Ceiling Pendant System and is exported worldwide. The system can be installed in various places such as operating rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care rooms and emergency rooms and it can be produced as a product with customization specifications.

Ceiling Pendant System

Endoscopic Oxygen Vacuum Controller & Endopiece
This endoscopic oxygen vacuum controller is the world’s first medical device developed by the company. This device is used with a multifunctional mouthpiece set during endoscopic procedures. The mouthpiece set is disposable and hygienic and convenient to use. It is possible to continuously supply oxygen and monitor the patient’s breathing. The suction function prevents saliva from reaching the bronchial tubes and prevents contamination in the examination room by continuously emitting air contaminated by a patient’s belch and breath. The mouthpiece performs various functions automatically at once. The mouthpiece is ergonomically applied, making it the most suitable for oral structure.

Endoscopic Oxygen Vacuum Controller & Endopiece

Multi-Functional Endomouthpiece
The multi-functional endomouthpiece is a saliva outlet on the front and automatically discharges saliva from inside the mouth. The product has a fixing protrusion so that it does not fall from the mouth without a headband.

Multi-Functional Endomouthpiece

Filter Mask
A bacteria/virus filter is built into this mask for the first time in the world to prevent cross-infection and secondary infection. This filter mask can be used for various purposes such as ventilators, Ambu bags and CPR.

Filter Mask

Anesthesia / Ventilator / Ambu bag / PFT Filter
This filter is an eco-friendly product that is easy to transport and handle and saves resources with strong energy efficiency. The pulmonary function test filter is comfortable to wear and offers strong visibility, and protects lips from an external shock. Its radial duct structure for excellent fluid diffusion maximizes purifying capacities. A handle makes the filter easy to attach and detach.

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Air-Purification Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2104E09] Puresys’s air purifier-cum sterilizer, which selected as a next-generation world-class product in 2020, has improved upon the disadvantages of the conventional air purifier-cum- sterilizers that generated ozone for sterilization and purification.
Furthermore, this product also absorbs the surrounding harmful ozone.
Therefore, it has been recognized for physical safety and is evaluated to be useful for eliminating sick house syndrome, preventing infections, and decomposing harmful chemicals in hospitals, postpartum care centers, laboratories, government offices, schools, etc. Puresys is gradually expanding its market to overseas markets including China, Vietnam, Belgium and Thailand.
With this technology, Puresys won a prize at the Korea Invention & Patent Awards and it has been designated as a patented technology of superior inventions for preferential purchase.
A passenger cabin air quality improvement system applying the Puresys’ Nano-catalytic technology was installed in the engine rooms of all the railroad cars of Seoul Metro Subway Lines 1 to 4 in 2014.
The all-in-one series of Puresys is an air purifier-cum-sterilizer for operating rooms that removes bacteria, viruses and harmful gases by decomposing harmful substances at the source using a catalyst safe for humans (Patent No. 10-1069685), has improved disadvantages of the conventional air purifier-cum-sterilizer that had to generate ozone for sterilization and purification, and even eliminates the surrounding harmful ozone.

Air-Purification Sterilizer

As the Enforcement Regulation of the Medical Law was recently enforced, it became necessary to have air purifying equipment that can prevent infection of patients in operating rooms and hospitals, and supply clean air from which dust and germs are removed. Therefore, such air purifying equipment has been installed in postpartum care centers, laboratories, government offices, schools, etc. as well as operating rooms of hospitals.
Puresys has developed a module of the ventilation and purification device for smoking rooms and smoking booths and, therefore, is constantly receiving supply orders from manufacturers of smoking booths and smoking rooms.
President and CEO Lee Woo-young explained, “Puresys is continuing a project which is related to many things that add Internet of Things technology while installing the product from start of the construction. Furthermore, Puresys is building an infection management system for fire stations’ mental and physical stability rooms.”

Air-Purification Sterilizer

Based on the proven performance in terms of secured safety and the strength of Korea’s science and technology, Puresys has been deeply researching and developing new-technology purification and sterilization materials by using state-of-the-art equipment and the excellent research infrastructure of KAIST.
Based on such source science and technology, Puresys is researching and developing new technologies aiming at environmental improvement and a people-oriented “Puretopia.” In addition, Puresys’s all-in-one series is entering global markets, such as China, Southeast Asia and Europe, with its world-best level of technical superiority and design. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods