Smart IoT Cushion (BackKeeper)

[INQ. NO. 2106E17] Healthcare company HCLAB recently released its advanced smart IoT cushion called “BackKeeper” designed to help the user’s restoration of correct postural habits by providing such useful information through vibration alerts, as posture habits data, customized stretching contents, etc.
BackKeeper, with its built-in sensor manufactured to sense the status of posture, accurately monitors the posture of the user, and then it provides the vibration feedback about the user’s bad posture.
Moreover, the BackKeeper application not only shows the user’s bad posture habits through statistics data on posture, but also supplies the customized stretching contents depending on the status of the user’s posture.

Smart IoT Cushion (BackKeeper)

BackKeeper, through such features, allows the users to maintain their will to form the correct habits for good posture and enables the user’s self-care – noticeable points that differentiate it from other products.

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Ergonomic Smart Moving Desk

[INQ. NO. 2106E16] Moiin Group’s Robo Desk” is an ergonomic smart moving desk that allows monitors and chairs to be adjusted to maintain the most comfortable and healthy posture.
The triple interlocking structure of the monitor, desk, and chair allows the user to maintain the most ideal posture for long periods of time.
Equipped with a massage chair that cares for the whole body of the user, this desk provides a pleasant and healthy environment and minimizes vibration through scientific vibration distribution design.
In compliance with international standards, monitors and chairs can be freely applied and replaced, and space utilization can be maximized for optimal installation anywhere including stores, offices,and homes.
As a global content and IT company, Moiin has been devoted to customer satisfaction based on its outstanding technical expertise and remarkable content quality.

Ergonomic Smart Moving Desk

Moiin has been recognized as an excellent company due to its ceaseless efforts for technical innovation and groundbreaking R&D, in conjunction with all of the employees’ determination to reach the top in the ICT industry. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Label Printer Nemonic (Nemonic Label)

[INQ. NO. 2106E15] This printer is available for mobile & PC (Android/Ios/Windows). It can be connected with PCs by using a USB, and printing is possible within 2~3 seconds. And also, it can be connected with smartphones by using Bluetooth, and printing is possible within 5~7 seconds.
No maintenance cost is required compared to cartridge replacement. An easy cartridge replacement method is provided for everyone’s convenience. The exclusive PC and mobile apps made with user-friendly functions are notable features.
This printer is compatible with MS Office, providing a printer driver which enables printing of documents in MS Office. This product provides hundreds of free templates in Nemonic apps and MS Office.

Label Printer Nemonic (Nemonic Label)

Nemonic Label is a printer selected by Samsung Electronics and is now on sale at Samsung Electronics’ official online mall. This product was awarded in the Consumer Electronics Show, Good Design Awards and International Gift Show.
Easy paper cutting with an automatic cutting function is possible. Both multiple paper printing and single printing are possible. Fast printing through the touching of the dispenser button on the printer is also possible. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Image Pointer (XPG300Y)

[INQ. NO. 2106E14] The premium wireless presenter model XPG300Y recently released by ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd., which developed the world’s first wireless presenter model X-Pointer, is a hybrid pointer that supports both image pointer mode and premium green laser mode.
Unlike the common laser pointers that cannot be used in LCD monitors, XPG 300Y pointer is available for use in all kinds of screens including LCD monitors. With no separate installation of program, XPG 300Y can be used as a presenter in all screens including LCD screens. Any presenter can operate the same functions as with the existing mouse such as drag & drop, double click, etc. in the very place where they are standing.
Using the exclusive software for image pointer enables the more powerful display of presentation functions. The operator can set up the pointer image of what they wish to display and utilize such various functions as the expansion and emphasis of the essential part in their live presentations.

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Smart Electronic Thermometer Disposable Patch-Type Thermosafer (XST400)

[INQ. NO. 2106E13] ChoisTechnology’s Thermosafer, a wireless thermometer that is compatible with smartphones with the Bluetooth function, is capturing attention among global buyers again- in a situation where the COVID 19 is still spreading globally with keen attention being paid to respiratory diseases and identification of fever symptoms.
Thermosafer is a wireless thermometer that can monitor the status of body temperature on a real-time basis through Bluetooth-connection with smartphones. Through this exclusive application, Thermosafer enables the user to set the high-temperature & low-temperature alarm and to confirm the dosing time and the graph of body temperature change.
ChoisTechnology’s XST400, a newly released disposable patch-type wireless thermometer, comes in two models depending on the period of using time – a model having three days of using time and a model that can be used for two weeks of COVID 19’s incubation period.

Smart Electronic Thermometer Disposable Patch-Type Thermosafer (XST400)

As XST400 is designed as a silicon patch type – a product that provides a low-stimulus to the skin, users can conveniently attach it to certain parts of their bodies and of their babies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Door Lock / Smart Hotel Door Lock

[INQ. NO. 2106E12] BABA smart door lock is made with basic fingerprint, key card, password, and emergency key opening functions. Additionally, mobile app control (WiFi, Bluetooth), remote control, and intercom videophone connection is possible.
The product has special antibiotic coating with permanent efficiency against viruses or harmful bacteria. BABA lock is recognized as a Brand K product by the Korean government, which makes it the first and only representative brand recommended among all Korean smart door locks.
BABA smart locks have one-time password, random-password, fire alarm, intrusion alarm, low-battery alarm, double lock, master code and card, voice announcement (English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese), sound control, silent mode, and other functions, which make it more effective, secure and convenient.
BABA smart locks have gained a number of awards including Pittsburgh invention, technology around gold medal, Russia International Science and Technology Council Prize, Polish Inventors Association Prize, Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition Gold Medal, Geneva International Inventions former Gold, etc., attracting great interest of the industry wherever these prototypes are accepted.

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Shoe Sterilizer

For Daily Shoe Care

[INQ. NO. 2106E11] In a time when hygiene and sterilization are increasingly important due to the spread of COVID-19, the shoe sterilizer released by NKO, a well-known household appliances brand, is expected to attract keen attention among potential buyers, thanks to its features such as sophisticated design, allowing easy use, effective functions, superior sterilization function, etc.
This product enables three-stage care – twenty, forty, and sixty minutes. The user can easily operate this product by simply pressing on the dialed single button and see the remaining time through the LED timer display. It is easy for the user to carry this product thanks to its convenient carrying handle. For external drying, low-temperature (under 40 to 50 degrees) drying is performed, causing no deformation. Moreover, for the inner parts of shoes, this product can effectively sterilize – with the help of a plug-in type air-tube.

Shoe Sterilizer

This product, with its UV lamp in the internal ceiling, can effectively sterilize germs and bacteria to 99.9 percent. Also, it features an insertion slot for air freshener that allows the user to enjoy this product more fragrantly through the simultaneous using of the existing membrane. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Micro Traveler Kit

[INQ. NO. 2106E10] LONGTAIL COMPANY recently released its micro traveler kit, which is designed to help travelers effectively manage and carry important but small-sized things that are often lost such as various kinds of memory cards, USB, etc.
The micro traveler kit allows the user to conveniently keep SD cards, micro SD cards and nano SIM cards and supplies such useful functions as USBk memory, SIM pin, mini ball-point pen, mini lamps, etc., thus acting as a highly convenient all-in-one organizer.
The conspicuous appearance of the product – such as efficient and minimal design, attractive anodizing color and finely post-processed aluminum top plate – increases its luxurious attraction considerably. With compact size (56mm85mm3.4mm) and light weight (15g), this product boasts exceptional portability due to its actually small size, enough to be fully utilized.
For utilizing this product efficiently, users can keep things like external memory that can be kept in the marked location of the slot and can use things such as ball-point pens SIM pins by moving the lever attached.

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Smart IoT GPS Tracker “Findme”

s with more superior accuracy on location than other existing devices, receiving GPS location through Cat.m1 network, one of the low power, wide area networks.
This product is fully available not only for vulnerable people who need social protection including women, children, the elderly with dementia, and the disabled, but also for things such as vehicles, motorcycles, personal mobilities, etc. More specifically, this device can be used in wider areas including military, police, hospitals, company vehicles, smart factories, etc.
Users can identify the location of Findme through the exclusive application and receive the alarm over entry and breakaway through setting out the area range they want as a safe zone. Furthermore, when pressing the button inserted in Findme, the emergency alarm transmits to the user, who can thus swiftly cope with various types of crimes and accidents.
Daeho I&T’s life-care product Findme enables users to protect valued family and properties from potential risks of crimes and accidents.

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Vacuum Packaging Machine

[INQ. NO. 2106E08] In an era when minimalist lifestyle moving away from the big family spreads into most lives, the home appliances suitable for houses with one person or two persons are steadily being sought after for their minimal sizes.
SMC recently released kitchenware and household goods suitable for the current home structures with wider bedrooms and smaller kitchens.
With light weight (185g) that causes no burden even for single person households, and compact size ( 40*156mm) that occupies little space even in a narrow kitchen, any user can easily and conveniently use this vacuum packaging machine. The light weight and size is not the only merit that catches the attention of potential customers. Increasingly users are preferring kitchenware made with the emphasis on beautiful appearance, and with its all white color, this vacuum packaging machine fits in perfectly with any kinds of interiors.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

It is difficult for one person to effectively dispose of leftover vegetables, meats and delivery foods. If such kinds of things were vacuum-packaged, the retention period could be extended by up to five times. After just one-time charging, this vacuum packaging machine is available for use in any location including camping sites, expedition destinations, etc. thanks to its wireless function. When wholly vacuumed, the so-called smart power-saving is carried out.
Furthermore, when using this product, the exclusive vacuum pack available two or more times is utilized – without the use of disposable vinyl that causes heavy discharge of waste material − thus contributing to protection of the environment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods