Security Solution for Computing Environments[INQ. NO. 2005E17] Smart Keeper professional port lock security products simply block and control most of the common ports and cables ‒ from USB A, to USB B, USB C, RJ45, SD, and CF ‒ and furthermore, ports like DVI, Serial, and even other input and output ports. These locks can only be opened by Smart Keeper universal key. and locks and universal key has different individual patterns for each customer ‒ just like your home’s key and lock pattern is different from your neighbor’s key and lock pattern.
Since Smart Keeper security solution is developed using only physical and mechanical technology, there is no need for electricity, complicated installation, upgrade or Software update, and so forth ‒ so it is easy to use, has an independent security system, and is not complicit with current systems.
This gives a heavy time delay to an intruder and prevents unintended mistakes on open ports. Smart Keeper’s red color physical security product itself works as a strong visual warning sign. No electricity or software is required.
This is an independent system solution and minimum effort is required to maintain, to patch, and update. Since 2011, more than 500 customers worldwide are already using Smart Keeper. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Intelligent Video Surveillance System[INQ. NO. 2005E16] ”IntelliVIX” is an all-in-one intelligent video surveillance system that analyzes the video in real time from a CCTV camera or recording data − and detects, tracks, and classifies a moving object, provides pre-defined event (rule-set) detection, and offers a recording/playback/search function.
For detecting the tracked/classified objects in pre-defined events, the system notifies the operator of the event in real time. The operator can save the related video, object data, event metadata and search video rapidly by using saved metadata.
Detection, tracking, and classification of moving objects is possible through real-time analysis of images input from various CCTV cameras.
Whole-view detection technology regardless of environment noise (light interference, moving background) is applied. This can continuously track the moving object. Behavior analysis by object detection and tracking is possible. Multiple-event detection rules can be set in one camera image.
Intellivix is specialized in researching and developing software related to computer vision.
Intellivix was founded in 2002 and since then has focused on developing computer vision software and successfully branded and commercialized software in the name of I ViSTA, i.Modelr, I Fusion 2D packages. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Temperature Monitoring System[INQ. NO. 2005E15] OTMS is the acronym of Optical-fiber Temperature Measurement System, and the terms shares the same concept of DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) which many companies of the same type of business mostly use, and the products that have been developed with the company’s own technology.
OTMS is a patented trademark of IAM Co., Ltd., and it requires prior cooperation if you want to use the relevant brand name.
OTMS is sensing technology using the reflecting scattered light occurring within optical fiber, and features a new measuring system of temperature distribution. This can measure thousands of temperature distributions in a lump abandoned to the optical fiber, just by pulling one optical fiber strand for communication into the facility.
It is a system that has solved with one go the problem of measuring only partial temperature with the use of the existing Point Sensor (Thermocouple, RTD-Resistance Temperature Detector; thermo resistor).
This is an epoch-making system to easily and economically measure thermal distribution of an entire facility, installed for a long distance or widely, by using optical cable as sensor and fulfilling the role of sensor, transmitter, transmission, and power supply for optical cable itself simultaneously.
IAM Co., Ltd. is specialized in the new technology to measure temperature using optical fiber cable and using mobile technology for the facility management. The company is committed to providing high-quality customer service at low cost, and ensuring fast delivery time to grow together with its customers.
Its solution is to develop a culture of responsibility and preservation of the enterprise based on its own unique managemetn spirit and to foster the conditions to provide the best maintenance service.
Rather than merely providing automated tasks or control of cost, it creates new knowledge, strengthens the internal constitution of the company, and broadens the scope of the company’s business field by providing the strategic method to fulfill the innovative management of the company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Outdoor Communication Device (MK3)[INQ. NO. 2005E14] A smartphone is an essential for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, or cycling, for its functions of communication, music listening, and so forth.
However, you can now keep your smartphone in your bag or pocket and do not have to worry about dropping it anymore, thanks to this Walkie-talkie that is devoted to the original function of wireless communication and provides phone-calls, speaker, LED and emergency button.
In outdoor activities, where one’s hands are not free, and where gloves are worn, or hands are contaminated, running applications and sending messages by touching the smartphone screen is a very inconvenient. So we need to have a device that enables convenient operation. MK3 is equipped with PTT (Push-to-Talk), and multiple additional features are optimized for outdoor activities.
Modern people cannot live without a smartphone, which ultimately becomes an essential item in their everyday lives. However, there are always risks in using a smartphone such as dropping it on the ground or into water, especially when used during outdoor activities or in various industrial fields. MK3 can substitute for the need for a smartphone during outdoor activities and allow you to forget about such trivial worries.
Communication via MK3 uses smartphone networks and Bluetooth connections. It has been built based on the global PTT app ‘Zello’ with more than 100 million users around the world. With this app, people can enjoy a walkie-talkie function by just clicking buttons on the MK3. Since the operation of MK3 is based on smartphone communication networks, there are no distance limits for communication among users. No matter how far you are from one another, there can be no unstable connections as long as the smartphone network is connected.
PTT, which enables wireless communication, phone call-making and receiving, 2W-output Bluetooth speaker for max playtime of 15 hours, LED hand flashlight with brightness of 150 Lumen, emergency button that sends SMS and GPS information in urgent situations, and waterproof at a level of IP56. You do not have to carry a lot for your outdoor activities. MK3 offers all you need. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ionizer Alkaline Water

[INQ. NO. 2005E13] This device, called Ioncare 9000, generates alkaline water with pH 8.5 to 10.0 through electrolysis that is helpful in improving major stomach ailments such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation within the stomach, and hyperacidity.
The previous transformer method lacks power stability posing difficulty in pH realization; however, the Ioncare Series has applied the SMPS method, allowing it to improve the stability of power and to allow accurate pH realization.
In addition, even if it uses the same SMPS method, unlike the other company products that use approximately 150W, the usage of 250W power enables the generation of high purity alkali water and the sustainability of the alkali water.
Despite the fact that the pH of raw water differs according to the environment of each region, there are cases whereby the pH that suits the respective raw water cannot be generated, but Ioncare Series allows the current to be adjusted to 240 stages, thereby generating stable alkali water.
The performance and effect of this technology has been proven outstanding overseas, such as in China and Europe in particular, where the degree of raw water is high.
The majority of domestic water ionizers mainly use 3~5 layers of electrode plates, so once the water ionizer is used for about 1~2 years, there are cases where the electrolysis performance declines and the sustainability of alkali water after generation declines.
The Ioncare Series uses a bigger size electrolyzer when compared to the electrode plates of other companies’ products and it has been designed to expand the performance of the electrode plates. It also extends the lifespan with high purity alkali water and white gold coating, and variable application up to a maximum of nine layers is possible.
By using a 5”-large color LCD, which cannot be found in other companies’ products, consumers are able to distinguish the stage of alkali water that is being discharged at one glance.
The valve method caused inconvenience to consumers using it, but the Ioncare Series has been applied with the Touch-Sensor method thereby making it more user-friendly. In addition, the user is informed with a voice of touching buttons and error occurrences and all status within the water ionizer, thus making it more user-friendly for the elderly and children.
If water within the electrolyzer is stagnant after generation of alkali water, germs will propagate and scales will form no matter how well it is cleaned.
The Ioncare Series not only automatically cleans the electrolyzer after generation of alkali water, but also has been designed to automatically discharge the remaining water, resolving hygiene issues as well as expanding the lifespan of the electrolyzer. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Outdoor Wireless AP+Mesh Communication Equipment and Designed for the Harshest Outdoor Wireless AP

[INQ. NO. 2005E12] The NX1700, produced by NEXUSTECH Co., Ltd., is outdoor wireless AP+Mesh communication equipment.
NX1700’s outdoor access point is suitable for both public enterprises and carrier-class network operators looking to extend Wi-Fi coverage outdoors. It offers proactive and highest-performing outdoor AP and also supports the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac wave 2, along with data connection speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps.
NX1700 AP supports 4×4 multi-user, multiple-input and multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology and nine spatial streams (9SS) with multi hop (3-hop) for optimum performance.
Its product of provided 1.7 Gbps was released in Korea for the first time.
NX1700 outdoor Wi-Fi access point provides high-quality performance throughput over a larger area (distance between APs is 20Km) with more extensive coverage. The recommended number of concurrent users is 512 per unit based on average data usage with high speed (up to 1.7Gbps) in places where many users in close proximity generate RF interference that needs to be managed.
Special and unique benefits of NEXUSTECH’s NX1700 are integrated with ‘Outdoor Wireless AP’ and ‘Mesh’ All-In-One product. Moreover, NEXUSTECH Co., Ltd. meets the customers’ needs for its product by providing customized service.
One of the most differentiated technologies is using multi-hop optimization. To improve 3-hop performance, the company uses three wireless channels (CH), processing by each processor to improve efficiency and integrated type L2 switching for connecting three independent RF modules.
Second, the NX1700 has four radios (one wireless 2.4g, two wireless 2.5g, wireless console). More detailed information is in the table.
Third, the NX1700 uses open source firmware OpenWrt, which provides many capabilities found in high-end devices with more than 3,000 application packages, so it is an ideal platform to be an IoT gateway or for smart city Wi-Fi infrastructure. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

New Concept Body Dryer[INQ. NO. 2005E11] Ozwind is a new-concept body dryer which helps maintain healthy skin by thoroughly drying up leftover water after a shower, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.
Strong air shower wind from Ozwind is composed of negative ions for super-fast fresh wind based on nozzle configuration centered on an optimal fluid mechanism. This offers refreshment after a shower, and is a must-have item for preventing various skin ailments.
Super-fast air shower on an anti-bacterial plate is possible for optimal refreshment. This body dryer can protect the user’s body from skin disease with millions of negative ions, while removing moisture. It is advisable for users to dry their feet to prevent athlete’s foot and eczema. This prevents malodor and bacteria by removing moisture in the body. It is recommendable for users to dry their bodies with negative ion fresh air rather than prone-to-pollution towels.
Users can benefit from using this body dryer: just one drying is good enough; saving water and body shampoo is possible; and cost-saving in public buildings is also possible.
Weighing 8.5kg, this new-concept body dryer can cover a body weighing up to 150kg. It is 434 x 499 x 180mm in size.
This body dryer has a function of controlling the strength of heating and wind. With its LED display window, it can be used conveniently. As the foot plate can be attached and detached, easy cleaning is possible. A built-in sensor for the human body is automatically operated. A sensor for monitoring of water leakage is incorporated. Special surface treatment is applied for prevention of slipping.
With its establishment in 1987, Shinsung Deltatech Co., Ltd. is growing globally based on its confidence derived from its management philosophy of self-fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and care for others.
Based on its belief that it will create a successful company with good people, it pursues the best quality and technology by obtaining quality accreditations such as ISO 9002, QS 9000, ISO/TS 19645, and ISO 14000.
Applying open management and harmony, it won a good workplace award, leading innovative company award, new company-labor culture award by the President, silver industry merit award, and the 200 million Won Export Tower award. It also went public, with the aim to grow into a globally renowned company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Security Solution detect and defend against unknown APT and Ransomware attacks

[INQ. NO. 2005E10] APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) is a new hacking technique used by cyber criminals to persistently attack target victims using various methods (email, web, etc.) until an objective is achieved. APT’s attacking method is to take control of the inside employee’s PC in a specific organization, access the internal server or database through the PC, and remove or destroy confidential information.
ZombieZERO is a new security solution designed to detect and defend against unknown APT and Ransomware attacks (A type of malware that encrypts all images and document files on a PC and restricts access and requires payment in exchange for decryption). It provides robust information security to prevent ransomware, data exfiltration and network damages.
It is composed of the behavior-based defense product Endpoint (EDR) and the packet analysis product based on behavior on network (inspector) and interworking with each other. So it minimizes the false positive rate and enables accurate judgment and prompt responses, and detects / blocks malware that bypasses the network and infiltrates.
The two-level defense system of the ZombieZERO Series, which interworks between an endpoint-based behavioral defense system and a network-based behavioral detection system, can defend against infiltrating malware that bypasses a network and responds with lower false-positive rates quickly and accurately.
Accurate detection with minimal false-positive rates is possible through interworking between endpoint-based and network-based analysis. Independent behavior analysis on endpoint-based and network-based systems is ensured.
Malware detection and blocking from bypassing the network security systems such as encrypted traffic is possible. A signature-based anti-virus engine detects not only known malware, but also behavior-based engines detect unknown malware.
NPCore was established in 2008 for developing specialized malware detection/response solutions in the anti-virus centric security market, and has developed ZombieZERO for two-level defense against APT attacks, and provided it to governments, financial institutions, universities, and enterprises.
NPCore established LLC and branch offices in the United States and Vietnam in 2014 and has appointed distributors in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai to broaden target markets to Southeast Asia and the USA. NPCore has achieved exports to Japan, the USA and Vietnam since 2015. Based on this success, it aims to be a global security professional company that represents Korea in the future. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Magnifying Glass[INQ. NO. 2004E12] Studies show that more than 80% of dentists are experiencing difficulties with eye congestion, and more than 90% of doctors need or use visual aids. In addition, more than 60% of dentists are suffering from eye fatigue, and painful back and neck discs.
This is an occupational disease that occurs because dentists inevitably need to be in a bent position for long periods of treatment time.
Once a neck or back pain occurs, there is a lot of difficulty in treating it permanently. The best way to prevent pain is to work in a correct posture and manage it before it occurs. To this end, the dentists’ associations of advanced countries such as the United States recommend the use of loupes.
MEDIPLUS’s JTL Loupe incorporates the best crystal optic lens and super-multi-layer coating to reduce ghosting and image distortion, providing exceptionally sharp images.
The JTL Flip-up type adopts an ergonomic design to enable the user’s sense of wear to feel no different from wearing ordinary glasses, and the functionality is enhanced by the hospitals’ favorite protective goggle design.
The JTL Loupe is made of lightweight, high-strength titanium frames for a comfortable fit and there is no deformation even when used for a long time.
The JTL Loupe features a wide working distance and excellent depth, making it comfortable to wear and easily adjustable.
MEDIPLUS, established in 2005, launched the first wireless oral camera supply business in Korea. Based on this breakthrough, it has secured expertise in the fields of optical lens and oral examination. It started developing the latest loupe through its own optical design in 2011, and developed a JTL Loupe with a lighter and clearer crystal lens.
Korea previously mainly imported expensive loupes before MEDIPLUS developed the JTL Loupe. It reduced costs to less than half of the cost of imported loupes, and adopted a more refined and lighter frame and barrel. Thus, the JTL Loupe has become a wearable and light loupe loved by Asian dentists.
In 2013, MEDIPLUS showcased the JTL Loupe at the German IDS exhibition where the product enjoyed considerable popularity. Currently, the JTL Loupe is widely used and recognized in more than 20 countries including Germany, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, and China, with its exports rising steadily. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Portable Personal Air-Quality Monitor[INQ. NO. 2004E11] Huma-i black (HI-150) is a portable personal air-quality monitor with the highest-quality, in-house- designed sensor modules for high accuracy readings.
It measures fine & ultra-fine particulate matter in the air (PM2.5, PM10), CO2 levels, volatile organic compounds(VOC), temperature, and humidity.
Its user-friendly ICON mode means users do not need to be familiar with fine-dust levels, and its portability and design sensibility means you can carry it with you anywhere for the peace of mind you deserve.
It measures the levels of CO2, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and particle matter (PM2.5 & PM10). In addition, it measures temperature and humidity in your surroundings.
Its pocket-sized portability, 91 * 41 * 37mm, allows you to take Huma-i with you at all times to measure the quality of the surrounding air. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.
The advanced built-in fan quickly draws in ambient air to show the real-time measurements. Its user interface is very intuitive. It shows the results in graph mode or icon mode through OLED display by the user just toggling the one-touch button. And the four-colored LED lights let you quickly know the status of CO2, VOC and particle matter – blue, green, yellow and red.
The sturdy and design-focused outer casing looks great while protecting your Huma-i device. You can have peace of mind when carrying your Huma-i device during your daily activities.
Huma-i has considered the major concerns of mothers, especially moms with young children, whose immune systems might a little weak. One of their primary concerns is to raise their kids with safety and health as priorities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution exceeds the number caused by outdoor air pollution. Nowadays, staying indoors is not necessarily safe anymore. Huma-i allows parents to monitor invisible air pollution, by instantly measuring air quality anytime and anywhere. Huma-i will at least help protect mom & baby from the polluted air, and thus to live in safe and healthy conditions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods