Mobile Wireless Vulnerability Checking Solution[INQ. NO. 1804E15] NORMA was established in 2011 under the philosophy that “Everyone should be able to use wireless network conveniently and safely.”
“Secure Wi-Fi Module” is based on NORMA’s philosophy and is designed to protect people around the world from wireless hacking threats. It does not protect users with simple password verification function, but rather secures wireless network sequentially from pre-Wi-Fi access to the end of Wi-Fi connection. In order to provide safe Wi-Fi service to users, secure Wi-Fi Module is also installed in the latest model of the global No.1 smartphone maker.
AtEar is the world’s first mobile wireless vulnerability checking solution that has transformed the paradigm of wireless security. AtEar provides enterprise wireless network security with detailed wireless monitoring and advanced vulnerability analysis, and provides customized wireless security guidance based on global policy such as ISO 27001 and PCI/DSS. In addition, AtEar Mobile, which is specialized for unauthorized AP detection and removal, and AtEar Server, an integrated management server, make wireless security management systematically available without a high level of expertise.
Since the age of IoT, wireless threats have caused security breaches not only in companies but also through hacking of CCTV and smart devices. Assets and life will be potential targets in the near future.
NORMA has developed “IoTCare,” a universal solution for securing IoT devices and wireless networks from anywhere. IoTCare is a new concept IoT vaccine that is responsible for IoT security in various smart industrial areas with IoT device embedded with a security module.

Since it can be applied to various fields such as connected cars and health care, the company is currently discussing business collaboration with global automobile manufacturers to strengthen the security of IVI systems, and it is being installed in generalized IoT devices such as set-top box and is exported to China.
NORMA will ensure that everyone can use the wireless network safely and securely, based on proven technology from the Korean military, to power plants, and police, as well as domestic and overseas partners. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Trust-Based Patch Security Solution nNetTrust[INQ. NO. 1804E14] Since most cyber attacks are preventable by continuously updating operating systems and application softwares, it is recommended to install and operate the patch management system (PMS) to safely protect and maintain information assets. PMS is a system that installs and manages security update files that are distributed to supplement the security vulnerability of systems.
Recently, attacks were launched on the patch and update vulnerabilities of institutions and companies in a PMS operated environment incurring huge damages. To cite an instance, malicious codes spread and paralyzed major broadcasting companies and financial institutions in 2013. The incident has been called the March 20 Cyber Terrorist Attack.
nNetTrust is a trust-based patch security solution which automatically switches manual patch management to an automatic mode by making good use of the patented technology of NNSP while maintaining air gaps in network separation environments and safely delivers patch files. nNetTrust provides an air-gap environment where a business network is disconnected from an internet network, thereby physically blocking internal information leakage 100% from the business network to the external network.
“nNetTrust released this time is a breakthrough solution that boosts not only business efficiency but security in accordance with patch security policies,” emphasized Kim Ki-hyun, director of the NNSP Research Center. “nNetTrust enables early isolation in the wake of the first infection by automating patch management which has been a manual task, and checking patch files for malicious activities in a clean environment, and can prevent the leakage of internal information externally, and an APT attack through the application of physical unidirectional technology.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Various Explosion-proof Cameras for Flexible Response[INQ. NO. 1804E13] AVEC-PT, a flagship Explosion-proof product line of AVECK SOLUTION, is a dual pan-tilt explosion-proof camera that can be rotated vertically and horizontally along with a camera auxiliary equipment. AVEC-PTS series is a single-type pan tilt camera.
Both series can be equipped with a 2 megapixel full-HD network camera and can be rotated vertically and horizontally at high speed. This all-in-one equipment with a variety of functions such as preset, auto-scan, and tour ensures safety and security with no blind spots.
AVECK SOLUTION’s models for sites requiring no automatic pan-tilt include AVEC-PTF and AVEC-PTT, fixed-type explosion-proof cameras. AVEC-PTF comes with a built-in protractor bracket that enables manual angle adjustment. Also available is a custom-made internal bracket that can mount a conventional high-definition network camera or an analog camera. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Fingerprint Authentication Solution

Last year, Suprema entered the smartphone market in earnest by launching BioSign, a fingerprint authentication solution for smartphones, as mounted on the 2017 model Samsung Galaxy J5 and other models.

[INQ. NO. 1804E12] In sync with the ongoing trend of increased adoption of full-screen display in premium smartphones, active development is under way of in-display fingerprint authentication technologies to integrate fingerprint sensors on the display. The in-display fingerprint authentication features a complex sensing structure and imaging characteristics different from the conventional touch-type fingerprint sensors. Thus, a new algorithm that matches such features greatly influences the recognition performance.
Suprema has launched a solution that combines technological expertise in optical fingerprint image processing accumulated over 20 years, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The company has optimized BioSign 3.0 for the image quality obtained from the in-display fingerprint sensor, providing a high level of recognition performance and speed. Currently, in collaboration with major sensor manufacturers, it is expected to be applied to new premium smartphones in the future.
LookSign is also equipped with Suprema’s proprietary NIR-based high-performance facial recognition technology, which was introduced last year as mounted on FaceStation 2, a facial recognition terminal for access security. According to the company, the FaceStation features high performance such as high-speed authentication speed of less than one second, robustness against external lights, and false recognition rate (FRR) of less than 0.0001 percent.
LookSign has blended the facial recognition technology of FaceStone 2 and 3D image processing technology. Through optimized algorithm for a smartphone environment, it utilizes two- or three-dimensional complex face information with improved recognition performance and security. At this exhibition, Suprema plans to discuss collaboration with related sensor manufacturers to develop integrated solutions.
Song Bong-sup, CEO of Suprema, explains, “Suprema’s core competitiveness is under constant technological innovation. BioSign 3.0 and Lusign will lead to a new leap in biometric technology in the smartphone market, attracting more smartphone manufacturers.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Unmanned Ground Sensor System[INQ. NO. 1804E11] SENSORWAY’s IRONWALLTM is an unmanned ground sensor system with excellent performance to detect, classify and track passing targets such as humans, wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles with very low false alarm.
IRONWALL has a highly effective seismic sensor, and can use a combination of various sensors such as PIR, radar and thermal image sensors depending on your needs. It is quick to deploy and easy to use. However, it does not appear easily because seismic sensors can be buried underground. This attribute enables an effective operation of the UGS system.
A Mesh network using radio frequency can be automatically formed with node-to-node connectivity. Mobile terminal provides detailed information on deployed sensors using a map-based GUI. Mobile terminal fitted with an internal GPS determines individual locations of sensor-nodes at the time of their installations.
SENSORWAY is a company with world-class technologies and solutions in defense unmanned surveillance and surveillance reconnaissance sensor network. Since 2006, it has participated in the unmanned ground system related project based on most sensor networks in Korea. It is a specialized security company that possesses comprehensive technologies in related fields. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Remote-controlled Light Lifter[INQ. NO. 1804E10] Reel Tech’s remote-controlled light lifter is a wireless system that can automatically control the ascent and descent of lighting units. Designed to ultimately ensure users’ safety in operation, the innovative lighting lifter permits various applicative functions including supporting of two-way operating and automatic descent-stop, etc.
This lifter is intended for any user to easily operate the ascent and descent of luminaries and to control entire light over 1,000,000 luminaries by using the remote controller. This lifter prevents against falling accidents by eliminating the need for maintenance and cleaning of lighting bulbs in high places. It prevents electric shocks during changing & cleaning of lighting bulbs as the electricity is automatically turned off during maintenance.
This lifter ensures energy-saving effects by turning off unnecessary lighting with a remote controller by individuals or groups from long distances. This lifter permits the operator to enjoy various easy installation methods such as H-beam-type, reclamation-type, flat-type, PIPE-type, etc. According to the designer, the lighting lifter is highly applicable for the buildings with high ceilings such as factories, performance halls, convention centers, church, gymnasiums, banquet halls, gas stations, hotels, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High-performance Security Device 5Mp Camera with Convertible output signal between AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI & CVBS[INQ. NO. 1804E09] We are proud to introduce the new product launched by Sambo Hitech Co., Ltd.; Highperformance security device on 2018. This product features a 5Mp sensor but it has a selectable 5Mp camera or 4Mp camera as well as convertible output-signal as below:
The above signals depends on what each DVR supports. AHD, HD-TVI has each 5Mp and 4Mp DVRs but HD-CVI can be supported only Max. 4Mp now. Of course, CVBS has maximum 1280H, which we called 1000TVL resolution.
If selecting 1944 pixels (5Mp) as a video image, the screen shows 4:3 ratio. If selecting 1440 pixels (4Mp) as a video image, the screen shows 16:9. Thus, you can see higher angle view of 5Mp than one of 4Mp. As well, this new 5Mp (4Mp) camera has more functions; 3D-DNR is added, which can make bett er image even at low illuminated circumstance against previous 4Mp; DC-IRIS function is added, which can be adjustable IRIS automatically; We can put motorized lens on this item. It is so nice to focus automatically on 5Mp of high performance camera. On previous 4Mp camera, this function was not included so that customers could focus manually to use lens-levers. It can be much improved to focus automatically well and it can be helpful to zoom-in and to zoom-out using by OSD key or UTC function.
You can install this device easier than an IP camera and can adjust it easier, and it is convenient to use OSD functions as customers desire. To use the 3C-2V coaxial cable, the transmission length of this signal will be 300 meters and it will be 500 meters if using the 5C-2V coaxial cable.
You can enjoy seeing clear and clean images through QHD, UHD monitors.
We also released one more device that has been newly developed; the 2Mp AHD small PTZ dome camera which has a 2.8~12mm varifocal lens, which means an approximately x4 zoom that is adjustable. The diameter of this dome camera is so small, 108mm, and its height is only 98mm. One can also use this device both indoors or outdoors as it is composed of an aluminum case, and its protection grade is IP66. To use the UTC function or OSD keys, you can control panning, tilting & zoom functions as it can use coaxial communication. Also, you can use your controller to connect with RS485 communication; Pelco-D. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System[INQ. NO. 1804E08] Rexgen was founded in 2002 to provide customers with the best video processing application solutions. Rexgen has developed image processing and a license plate recognition system through its own technology, and applied it to intelligent transportation systems. The main products are RexWatch Road (ANPR), RexWatch Speed (Speed Enforcement System), RexWatch Parking (Parking Management System) and RexWatch PES (Parking Enforcement System).
Rexgen’s vehicle number plate recognition system films the plate and cargo box of vehicles to provide investigation leads and help the search and arrest of offenders in the case of occurrence of incidents and accidents, by installing high performance cameras on the corners of main roads.
Rexgen’s intellectual illegal parking enforcement system ensures smooth traffic flow and enforces advance parking order, by filming illegally-parked vehicles on roadsides and blind spots and efficiently regulating them.
A representative of Rexgen explained, “We are supplying unstructured data to customers in various ways they want by using ICT including IoT in various areas of traffic, education, health, culture, environment, and defense, and are currrently developing technologies that allow effective prevention and systematic investigation of various kinds of crimes, disasters, and other incidents by forecasting the movements and patterns of things and human-beings. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Web-based Security Solution[INQ. NO. 1804E07] DreamIntek’s TOPSPEEDer™ is the latest web solution for fast and stable web-based security services.
TOPSPEEDer™ reduces http response time and lowers the resource consumption rate of the server at the same time, so that it is the ideal and optimal solution suitable for web service and groupware for public institutions or companies that provide products and services based on the web.
TOPSPEEDer™ improves server performance by up to 200%, and reduces response delay time by up to 10 times. TOPSPEEDer™ reduces network bandwidth up to 200%.
TOPSPEEDer™ supports data optimization, which is a technology that substantially reduces the size of contents to be transmitted to the site visitors, resulting in groundbreaking reduction of contents download time.
It provides excellent speed improvement in that it can optimize and transmit the dynamic data frequently updated as well as text and image. It can compress and optimize up to 1/10 times and increase the transmission speed up to 10 times.
It performs cache function for saving of the load on the web server and for effective processing of data frequently requested. It demonstrates higher cache function by saving the optimized data in the allocated memory rather than disk. The optimized cache improves the number of hits per second by 18 times and response time 23 times. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

IR Illuminators[INQ. NO. 1804E06] Lanics’s IR illuminator series features high performance integrated with high quality VCSEL chip and excellent optics design, and outstanding circuit control with high efficiency. The series offers wide angle zooming, which can match the field view angle of cameras. Users can control the beam angle by controlling a motor that enables the optical lens to move. They can be widely used in high-speed domes, PTZ cameras and for traffic monitoring.
Lanics has been specializing in research & development of the products related to laser and LED and is manufacturing IR laser & LED illuminators. Lanics has already been supplying them for large domestic companies and has been recognized for the quality in industrial fields.
Lanics Co. Ltd., which specializes in the production of diode laser and diode laser modules/systems, is advancing into new business areas involving the manufacture of laser illuminators and LED lighting products. As reflected in its name, a combination of the words “laser” and “optics”/“electronics,” Lanics has been pursuing the development of a technology that combines laser, optics, and electronics.
Lanics has the capability to produce diode laser modules and systems with wavelengths ranging from 405 nm (blue) to 1,550 nm (infrared rays), and it is currently manufacturing products with laser outputs ranging from several mW to several Watts. Lanics Inc. has developed diode laser and diode laser modules/systems using semiconductor diode laser, and it has been supplying these products to both the domestic and overseas markets. Its products, which are manufactured based on its creative technological prowess, have been recognized for their superior quality and reasonable prices in various exhibitions, such as Photonics West, Inter Opto, and Laser Show.
Lanics Inc. plans to advance into the security product and LED lighting areas, which it sees as the next-generation key industries. The company intends to launch security products that can cover distances ranging from tens of meters to several kilometers day and night, by combining the laser illuminator, which has already been completely developed, and CCD cameras. The existing IR LED illuminators cannot cover this realm, but the inherent characteristics of diode laser have been completely developed by Lanics’ superior technology and have been infused into this product. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods