Ethernet & PoE Extender’s ECP-101 and EUP-101 series are high-speed, long distance Ethernet & PoE extender that makes it possible to transmit the Ethernet signal and PoE up to 600m through coax cables in different situations.
These are cost-effective and time-saving solutions designed to migrate the existing analog system to an IP-based system since the devices support easy installation utilizing the existing cable.
As the devices can transmit the network signal and PoE power up to 500m, installers can easily overcome the 100-meter distance limitation of the traditional network configuration and reduce the construction cost and time significantly.
Intercoax, founded in 2014, is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality Ethernet over coax & any cable extenders and PoE repeaters. Since the successful launch of the 1-port EoC equipment, the company is offering a broad spectrum of products to meet the needs of the broad IP security market.
Intercoax has the world’s best technology in the field of EoC transmission equipment, and it continuously provides a continuous customized product lineup and enterprise product management software through continuous research and development. The company is determined to grow into a global top network solution provider by continuously providing complete solutions and cutting-edge technologies for customers’ satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Digital Video Recorders & Digital Surveillance Systems Global’s Matrix enables unlimited channel expansion, and video recording is available from DVR through Loop out. Images linked with eight monitors can be operated quickly and conveniently with a mouse and a joystick. In particular, the joystick can easily select the PTZ control and the partition mode of the desired image.
X-Primero (16R, 32R) is an all-hybrid product that is able to connect AHD, TVI, CVI, HD-SDI, EX-SDI and IPC. This can establish a desired system in a location where CCTV was already installed, or CCTV installation is required.
i-Primero (32R NP, 16P, 32P) is an NVR product and it supports 4K resolution of both input and output, and POE connection with all 32 kinds of channels is available. With plug & play support, if an IP camera is connected to a POE port of NVR, image viewing and saving is available without separate settings. In addition, all 3R products have convenient UI and P2P function, so everyone can use it easily, merely with a few clicks by external network connection.
3R Global has been developing and manufacturing highly advanced embedded DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and Matrix such as digital surveillance systems, drawing a great market response. In addition, increased efforts will be focused on developing Information Home Appliance and its application solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Security Chipsets designs and provides security semiconductors. For data security and authentication, the company’s DORCA chipsets can be applied to IoT, smart cars, AI, Fintech, Block chain, PKI, smart grid, mobile devices, etc.
ALPU chipsets for illegal copy protection of electron devices can be applied to STB, CCTV, IPC, printers, etc. CC EAL5+ certified chipset is available for a smart card. In addition, based on a security chipset & a micro SD, DORCA phone and a hardware token solution for a secure communication and authentication are available.
DORCA phone solution provides top level security service with DORCA chipset. Because it is impossible to hack any data encrypted with the key generated and managed only inside the chipset. It provides secure communication service for voice, text and file. It is applicable to B2G, B2B, and B2C markets.
DORCA chipset supports a hardware token solution to accommodate 512 customers at the same time, unlike a traditional security token that supports one at a time. Thanks to its tiny size, low power consumption and low cost, DORCA chipset can be applied to any devices and applications for data security and authentication. This provides data security for IoT, smart car/grid, water metering etc. It supports authentication for Fintech and hardware tokens, etc.
ALPU chipset supports illegal copy protection of electronic devices. This is applicable to STB, IPC, Finger printer, GPS, CCTV, etc.
More than 100 million ALPU chipsets for illegal copy protection of electron devices were sold out and applied by more than 2,000 companies worldwide such as STB, CCTV, IPC, walkie-talkie, navigation, black box makers etc.
Neowine is a leading company that develops semiconductors, an essential part in today’s advanced industries. Now it manufactures line-ups of ALPU, DORCA, ENTANG, GENESIS, etc.
In particular, recently, the DORCA series, designed for IoT security, has been drawing keen attention from customers, in terms of noticeable size, less consumption of power, complete security, and swift speed. All members of Neowine are making sincere efforts to develop next-generation semiconductors, which are expected to help this world be changed into a better one. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

IoT Platforms is a company that launched some new IoT platforms – smart home cameras, smart home doorbells, and AWS-based cloud servers ― under a new brand name, EGLOO; all of which provide enhanced security functions more effectively and conveniently. Its expertise in making cameras and establishing highly stable servers will offer a one-stop solution for the IoT world.
TRUEN has been a leading company that manufactures IP cameras and video servers for over a decade, and with considerable experience and know-how in making high-end cameras. Users can now keep an eye on their homes even though they are away from home.
The EGLOO smart home camera with cloud and features such as the full HD picture, auto night vision and easy/multi-access will keep users’ life spaces safe and secure.
EGLOO smart home doorbell with the cloud and features such as full HD video, two-way audio, PIR sensor, wide angle view, waterproofing and UV resistance will be the sole solution for all. Even though you are far away, you need never again to miss your visitors and worry about crimes.
TRUEN’s self-developed EGLOO cloud server provides all the conveniences for users such as live streaming, playback, big-data storage and bank-level security. ELGOO cloud server connected to smart home doorbells and home cameras will protect and improve users’ quality of life. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wearable Cameras is a hardware company that produced the FITT360 series of the world’s first wearable camera. The 360-degree wearable camera preserves and transmits memory through a 360-degree video.
The FITT360 series includes the B2B model FITT360 SECURITY used in the security sector effective at recording scene-evidence 360-degree wide. The B2C model FITT360 is used in the VR field enabling consumers to create 360-degree VR videos. The FITT360 SECURITY presents a whole new level of surveillance camera, extending the scope of vision to 360-degrees. The wearable form of 360 camera comfortably and safely captures scenes, functioning as a personal “black box” for officers and thereby improving the security environment. FITT360 SECURITY is for security (police, malls), medical (EMT), or other fields that need to gather on-scene evidence (e.g. firefighters).
The FITT360 is a wearable 360° VR Camera which films 360° omni vision of oneself while wearing it on the neck. The device’s Wearable-Form-Factor provides videos in FPV (First-Person View) precisely conveying one’s experience and enables individuals to easily record and share experiences through a 360° virtual reality video. The FITT360 can be used in fields such as traveling, extreme sports, or as a personal surveillance camera.
LINKFLOW was a spin-off from Samsung in 2016 and is now operated by professional engineers with more than 17 years career experience in the Samsung mobile communication unit. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

In-vitro Diagnostics and Diagnostic Reagents

In-vitro Diagnostics and Diagnostic Reagents

Boditech Med Inc. has been developing products for in-vitro diagnostics and diagnostic reagents for the past 20 years by pursuing the value of a company called “Respect for Life.” In particular, about 25,000 units of ichroma ™ readers are installed and operated worldwide, and ichroma™ CRP (C-Reactive Protein) has secured its largest market share in China, showing unique competitiveness.
Boditech Med Inc. is leading the way in exploring new markets through the automation of on-site diagnosed immunodiagnostic devices and the development of new high-sensitive diagnostic reagents. It has built its reputation successfully by carrying out various national R & D projects based on solid technology, experience, and human resources accumulated over the years.
In addition, Boditech Med Inc. is developing a smart production system that integrates digital technology and IT technology to fl exibly manage the production scale. All employees of Boditech Med Inc. are making every eff ort with pride in being a leader in the BT-IT convergence industry in Korea.

Semiautomatic in-vitro diagnostic device

ichroma™ II is an automatic or semiautomatic in-vitro diagnostic device that measures the concentration of analytes, contained in blood, urine, or other samples, in quantitative or semiquantitative ways. Compared to the fi rst-generation device, ichroma™, ichroma™ II has an improved user interface and display and an advanced optical system, which provide the user with a wide range of disease testing options.
In addition, ichroma™ II was designed to improve data input effi ciency and wireless communication connectivity through separately purchasable accessories and program updates can be conducted easily using an SD card. In particular, the use of batt eries improves portability, which is one of the biggest advantages of point-of-care testing (POCT) equipment, and ensures reliable testing in unstable power environments.

Automated fl uorescent immunoassay system

AFIAS-6 (AFIAS-automated fl uorescent immunoassay system) is an automated fl uorescent immunoassay system that uses blood, urine, and other samples to measure quantitatively or semiquantitatively the concentration of targeted analyte. AFIAS all-in-one cartridges are designed to optimize the structure and operating principle of the reader. Its automated test process enables to carry out multiple simultaneous tests for six diff erent samples. For some specifi ed items such as TSH, CRP, PCT and HbA1c, small volume (10uL or 50uL) of whole blood from a fi nger or heel can be used for quantitative testing using a C-tip (capillary tip).

Vitro diagnostic device

Hemochroma PLUS is an in-vitro diagnostic device dedicated to quantitative testing of total hemoglobin concentration in the blood. It is lightweight with small dimensions and batt ery operated. It is thus easy to operate and convenient. It provides accurate and reliable inspection results compared with large analyzers.

In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) device

Ichroma™ TRIAS Reader is an in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) device that measures the concentration of targeted analytes from samples such as blood, nasal swabs, and nasopharyngeal swabs in a quantitative or semi-quantitative way.

The ichroma™ TRIAS Reader is a device used by experts with knowledge of clinical testing and infectious waste management, as it is a dedicated device for rapid examination of infectious diseases such as A/B flu. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Digital X-ray Detectors is the new leader in digital x-ray imaging systems for medical, veterinarian and industrial applications. The company designs, develops, and manufactures x-ray image receptors (digital x-ray detectors) and software based on many years of experience in the industry.
To provide highly cost effective digital x-ray detectors and solutions for medical, veterinary and industrial applications, PIXXGEN has been focused on developing digital x-ray products with wide flexibility, high compatibility and durability.

PIXXGEN introduces the first cassette-sized(17”x17”), ultra light, wired & wireless flat panel detector. Its long battery time, the lightest weight (2.60Kg for a 17” x 17” detector), cassette-size, AEDPlus (No connection to the x-ray system), ACC and high speed wireless data transmission (gigabit speed) makes it easy to use and install. Also, a simple HDMI cable is used for data transmission which provides economical maintenance in many ways.
PIXXGEN assures control of design, manufacture and quality of its digital x-ray products by constant investment in R&D and quality management. PIXXGEN will make continuous effort to collect opinions from its partners and the market to provide the product that meets market demand. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bio-signal Measuring DeviceéBé NB-TM1 from Changeui Tech Co., Ltd. is a bio-signal measuring device and an IT-medical convergence system that enables its users to monitor infants’ health condition in real time using a mobile application. By att aching the device to a diaper or garment, a user can collect infants’ integrated health information such as body temperature, abdominal breathing movement, sleep positions and indoor environment temperature and humidity to use it to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
NearBéBé NB-TM1 is a piece of low-power radio equipment using BLE (Bluetooth low energy), designed to notify parents or babysitt ers with an alarm signal when a device-wearing infant is in a dangerous state. The activating conditions for the alarm can be set by a user to match individual needs for diff erent body temperature, abdominal breathing movement and sleeping positions.
The NearBéBé NB-TM1 product package includes a charging cradle and a mobile application as well as a bio-signal measuring device. The compact size of the device, which is 4.3cm in diameter and 1.5cm in height, ensures high portability for its users. The charging cradle with the size of 5*6.5*2cm is designed to encase the device with a lid to protect it from possible damage from external impact. NearBeBe was born to contribute to the healthy growth of our precious children with the mott o of “Protecting the precious value of life.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer Co., Ltd., an expert enterprise specializing in the infection control industry, is developing, manufacturing and marketing medical low temperature plasma sterilizer.
Especially, Zeronitec is showcasing its innovative model, PURE 20, which is suitable for processing small quantities of sterile materials quickly and at economical cost. Therefore, PURE 20 model will lighten the financial burden for small and medium-sized hospitals and laboratory clinics.
Moreover, PURE series utilizes the Windows Embedded Operating System (OS) for a more user-friendly graphic interface. Thanks to the advanced technologies, PURE series have been drawn special attention from many buyers in MEDICA and other major international exhibitions. Zeronitec has its own crucial patents related to PURE -series plasma sterilization systems and has obtained CE and ISO certifications from European certified bodies.
Zeronitec is providing worldwide partners and customers with high-end quality and reliable plasma sterilizers with Europe CE and ISO certifications. Zeronitec is always applying high-level quality standards for customer satisfaction and strive to provide best service through consistent communication with its customers. And also, Zeronitec does its best to deliver competitive products with optimized sterilization systems to its customers.
Zeronitec’s plasma sterilizer systems are used to sterilize devices vulnerable to heat and humidity in Central Sterilization Service Departments (CSSD) and Operation Theaters (O/T) in hospitals. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Permanent Makeup Device Mecha’s Auto-MTS is a product that helps skin improve (skin regeneration, acne scars, stretch marks) by making innumerable passages with a fine needle in the epidermis and dermis layer using fine needle to increase absorption rate of cosmetics and medicine. Based on treatment purpose, the needle length can be adjusted freely from 0.1mm to 2.0mm. By using a high-quality motor, it minimizes skin damage during treatment and maximizes treatment effects.
The 2-in-1 Digital Micro-pigmentation ‘DMD’ is a medical device that combines the dual functions of “Micro-needling and Micro-pigmentation Device.” With self-developed programming technology, it can keep the speed and power of the product constant during use. The user can obtain detailed results and it is effective for pain relief. In addition, the safety of the product is enhanced by applying the patented needle fastening method.
Established in 2008, Woori Mecha obtained a patent of skin stimulating stamp, quality management certification, and safety certifications (CE / FCC / KCC) of products. In addition, Woorhi Mecha was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for SME Technology Innovation Competition, and designated as a high-growth exporting company by the Small and Medium Business Administration. Those proved Woorhi Mecha’s technology and product quality. By recognizing through INNO-BIZ, venture companies, Woorhi Mecha leads the medical beauty industry not only in Korea but overseas markets too. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods