Dual-Channel Wireless Balsang Microphone (BSM200)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2007E05] The BSM200 wireless microphone can receive the two-way conversation audio up to 50M distance, and is compatible with smartphone and DSLR or cameras.
It features extremely light weight, just is 23g, compact size of half the size of a credit card, and is easy to carry. It can operate for up to six hours after being fully charged.
Easy to use amidst the current global trend of personal broadcasting on YouTube and online conferencing, or online lectures, it is also possible to use SNS real-time broadcasting that a Bluetooth device cannot support.
It has been growing more popular since April this year after raising $100,000 through Wadiz, which is the best crowd-funding solution in Korea.

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Ergonomic Smart Moving Desk

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2007E04] Moiin Group’s Robo Desk” is an ergonomic smart moving desk that allows monitors and chairs to be adjusted to maintain the most comfortable and healthy posture.
The triple interlocking structure of the monitor, desk, and chair allow the user to maintain the most ideal posture for long periods of time.
Equipped with a massage chair that cares for the whole body of the user, this desk provides a pleasant and healthy environment and minimizes vibration through scientific vibration distribution design.
In compliance with international standards, monitors and chairs can be freely applied and replaced, and space utilization can be maximized for optimal installation anywhere including stores, offices, homes.
As a global content and IT company, Moiin has been devoted to customer satisfaction based on its outstanding technical expertise and remarkable content quality.
Moiin has been recognized as an excellent company due to its ceaseless efforts for technical innovation and groundbreaking R&D, in conjunction with all of the employees’ determination to reach the top in the ICT industry.

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Label Printer Nemonic (Nemonic Label)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2007E03] This printer is available for mobile & PC (Android/Ios/Windows). It can be connected with PCs by using a USB, and printing is possible within 2~3 seconds. And also, it can be connected with smartphones by using Bluetooth, and printing is possible within 5~7 seconds.
No maintenance cost is required compared to cartridge replacement. Easy cartridge replacement method is provided for everyone’s convenience. The exclusive PC and mobile apps made with user-friendly functions are notable features.
This printer is compatible with MS Office, providing a printer driver which enables printing of documents in MS Office. This product provides hundreds of free templates in Nemonic apps and MS Office.
Nemonic Label is a printer selected by Samsung Electronics and now on sale at Samsung Electronics’ official online mall. This product was awarded in the Consumer Electronics Show, Good Design Awards and International Gift Show.
Easy paper cutting with an automatic cutting function is possible. Both multiple paper printing and single printing are possible. Fast printing through the touching of the dispenser button on the printer is also possible.

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Micro Traveler Kit

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2007E02] LONGTAIL COMPANY recently released its micro traveler kit, which is designed to help travelers effectively manage and carry important but small-sized things that are often lost such as various kinds of memory cards, USB, etc.
The micro traveler kit allows the user to conveniently keep SD cards, micro SD cards and nano SIM cards and supplies such useful functions as USBk memory, SIM pin, mini ball-point pen, mini lamps, etc., thus acting as a highly convenient all-in-one organizer.
The conspicuous appearance of the product – such as efficient and minimal design, attractive anodizing color and finely post-processed aluminum top plate – increases its luxurious attraction considerably. With compact size (56mm*85mm*3.4mm) and light weight (15g), this product boasts exceptional portability due to its actually small size, enough to be fully utilized.
For utilizing this product efficiently, users can keep things like external memory that can be kept in the marked location of the slot and can use things such as ball-point pens SIM pins by moving the lever attached.

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Smart IoT GPS Tracker “Findme”


[INQ. NO. 2007E01] Findme is a smart IOT-supported tracking device that performs with more superior accuracy on location than other existing devices, receiving GPS location through Cat.m1 network, one of the low power, wide area networks.
This product is fully available not only for vulner
able people who need social protection including women, children, the elderly with dementia, and the disabled, but also for things such as vehicles, motorcycles, personal mobilities, etc. More specifically speaking, this device can be used in wider areas including military, police, hospitals, company vehicles, smart factories, etc.
Users can identify the location of Findme through the exclusive application and receive the alarm over entry and breakaway through setting out the area range they want as a safe zone. Furthermore, when pressing the button inserted in Findme, the emergency alarm transmits to user, who can thus swiftly cope with various types of crimes and accidents.
Daeho I&T’s life-care product Findme enables users to protect valued family and properties from potential risks of crimes and accidents.

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Slow Juicer ‘HUROM’

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2006E12] HUROM Co., Ltd. is the world’s first healthy kitchen appliance company to develop and manufacture a slow juicer under the brand name HUROM with the help of its commitment to R&D (research & development) in the field of juice extraction over the past 40 years.
HUROM pioneered the slow juicer market based upon its own unrivaled source technology, and thus it became a top company leading the industry.
HUROM grows steadily based upon its management philosophy: “Contributing to humankind’s health through developing technology that benefits humanity and creating a healthy dietary life culture.”
HUROM’s slow juicer prevents the creation of frictional heat and the influx of air through slow juice extraction, while minimizing the destruction and the oxidation of nutrients including antioxidant enzyme, vitamin, and phytochemicals. Accordingly, it preserves the taste and the nutrients of vegetables and fruits in a state of nature.
HUROM’s slow juicer ‘HUROM EASY’, as an innovative product, adopts the widest feeding entrance (136mm), and two-liter volume of mega hopper, and it thus can extract fruits and vegetables in whole form.
The cutting wing was installed at the bottom part of the mega hopper and so this juicer automatically cuts the whole ingredients inserted, thereby drastically decreasing the burden of preparing ingredients.
The double-structure of compression filter can be conveniently washed in just thirty seconds by rinsing with water as it leaves no residues at all while extracting juice.
Moreover, this juicer, featuring a balanced minimalist design, creates a harmonious and elegant atmosphere in any part of the kitchen with its matte color.
The chairman of the company explains, “HUROM is a company providing health benefits for humankind. We realized our philosophy as an enterprise with technologies and products for promoting people’s health. In order to do that, we will contribute to people’s health and happiness, not only through various health home appliances including health juicer ‘HUROM’ but also through using 100% home-made juices, in order to help people develop healthy dietary habits by preparing natural ingredients themselves”.

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Total Automotive Engineering Services

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryTenergy’s major business areas
– Powertrain development, Vehicle engineering, Big data management, Fuel consumption analysis and improvement

[INQ. NO. 2006E11] TENERGY Co., Ltd., as a leading automotive engineering consultancy services provider, offers an extensive portfolio of leading technology and superior consulting services, as well as next-generation solutions.
Powertrain development is one of TENERGY’s main engineering services and the company offers detailed and flexible solutions for the development as total program or selected services.
TENERGY’s engine development is carried out to cover gasoline engines, diesel engines, industrial engines, and engines for drones (two-stroke, four-stroke,wankel).
TENERGY is engaged in the transmission development of manual T/M, auto T/M, DCT, and multi-speed gearbox for EVs.
The vehicle engineering of TENERGY provides various engineering services for vehicle development and production based on engineering know-how and program management capability. TENERGY is competent in carrying out vehicle-design and validation (including prototype for test & validation), simultaneous engineering, tool & equipment development and manufacturing engineering. Through close collaboration with powertrain engineering, TENERGY creates competitive vehicle in terms of performance, cost, fuel efficiency, etc.
Big data analysis and management are essential to process huge amounts of test data. Under the TENERGY’s big data management system, all information and data for the test drives can be found through the company intranet via a clearly arranged web dashboard independent of time, location and platform and can be used for analyses.
EFDM (Energy Flow-Down Method) of TENERGY can analyze the fuel consumption and contribution of each component and ECU/TCU control data through system approach, and the client can have a complete view of the quantitative fuel consumption and contribution of each component. In addition, the client can identify the weak and strong points against target vehicles and understand how top makers optimize every component and control data. And, as the final outcome, the client can implement short, mid and long-term catch-up plans at the most efficient cost.

Major Clients
– Automotive OEMs

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Body-Composition Analyzer (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis; BIA)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2006E10] InBody Co. Ltd. (“InBody”) is a global healthcare company and is internationally recognized as creator of the standard machine for body-composition analysis. Over the years, InBody has consistently grown at over 20% each year, and as a result, InBody is now widely used in hospitals and fitness centers.
Headquartered in South Korea, InBody has seven wholly owned subsidiaries across the globe — the USA, Japan, Netherlands, China, Malaysia, India, and Mexico. Every day, millions of people across 100 countries use InBody’s products and services for a better quality of life.
InBody uses a combination of low and high frequencies to determine extracellular, intracellular, and total body water. The use of multiple frequencies allows InBody devices to achieve a high level of precision.
Using the structural features of the human body, InBody created ‘Eight-point tactile electrodes with thumb electrode.’ This allowed InBody to consistently start the measurement at the same location to provide reproducible results.
Direct Segmental Measurement-BIA (DSM-BIA) regards the human body as composed of five cylinders: left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, and right leg. InBody independently measures each cylinder separately to provide accurate measurements for the entire body.
InBody measures body composition without relying on empirical assumptions such as age, and gender to produce accurate and precise results that are validated using gold standard methods.

New standard for high-end InBody
The InBody 970 has further developed BIA body composition by using patented technology to analyze abdominal fat and total body water. The amount and type of abdominal fat that an individual carries is a key health indicator that is difficult to measure. The InBody 970 aims to provide quick and accurate assessments for all individuals; paired with the Yscope, the InBody 970 gives an in-depth abdominal fat analysis within 90 seconds.
By measuring each body segment at 3MHz, the InBody 970 can provides pages of in-depth analysis of extracellular and intracellular water. This depth of body water analysis can be used to identify undiagnosed chronic conditions, target inflammation, and tailor treatments.

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Converter-embedded T8 LED TUBE Lamp

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2006E09] Established in 1987, SAMJIN LND Co., Ltd. has been growing into a globally recognized company based upon 32 years of accumulated precision-mold technologies. With consistent investment in technology development and quality management, SAMJIN LND, as a major provider of various types of industry parts used in displays, secondary batteries, and OA, etc., has been positioned as a leader in its field.

SAMJIN LND started its LED lighting business since 2009 and grew into Korea’s representative total LED-lighting products provider while supplying everything, from home/office lights – to industrial high-power floodlights, special explosion-proof lighting, road lighting, and smart system lighting, by utilizing its excellent optical technology and precision-mold technology.
Targeting global markets this year, SAMJIN LND released its advanced T8 LED tube lamp, a converter-embedded style product, by using its manufacturing technology know-how and specialized technology accumulated over the past 12 years. The newly revealed product features requirement of low-consumption electricity (12.5W), high quality, and reasonable price.
Any user can easily install this competitive converter-embedded T8 LED tube lamp after such easy operations as removing lamp and stabilizer and AC-connecting directly to the LED lamp, utilizing the existing fluorescent lighting fixtures (base size: T8, G13) installed in offices, households, and commercial buildings.

The T8 LED tube lamp takes advantage of having a more stable operating driver and low ratio of failure rate, compared to existing compatible lamps.
The T8 LED tube lamp has a superior color-rendering index: 1,800lm of brightness and more than Ra80 (R9>10) of high optical efficiency. It has a super lifespan, guaranteeing over 17 million times of use. Through use of the nation’s major brand of LED chips and operation driver, the tube lamp performs the highest level of stability and high reliability.
SAMJIN LND’s converter-embedded T8 LED tube lamp is thus a very prominent LED-lighting fixture with the advantage of ensuring noticeably decreased expenses for maintenance, featuring low electricity (12.5W) consumption, high optical efficiency, longer lifespan, and reasonable prices.

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Alicon Breaker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2006E08] Alicon breaker is the most representative hydraulic breaker of DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd., which has a business history of thirty years. This breaker features superior crushing force and durability.
DAEMO Engineering marks its 31st anniversary of establishment this year, as an integrated company that specializes in attachment & special-purpose machinery. The company’s business started over 30 years ago with the production of hydraulic breakers.

Through long years of ceaseless product development and research, DAEMO Engineering has finally succeeded in releasing its Alicon breaker, which has positioned it as a global top breaker brand, while maintaining its reputation in the global market for about ten years.

DAEMO Engineering has a varied line-up of Alicon breakers – from 0.5 ton to 140 tons, which can be easily compatible with any kinds of excavator brands. And through the ABF (Anti-Blank Firing) system, the durability of products and parts are enhanced.
There are many advantages of Alicon breaker:
Firstly, it is a purely Korean-made brand. As all required processes are carried out in Korea, this brand delivers high quality.
Secondly, this brand has strong crushing force, so it can deliver high productivity in not only the 2nd work place, but also the 1st, indicating that it delivers high productivity in consideration of working hours.
Thirdly, through the ABF system, an adopted breaking function of the brand, this brand helps reduce the abrasion of products & parts, and thus decrease the maintenance cost continuously and effectively through the benefits of the product’s increased durability and the extension of the replacement cycle of consumables.
Lastly, through adjusting two-stroke, work productivity was noticeably increased. Thus, any operators can conduct their work efficiency easily and conveniently.
This diverse range of Alicon breakers is being delivered to 61 dealers in 53 nations as of last year, drawing high satisfaction among customers.
Alicon breakers are being supplied to global customers swiftly and accurately through the company’s four major global corporate bodies – the United States, Europe, China, and South Korea.
DAEMO Engineering is forming its unique global business relations through participation in various overseas construction exhibitions and holding events with dealers.

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