3D Viewer Case

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E10] MOPIC offers ‘everything about 3D’ in the most convenient and competitive manner to enable people to enjoy 3D images anywhere and anytime. Combining 3D content with a 3D viewer is a 3D solution that can be applied to many industries. From an idea in 2012, through a spin-off in 2015, to commercial production in 2017, MOPIC positioned itself as a professional 3D innovator.
MOPIC seeks the strengthening of its brand awareness in the market by recently releasing its latest viewer case Snap3D that shows 3D video by pairing with smartphones. Users can enjoy 3D contents without 3D glasses.
The premium quality of 3D contents is provided by screen stabilization based on tracking a user’s viewing position. This Snap3D lets you experience 3D effects without additional equipment. The videos are saved on your phone in 3D/VR. This sophisticated technology tracks your eye movement, rendering the media in real time to fit your perspective and providing a clear and steady 3D effect. MOPIC provides clients looking for added value with the best 3D solutions. MOPIC provides solutions to everything 3D — from creating, to playing, and watching.

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Bluetooth Speaker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E09] LEEDEYEON recently introduced a new concept Bluetooth speaker, the Cork Speaker, which is expected to exceed the stereotype of the sound quality of portable speakers.
As a new, higher level of speaker than similar models, the Cork Speaker uses an empty bottle as an enclosure. Generally, when designing the speaker, the speaker’s modules and enclosure are designed as one. The sound that comes from the module enters the enclosure, and the enclosure amplifies the sound and improves the sound quality. The enclosure is very important, but it is too heavy and big. Since the Cork Speaker has no enclosure, it is small and light and is thus easily portable. Also, it is designed to be plugged on any beverage drink bottles you use. So if you play the music and plug the speaker on top of the bottle, you will experience the sound quality of a speaker that has an enclosure.
Founded in 2016, LEEDEYEON started its business together with industrial designer YT with the launch of the Cork Speaker. With a single goal in mind, collaborative networks of highly qualified talents around YT have transformed the small idea of Cork speaker into the development of a tangible end product that adds value to the lifestyle of users across the globe.
LEEDEYEON’s up-and-coming design crowd sourcing platform is a systematic approach to accelerate the product development cycle by involving collaborative networks of talents that assist in ideation, design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and logistics.
And LEEDEYEON is about to release its latest aroma diffuser device, Aromize, in the near future. With the product, consumers can easily customize aroma by how they are feeling, according to their situation and their moods.
As the users can change the aroma whenever they want, it can be used not only in their home but also in all places where it is displayed including schools, offices, and beauty shops. Four capsules can be installed in an aroma diffuser device. Users can thus change the aroma just by pressing a button. Also, unlike the existing analog type of diffuser, Aromize can adjust the intensity of the fan that diffuses aroma, allowing users to enjoy their personalized style of aroma therapy – strongly or subtly.

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Face-recognition IoT Door Lock

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E08] IRISYS recently released its new fl agship facerecognition door lock. This door lock applies IoT technology and allows only a person whose face was registered in advance to enter their premises. The user can use this product more safely and conveniently than other existing ones just by putting his or her own face on it closely, with no potential danger of losing the door key or of leaking the password of the door.
The biometric data thorough the algorithm developed by itself is available in a way that is not stored at all and can deliver a recognition speed of within 0.5 second as its largest advantage.
Moreover, this product can recognize faces up to one hundred persons, allows the input of passwords, and can be opened by users through the contact of an RFID card.
In particular, adopting the push-pull handle feature, this newconcept door lock allows the users to swiftly open the door by simply pulling and pushing the handle.
In a state of battery shortage, this door lock informs the user of the exchange timing of the battery in advance by emitting a musical sound; and in the case of a weak, discharged battery, it can open and close the door temporally by using the built-in 9V battery.
If this product is not operated normally due to the potential problems caused by the discharged battery or the electronic aspect, an emergency key that can open the door is also available. Also, this product supports the check function about the access records through the mobile application interlocking as an option. As a leading South Korea-based company holding biometrics solutions in the field of iris and facial recognition, IRISYS has acquired international industry standard certifications – FIDO (Fast Identity Online) U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) in December 2016 and FIDO UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) in January 2017, respectively.

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Self-lighting Candle

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E07] Lumos Candle recently gained a somewhat significant reputation in the local market through participation in KITAS 2018, the nation’s largest smart device exhibition. At the exhibition, the company’s world’s-first self-lighting candle LUMOS CANDLE was selected as one of the TOP 10 among the exhibits, attracting high popularity.
LUMOS CANDLE is the world’s first self-lighting candle. Even if you do not have a lighter or matches, you can enjoy the candle safety and comfortably because it automatically lights up.
It lights up just by pressing its button. Even if you have difficulty using a lighter or are uncomfortable with your hands, you can easily light it. It is a handmade soy candle made with natural ingredients. All products are made of high quality soy wax and selected fragrance oil without using paraffin. If you have used up your candle or want to use different fragrances for your candle, you can change the candle right away. Try different scents according to your mood.
It is designed as a form of pad to minimize shaking. The refill candle can fit into the pad stably so that it is safe for rocking. You can charge it easily with a mobile phone charger. You can use it for more than four months once it is fully charged (Based on use of four times per day).
Following the development of the world’s first one-touch selflighting scented candles, Lumos Candle is busy creating smart scented candles that can be linked via smartphones. Under the slogan that people’s lives can be much improved safety and conveniently through IoT technology, Lumos Candle strives to manufacture smart IoT devices that people need. Based on the big data, Lumos Candle has secured the process of IoT and smart devices.
In 2017, Lumos Candle secured a reward fund, due to the high success rate of 340%, which was offered through Wadiz’s crowdfunding. From receiving the grand prize in the regional qualifiers of Korea New Startup Convention, to advancing to the finals in the Challenge K-Startup, Lumos Candle has improved the position of its business in Korea. Currently the company enjoys a good reputation among many buyers in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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Bone-conduction Bluetooth Smart Glasses


The leading Korean optical brand “Seesun” launches bone-conduction Bluetooth smart glasses. SEESUN provides differentiated smart glasses based on sensational designs, and world-class bone-conduction technology, backed by 30 years’ experience and know-how.


[INQ. NO. 1808E06] Founded in Daegu in 2004, Seesun Co., Ltd., manufactures and exports optical frames, sunglasses, 3D glasses, safety glasses, fashion eyewear, and accessories. The leading Korean brand is noted for its quality materials, modern ergonomic designs and trend-setting styles that are high on comfort. Professional designers from Korea, Italy and Japan work in coordination with experienced technicians to create Seesun’s popular range of frames and sunglasses.
The latest from Seesun is its entry into the smart wearable device market with its B:CON-10 that is smart glasses based on a Bluetooth connection. The product is a lightweight wireless headset pair of glasses that uses Bluetooth technology and a bone conduction transducer. They can be used to take a call or listen to music, and are worn exactly like a pair of regular glasses.
Since a bone conduction transducer transmits sound through vibrations, the wearer can simultaneously hear all the external sounds in the surrounding environment as well. This ensures that there is no risk of the wearer’s natural audible range being reduced or blocked out.
The transducer’s performance is based on bone conduction, which is the normal transmission of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Bone conduction is one of the reasons why a person’s voice sounds different to them when it is recorded and played back. As the skull conducts lower frequencies better than air, people perceive their own voices to be lower and fuller than others listening to them do, which is why hearing a recording of one’s own voice often sounds higher than the pitch of what one expects. Bone conduction transmission can be used by individuals with normal or impaired hearing.
The B:CON-10’s minimum size and weight ensures comfort even when worn over long periods and during outdoor activities. The ergonomic designs are based on 30 years of technical expertise in the optical industry. Created to provide an outstanding wearing experience, the product is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and avant-garde style.

The smart glasses need to be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device before using the headset for the first time. Its transmission range is within a distance of 10 metres. The charging time is up to two hours, and the calling and playing time up to five hours. Each pair is presented in a smart case with a cleaning cloth and a USB 5-pin charging cable.
The glasses are currently available in shiny black, matte black and matte white frame fronts with the temples in matte black, white or navy blue, while the BCT (bone conduction technology) silicon part is in black or white. The colour choices for the sunglass lenses are smog, gold or blue, and light-blocking lenses in blue for the prescription lenses.
In addition to 25 Seesun optical shops in Korea, the brand has a presence in over 1,200 retail stores across the country. Currently, its major markets are Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Western Europe.



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AI-supported, New Concept of Skincare Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E05] lululab Inc. recently participated in Korea’s most representative smart devices exhibition KITAS 2018 where its leading AI skincare assistant Lumini was chosen as one of the TOP 10.
With the help of becoming one of the TOP 10, it is expected that Lumini will become a more popular product in the field in the domestic market, playing a key role in enlarging the domestic market.
lululab Inc. initially focused on the overseas market rather than the domestic one and early this year actively promoted its products at an exhibition in France. Through its participation in KITAS, lululab drew keen attention to its products among participating local buyers.
lululab uses self-developed AI technology for all three steps: taking a selfie, skin analysis, and product recommendation. When a user takes a picture, Lumini captures footage optimized for analysis by using real-time face recognition technology and constantly increases accuracy through deep learning when analyzing skin. Lumini recommends tailored products for users by finding the best products suited for them by analyzing online product data, and customer reviews through natural language processing.
Equipped with a multi-light module and a camera that employs analysis software, lululab is operable on both tablet PCs and mobile devices. Module products can be incorporated in a kiosk or a touch screen or simply attached to it before using. Add-on products, with a one-minute installation, turn a regular kiosk into a smart device equipped with an AI skincare analysis solution.
lululab Inc. sees the global B2B markets as the most important areas to generate more profits than other kinds of global markets. All members of the booming global beauty industry, from skincare clinics to cosmetic brands, can use lululab for marketing, sales, customer relationship management and much more. It is a winwin deal for both manufacturers and customers since new products can be recommended and provided to customers after precisely analyzing a user’s skin. lululab will launch B2C products for the general public in late 2018.
Yongjoon Choe, the CEO of lululab Inc., remarked “lululab will make the first AI trailblazer in the beauty industry so that anyone can easily use our Beauty-AI solution and experience the next chapter of the beauty industry, and we will eventually expand it to the healthcare industry to improve people’s quality of life.”

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All-in-One Filmmaker(Everstick)


A New Era, and Changing Needs

[INQ. NO. 1806E23] The emergence of numerous video streaming platforms, and the simultaneous growth of the MCN industry is a clear film entertainment trend in the current generation. This, in line with the proliferation of cameras, specifically smartphone cameras, sparked changes in the needs of customers. In fact, the smartphone has positioned itself as a power within the photography market, as it currently comprises 98.6% of the global digital camera market. How exactly did the needs of customers change? The emergence of one-person creators, the surge of numerous “amateurs,” represents, in itself, a change in consumer needs. More and more “film people” will demand gear to support smartphone cameras.
David Ko, the founder of Infinite Neoism, realized that the currently available filming gadgets were “unsuitable” for consumers’ changing needs, as they were too complex and costly, and thus came up with the concept of the Everstick.
The initial idea arose in the year 2015. As an amateur filmmaker participating in various film contests, Ko had always felt discontent with the gadgets he had in hand. He had always believed in the capabilities of the smartphone camera, which led to his endeavor to develop “better” gadgets. To proceed with his plan, he constructed the early designs for the Everstick, and gathered members for his team. However, conditions were not that great in the beginning, and in 2017, a series of incidents eventually led to a temporary halt in business for the team. However, by participating in the “2017 K-Startup Challenge,” as well as the “Indiegogo” crowdfunding program, the team members could once again kickstart their business. In the same year, they were accepted for the “Youth Startup Academy” program operated by a branch of the Korean government and came to this point in 2018 with high hopes for the KITAS exhibition.


200+ Experiments for the Perfect Product

The all-in-one filmmaker, the Everstick, is light but not “light” in regards to the tasks it can accomplish. By conducting over 200 refined experiments, and storing information with the Everstick prototype, Infinite Neoism came up with a final version of the Everstick which integrated all the functions of Steadicam, tripod and monopod. Measuring 1ft in length, and weighing 600g, it is truly small and light. It can be carried inside your backpack when folded, but it stands 1m in length when fully extended. Moreover, it can perform the tasks of the following three products: a monopod, a tripod, and a Steadicam.


Everstick > Steadicam + Tripod + Monopod

The Everstick, however, aimed for greater. Via the synergy effects of the functions, the Everstick could enhance the performance levels of each. Now the tripod acts as the weight of the Steadicam, and the handle of the monopod. Likewise, the monopod acts as the main pillar for the tripod and the Steadicam. This enhances the balance of the Steadicam, stability of the tripod, and portability of the entire product, which eventually led to their “1+1+1>3” theory. It is an all-in-one filmmaker in a 1ft, 600g stick.

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Car Jump Starter-cum-Second Battery & Blind Spot Cameras


Car Jump Starter-cum-Second Battery (JUMPERKING EK2)

[INQ. NO. 1806E22] The domestic and overseas tuning markets have expanded gradually due to 25 million cars registered in Korea (statistics for 2015) and the significant increase in automobile consumption in overseas developing countries. In this context, customers’ demands of DIY and cost-effectiveness have increased in the field of car tuning supplies and safety goods/accessories. JUMPKING EK2 is the world’s first car jumper start-cum-second battery of micromini size capable of wired/wireless charging of smartphone, satisfying such desires on DIY and cost-effectiveness and helping solve unexpected problems. As JUMPERKING EK2 uses the safe polymer battery and has little memory effect, the self-discharge rate is very low. Therefore, after full charge, it takes about one year before the battery of the product is completely discharged, when not in use.

Previously, the car jump starter was very crude in design and too big to carry, so it had to be left in the car. EXCOSMIC took on the challenge of making a car jump starter available in everyday situation as well as in emergencies. We put function and design foremost, such as making a product of the world’s smallest size, improving the feel of grip like a smartphone and devoting ourselves to protection of appearance by using the special coating method. JUMPERKING EK2, sold in the domestic market as well as exported to the global market, competes with quality and competitiveness as a product MADE IN KOREA.
The functional strengths of JUPERKING EK2 are that it can help a car self-start within 30 seconds as well as recharge a discharged smartphone by cable or wirelessly on the move anytime and anywhere. JUMPERKING EK2 is a portable second batterycum- car jump starter optimized for the current trend where everything is changing every moment and multi-functionality is the mainstream.


Main functions of JUMPERKING EK2 are as follows:

The weight of JUMPERKING EK2 is only 200 grams, with a size smaller than a smartphone. Its voltage is 12V and an be only used in a car. It can help either a gasoline-powered or diesel-powered car self-start. It also can recharge a discharged smartphone either by cable or wirelessly, otherwise simultaneously. As an additional functionality, this product has mounted a three-stage LED flashlight that can be used for sending distress signal or shining warning light in case of emergency.


Blind Spot Cameras (EXVIEW Blind Spot Camera)

At the COEX exhibition held in mid-July 2017, the EXVIEW Blind Spot Cameras considerably surprised visitors by introducing itself with the slogan of ‘Is your blind spot safe?’
Camera experts were surprised at the performance of this small camera and were also amazed by its remarkable costeffectiveness. It was thus no wonder that they were so surprised as one product consisted of a subminiature camera having the functions of 120-degree wide angle and IP67 ~ 68 rating of waterproof and dustproof along with a 4.3-inch monitor of 400,000 pixels. It was no exaggeration to say that almost all of the visitors asked, “The price is that of one camera, right?”
It is said that 30 percent of traffic accidents are caused by blind spots. By developing the EXVIEW Blind Spot Camera which can solve blind spots while driving, EXCOSMIC has eliminated all the factors that could increase cost. Our development was focused not on the method of confirmation after the traffic accident but on the purpose of preventing accidents. Based on the principle of “It will be all right if we can see the side mirror without any internal or external interference,’ which was linked to our motto of ‘Let’s make it possible to be self-installed,’ we came to adopt the method that any object is visible if only anyone connects the power line to the USB terminal.
Adopting the DC 5V (USB) power supply system, this product can be installed very simply within five minutesand it is turned on/off when you start the car. Anyone might have experienced the dread of the blind spot at least once. You can drive safely if you install the camera facing the direction where you want to solve blind spots and check the blind spot with the indoor monitor while driving.

This product can be used in various places for diverse purposes, such as office, camping site, leisure activities, as well as blind spots. You only need to have a PC or notebook computer with power of 5V as well as the most common second battery, and you can use it anywhere. Now you can enjoy safe driving with the best cost-effective EXVIEW Blind Spot Cameras.


EXCOSMIC Co., Ltd., incorporated in 2010 as a software developer, prepared to enter the global market with manufacturing and trading of car-related accessories for the two years of 2014 and 2015. We launched JUMPERKING, a new concept brand product that can help a car self-start when the car battery is discharged. We focused on export of the product to many countries including Saudi Arabia, African countries, Hong Kong and Japan in 2016.
EXCOSMIC localized its development system in late 2016, produced and launched the version 2.0 of JUMPERKING EK2 in Korea in July 2017, and achieved various domestic and foreign licenses and patents. For the past three years, we have continuously focused on the promotion of our brand while participating in car/distribution-related exhibitions held in both Korea and foreign countries including Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan. We participated in Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Spring Edition) held in April 2018 and plan to participate in KITAS 2018 and Seoul Auto Salon 2018 to be held in COEX, Seoul, this July.

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Charging Product



[INQ. NO. 1806E21] The Freedy 15W fast wireless charging pad is a fast charger, allowing users to charge up their phone faster than a regular charger. The standard charger provides an output of 5W, whereas it has an output of 15W.
Wireless chargers are definitely a convenience, as you can just place the phone on the pad and let it charge. The Freedy 15W fast wireless charging pad works with any Qi-supporting devices including new iPhone 8/8plus/X and Samsung’s fast wireless charging-supporting smartphones. It is currently available in White color only and includes an AC/DC adaptor.



The Freedy 80W USB-PD multi adaptor can charge any Cell Phones, Tablets and Apple MacBook using USB-PD standard fast. It is the highest spec. power adaptor available in the market. Especially, iPhone 8/8+/X and iPad Pro can be charged 2 to 3 times Faster by Connecting to USB-C PD Port of the product. It has 80W PD(1 port) + Quick Charge 3.0(4 Ports) and it is faster charging than existing QC 2.0. Also, it has acquired international safety certifications, including CE, FCC and RoHS.


KMT System launched its brand “Freedy” in 2013 based on mobile communication and antenna technology of its parent company, “KOMATECH.” We have been one of the primary suppliers of antennas for mobile phones for LG Electronics in Korea for over 16 years. Now, We are ramping up its technological competence in wireless charging in the transmitter and receiver areas with these products. Eventaully, Freedy has been growing as the No. 1 wireless charging product brand in Korea and is now expanding into various mobile accessory items and selling in both the domestic and overseas markets.


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Wireless Video Transceivers

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E20] WiseJet Inc. is specialized for wireless video solutions with 60GHz RF technology.
The company was established in 2015 based on a core technology transfer from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and recently released its first product V-JET, which is the first 60GHz wireless HDMI transceiver in Korea.
WiseJet has exhibited its products at many domestic and foreign fairs such as CES, MWC, Japan IT Week to introduce its leading-edge technology worldwide.
WiseJet’s V-JET10 & 30 are wireless video transceivers based on 60GHz RF technology for wireless connection for any HDMI devices such as PC, console, TV, set-top box, etc. V-JET transmits uncompressed FHD (1080P) video data up to 30 meters (100 feet) with zero latency (less than 1ms), and it works as a plug & play device without any setup or S/W installation.
With the two wireless video transceivers, users can enjoy games, movies, YouTube, photos on their laptops and smart devices on the big screen without wire. By applying them, users can get rid of the space restriction caused by wires, and do presentations and video conference wirelessly. Thus, they can create smart work spaces for users.
V-JET prevents health side-effects of smart devices such as turtle neck syndrome or deteriorating eyesight by mirroring its display to the big screen. The support of plug&play function allows anyone to enjoy V-JET at a glance.
V-JET is a portable type of V-Jet and is specially designed for the newest devices with Type-C USB connector such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, Apple MacBook, etc. V-JETa is much smaller than V-JET and supports UHD (4K) resolution. V-JETa transmits up to 10meters (30 feet) and gets powered by the source device through Type-C USB cable.
V-JET 4K is a portable type of V-Jet, specially designed for the newest devices with Type-C USB connector such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, Apple MacBook, etc. V-JETa is much smaller than V-JET and supports UHD (4K) resolution. V-JETa transmits up to 10 meters (about 30 feet) and is powered by the source device through Type-C USB cable.

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