Stainless and Thermal Cameras[INQ. NO. 1808E03] Stainless cameras, from Hanwha Techwin, made with stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion and acid, even against the high salinity of seawater and humid weather, which makes them ideal for installation on vessels such as boats or yachts. Additionally, their waterproof certification allows them to be useful in surroundings that are easily exposed to water such as vessels, harbors, ports or beaches.
Hanwha Techwin’s thermal cameras ensure precise monitoring of surrounding environments even in the middle of the dark ocean through infrared light to detect radiant heat. Due to little or no lighting at sea during nighttime, accidents can occur such as vessel collisions with floating matter. Thermal cameras greatly reduce the risk of such accidents by detecting objects invisible to the human eye through subject identification via heat detection. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

AI-supported, New Concept of Skincare Solution[INQ. NO. 1808E05] lululab Inc. recently participated in Korea’s most representative smart devices exhibition KITAS 2018 where its leading AI skincare assistant Lumini was chosen as one of the TOP 10.
With the help of becoming one of the TOP 10, it is expected that Lumini will become a more popular product in the field in the domestic market, playing a key role in enlarging the domestic market.
lululab Inc. initially focused on the overseas market rather than the domestic one and early this year actively promoted its products at an exhibition in France. Through its participation in KITAS, lululab drew keen attention to its products among participating local buyers.
lululab uses self-developed AI technology for all three steps: taking a selfie, skin analysis, and product recommendation. When a user takes a picture, Lumini captures footage optimized for analysis by using real-time face recognition technology and constantly increases accuracy through deep learning when analyzing skin. Lumini recommends tailored products for users by finding the best products suited for them by analyzing online product data, and customer reviews through natural language processing.
Equipped with a multi-light module and a camera that employs analysis software, lululab is operable on both tablet PCs and mobile devices. Module products can be incorporated in a kiosk or a touch screen or simply attached to it before using. Add-on products, with a one-minute installation, turn a regular kiosk into a smart device equipped with an AI skincare analysis solution.
lululab Inc. sees the global B2B markets as the most important areas to generate more profits than other kinds of global markets. All members of the booming global beauty industry, from skincare clinics to cosmetic brands, can use lululab for marketing, sales, customer relationship management and much more. It is a winwin deal for both manufacturers and customers since new products can be recommended and provided to customers after precisely analyzing a user’s skin. lululab will launch B2C products for the general public in late 2018.
Yongjoon Choe, the CEO of lululab Inc., remarked “lululab will make the first AI trailblazer in the beauty industry so that anyone can easily use our Beauty-AI solution and experience the next chapter of the beauty industry, and we will eventually expand it to the healthcare industry to improve people’s quality of life.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods