Thermal-Imaging Cameras

[INQ. NO. 2208E20] EMTAKE Inc. develops the best technology and is always finding new ways to integrate thermal imaging cameras solutions and thermal sensor modules into different application using Korean technology — such as smart cities, buildings, farm solutions, prevention of infections, and security.

The thermal imaging human-care IP camera (MT10) has a function to protect portrait rights, so they can be used as home thermal IP cameras for caring and protection of the elderly and those living alone. The video images and alarm signals from the cameras can be transmitted in real time to smartphones.

The affordable fire signal detecting thermal image camera (MT50) is an optimal entry-level camera system for detecting fires such as electric switchboards. This camera system is capable of real-time monitoring and alarm detection anytime/anywhere. It is also compatible with existing CCTV monitoring systems through ONVIF protocol function.

It can be used in various locations such as large department stores, electric vehicle charging stations, large chemical plants, etc. These systems can monitor multiple cameras simultaneously through ethernet communication functions.

The MP30 dual AI camera system specializes in detecting human fever (normal / abnormal temperature) with 8-inch LCD display, embedded blackbody, real image camera and AI technology.

This camera features a combination of high technology with dual images (real image and thermal image) AI facial recognition and tracking, measuring body temperature at a free distance while the person is moving, embedded the company’s BlackBody for accurate temperature measurement, and easy-to-use automatic measurement temperature calibration.

Thus, it can be used in schools, shopping malls, and so forth.

Thermal-Sensor Modules
EMTAKE is developing and selling three types of affordable high performance uncooled micro-bolometer array thermal image sensor module which are 80×60(4,800 pixels) sensor module, 80×80(6,400 pixels) sensor module and built in blackbody shuttered sensor module. Software Developing Kit(SDK), Protocol, AI technologies are provided to support development of system companies. In particular, EMTAKE can supply by modifying the spec. and function of the sensor module according to customer requirements.

The products manufactured by EMTAKE are KC, FCC, and CE-certified, verifying that the products are reliable and excellent.

In addition, EMTAKE is constantly expanding its network of reselling partners to offer products with the best quality and service. EMTAKE is looking forward to expanding into more global markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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