Cordless Steam Mop Cleaner

[INQ. NO. 2208E21] The mission of The K Korea Co., Ltd. is to pursue customer-oriented technology development amid rapidly changing trends and receive evaluations from consumers as a superior-quality product.

The K Korea started developing low-power cordless steam cleaners based on its patents in 2019, and aims to change the paradigm of the home appliance market with its cordless steam cleaners released in August 2021.

The K Korea is also gradually advancing into the global market. With a creative and challenging spirit, The K Korea is not satisfied with its growth in the domestic market, and seeks recognition as a leading company in the global market.

World’s first cordless steam mop cleaner
AKS-5000 model is the world’s first cordless steam cleaner, and it was selected as Korea’s representative product, winning the Brand K. Cordless steam cleaning is possible for 15 minutes, and the function of the corded steam cleaner is fully implemented.

With the quick preheating system, cordless steam cleaning starts in about 180 seconds, equipped with a safety mode that can be used on specially coated floors such as hardwood floors.

The detachable water tank also provides ease of care, and the front LED function is designed to be used to clean dark places such as under the bed. Besides the steam cleaner, its water spray function selectively cleans with dry and wet mop.

Globally recognized cordless steam mop cleaner
It is recognized worldwide for its design as well as functionality. In Korea, it was selected in the ‘Good Design’ awards, and 2021 Seoul Awards.

In addition, AKS-5000 won the 10th KES Innovation Award and has a history of being selected at CES Eureka Park and displayed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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