Medical Devices[INQ. NO. 1910E33] The president of Handokmedical has been working in research and development of medical devices since 1983 and founded the company in 1997. Since then, he has accumulated leading technologies and experience at home and abroad with ceaseless efforts and innovation.

Ceiling Pendant System
The Ceiling Pendant System is a state-of-the-art, future-oriented device that includes all equipment needed in hospitals. Spacewing is the first Korean Ceiling Pendant System and is exported worldwide. The system can be installed in various places such as operating rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care rooms and emergency rooms and it can be produced as a product with customization specifications.

OVC (Oxygen Vacuum Controller) for Gastric Endoscopy
At endoscopy, oxygen supply and respiration monitoring are available. Suction allows the saliva and contaminated air to be released to prevent contamination in the laboratory. No headband and Nasa ltube needed.

Multiple Function Endomouthpiece
The multiple function endomouthpiece is a saliva outlet on the front and automatically discharges saliva from inside the mouth. The product has a fixing protrusion so that it does not fall from the mouth without a headband.

Filter Mask
A bacteria/virus filter is built in this mask for the first time in the world to prevent cross-nfection and secondary infection. This filter mask can be used for various purposes such as ventilators, Ambu bags and CPR.

Anesthesia / Ventilator / Ambu bag / PFT Filter
This filter is an eco-friendly product that is easy to transport and handle and saves resources with strong energy efficiency. The pulmonary function test filter is comfortable to wear and offers strong visibility, and protects lips from an external shock. Its radial duct structure for excellent fluid diffusion maximizes purifying capacities. A handle makes the filter easy to attach and detach. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Devices Medical Inc. is a worldwide medical device manufacturer producing high-end products for plastic surgeons, dermatologist, physicians, and healthcare professionals.
With various reliable product lines including IPL, RF microneedle, CO2, Q-Switch laser and HIFU, Jeisys serves the industry as one of the leading companies with rigorous R&D level and valuable experience.
During the 2nd half of 2018, Jeisys is planning to offer educational event tours for ULTRAcel Q+.
Key topics will include HIFU technology as well as live demonstrations of ULTRAcel Q+ and Jeisys Medical’s own specialized protocols. Recently, ‘ULGEN, ’a combination treatment of ULTRAcel Q+ and Grid RF has been introduced.
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a safe & efficacious way of skin lifting and body contouring technology.
ULTRAcel Q+ improves skin laxity naturally by collagen regeneration stimulated by HIFU energy delivered to multiple layers of skin without damaging surrounding tissues. So it is recognized widely as a safe and efficacious treatment for those who want fast results without surgery. Some patients see the immediate results, but the improvement continues for 2-3 months as new collagen grows over time. It works on fat reduction as well as skin lifting & tightening through the mechanical effect of HIFU when the energy targets SubQ fat layer.
A variety of selections is allowed with its 4 face cartridges and another 4 body cartridges, so users can select the right depth and width cartridge according to patients’ type.
ULTRAcel Q+ has been designed to fulfill all doctors and patients’ needs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Devices

Medical Navigation and Balloon Catheter

[INQ. NO. 1802E09] Established in 1995, Mega Medical Co., Ltd. has recently developed medical navigation for the first time in Korea and a balloon catheter for interlocking with this navigation. The medical navigation is a cutting-edge medical device that provides detailed information on parts of the body where an endoscope cannot reach, which promotes safe surgeries.
Naviloon, the balloon catheter, for interlocking with the navigation, is also a useful device in many fields. Namely, it is an expendable product effective for medical purposes such as paranasal sinus balloon dilatation. A sensor is integrated in the interior of the balloon catheter to confirm an exact location with the navigation, which promotes more convenient and safer surgeries. Based on the requests of surgeons, its design has been improved to reduce fatigue during surgeries. An LED-type balloon catheter that enables diaphanoscopic surgeries in a form of transillumination and a balloon catheter for transfer purposes are now under development.

The patented navigation and balloon catheter have gone through GMP tests and been approved for manufacturing by KFDA. Mega Medical Co., Ltd. is expected to contribute to the rising status of Korea as a world-class medical device manufacturing country by taking the localization of the navigation and balloon catheter as the second take-off platform.
As a venture company, Mega Medical Co., Ltd. is specialized in medical devices. Having started with the successful localization of an E.N.T. unit at the beginning of its establishment, it has been able to develop full-HD imaging systems and breathing treatment devices with continuous R&D on medical devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Devices

for In Vitro Diagnosis, Healthcare and Anti-aging Cosmetics

DFI is dedicated to producing innovative products with the aim of contributing to the well-being of humankind since its founding in 1996. Following the changes in the medical industry from the era of curing to the era of caring and individually tailored medicine, the company independently researches and produces medical devices for in-vitro diagnosis, healthcare and anti-aging cosmetics, along with many others, with the purpose of preventing and managing diseases in advance.
DFI currently exports urine test strips, microalbumin, nicotine and active oxygen test strips, and analytical instruments with the best quality to 80 countries around the world, including many in Europe. With 15 years of experience in production and technical know-how, the company has been able to supply high-quality products at competitive prices, maintaining long-term partnerships inside and outside Korea.


UriDoctor™ (Urine Strips and Urine Analyzer), QUCARE (Lipid Test Strips and Meter)

UriDoctor™ 11 is a urine strip for self-testing use with CE0120 certification. It is available from 1 to 11 parameters for Glucose, Protein, pH, blood, Ketone, Nitrite, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Specific Gravity, Leukocytes, Ascorbic Acid. The test results come out within 90 seconds and it comes in a compact size for home use. It is user-friendly for testing and requires no special training for use.
UriDoctor™ 2AC is also a urine strip for self-testing use. It is a semi-quantitative detector for microalbumin and creatinine, to diagnose microalbuminuria (an early marker of diabetic nephropathy) by semiꠓquantitative measurement of microalbumin to creatinine amount in urine. The urine albumin test or microalbumin/creatinine ratio (ACR) is used to screen people with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension) that put them at an increased risk of developing kidney disease.

UriDoctor™ is a portable urine analyzer for self-testing. It is for pharmacy, home or P.O.C.T. It has a color LCD touch screen with light and portable size. The results come out quickly within 60 seconds. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Lithium primary batteries

[INQ. NO. 1506E04] As the world’s first power solution and service provider, Vitzrocell has been one of the most reliable lithium primary battery manufacturers in the world with various product line-ups that can be applied to diverse industrial uses. This lithium battery expert early commercialized products that are suitable for various applications including a utility meter (AMR), asset tracking, security, leak detector and military devices & equipment, and maintained solid market leadership for a considerable period. By applying such accumulated performance and confidence, this maker is now expanding its business into markets of the military, RFID tags for heavy equipment and containers, toll pass equipment, wireless terminals, ocean equipment, new electronic appliances and medical devices. Vitzrocell is seeing significant growth of its market presence in the local AMR market.

The lithium battery is generally divided into the Bobbin type which is made by the anode formation process and the wound type which is made by the electrode spreading & winding process. The former is a proper power source for long-term use with low-current (μA to a few mA), while the latter is a proper one for machines that require short-term use and bigger power generation.

Vitzrocell’s TEKCELL lithium batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.6volts, higher than any other commercially available batteries.

Lithium-primary-batteriesThe batteries are capable of operating in a wide temperature range normally from -55˚C ~ 85˚C. They have commonly less than 1% self-discharge after one-year storage at 20˚C. The applied electrochemical system offers the highest energy density of any available primary batteries (up to 650Wh/kg and 1,280Wh/dm3).

All of the TEKCELL primary lithium batteries are UL-recognized, and meet UN transportation test requirements. And they offer prolonged storage with a proven shelf life of 10 years when stored at normal room temperature.

Vitzrocell’s SB-AAO2 lithium primary battery, as a bobbin type, has many competitive features such as high and stable operating voltage, low self-discharge rate (less than 1% after 1 year of storage at 20˚C), non-flammable inorganic electrolyte, hermetic glass-to-metal sealing, RoHS compliance, and non-restricted for transport.

And there are two other highly attractive battery products, high temperature battery and EDLC (Super Capacitor).

The former high temperature battery is used as power source of equipment that is especially used in very challenging environmental conditions including high temperature, high vibration, etc. and as power source for monitoring of drilling equipment when oil and gas drilling operations. This product surpasses other similar products in terms of performance, prices, and delivery. And the latter is used as subsidiary power source of new generation energy (wind, solar energy) and is adopted for smart home appliances including TVs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ultrasound system

[INQ. NO. 1411E04] Samsung Medison’s ultrasound system, UGEO H60, manufactured using its latest IT technology, features stylish and smart design ensuring high performance. Equipped with a hybrid imaging engine to produce the clearest and most accurate images possible, it also features the image processing technology SDMR™ to provide sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance.

Ultrasound-system S-Flow™, a new function that enables color detection with superior sensitivity, allows even micro vessels to appear in high resolution.

UGEO H60’s 18.5” LED monitor delivers clinical images created by Samsung Electronics’ image-processing technologies and the hybrid imaging engine with no loss. The UGEO H60 applies Samsung’s smart design to make an innovative and classy exterior that the existing medical devices have been unable to replicate.

Despite its high-performing functions, UGEO H60 remains slim for optimal use in scan rooms. The Gel Warmer, which keeps the ultrasound gel at a temperature between 30 and 39 Celsius, also helps sick patients to receive treatment with comfort.

Samsung Medison covers cutting-edge medical devices including diagnostic ultrasound, digital X-ray and blood analyzer, in 110 countries around the world. Becoming an affiliate company of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Medison transformed into a company that effectively integrates the world’s best IT, image processing, semiconductor and communication technologies into medical devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods