Coating Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2012E04] Noanix’s SoniCoater is a device for coating drugs on the surface of different types of DES (Drug-Eluting Stent) including peripheral blood vessels, non-vessels, cardiovascular vessels, etc., and balloon catheters (DEB) for drug elution.
It can make an even coating surface by minimizing a spraying drop size using an ultrasonic nozzle. It can coat more accurately by using an ultrasonic nozzle with a frequency of 220kHz, which was developed for the first time in the world.
It is operated by a generator that can automatically control the optimum frequency and voltage so that it can spray according to the characteristics of a sprayed coating liquid. Various types of ultrasonic nozzles can be applied optionally depending on the size of an object. It can be manufactured in a customized form satisfying a customer’s requirements. It is more than 30% cheaper than those of competing companies.

Noanix Corporation is specialized in coating for medical devices, offering services for drug coating, hydrophilic coating, hydrophobic coating, antibacterial coating and antithrombotic coating-which are essential and very important for medical devices and manufacturing devices and liquids. They also manufacture ultrasonic spray nozzles and ultrasonic syringe pumps, which are essential for coating.
Noanix, established in 2009, is a company researching, developing and producing medical devices for body insertion, coating systems for biomaterials, coating solutions, coating pumps, spray nozzles, etc. It has achieved visible results including developing a guide wire coating and EMG needle electrode coating solution for the first time in Korea.

It acquired ISO90001/14001 certification and has many related patents. The company will spur the research for hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating for medical devices and continuously release upgraded coating pumps and ultrasonic nozzles.
The major market of Noanix is BME (BioMedical Engineering). Noanix is performing a lot of projects and tasks in the field of BME. The products are basically custom design.
When manufacturing, the company customizes an appearance, program control, a fluid supplying device and a nozzle according to a user’s specifications. The company has the best brand in Korea in the field of micro fluids and is unrivaled in the field of thin film spray. Also, the company performs active marketing at home and abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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