Cryptographic Chip[INQ. NO. 2001E02] Cryptographic chip ‘KEV7’ is an ASIC SoC (System-one-chip) targeting a data encryption for low-power & low-performance IoT devices. This chip has various powerful cryptographic functions that were developed via hardware description language. These are international standard cryptographic algorithm (secret key, public key), key exchange, key management (true random number generator, physical unclonable function), authentication, etc.
Before transporting data, your device allows making an encryption through KEV7 chip, even though your device might have very low performance. This chip works independently and does not influence a system’s resources. In short, KEV7 can enable implementation of hi-speed and stable data encryption in your device.
Established as a spin-off from the Korea Computer Holdings Incorporated, which has pioneered Korea’s financial IT since its establishment in 1974, KCS provides real-time business solutions that provide core value to customers. Through its accumulated experience and cooperation with affiliates, KCS has invested actively in the semiconductor business over the past few years and finally succeed in releasing a cryptographic SoC (system-on-chip) chip called KEV7. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Vulnerability Checking Tool[INQ. NO. 2001E01] Many companies mistakenly believe that mobile applications (apps) they develop and distribute are safe, but in reality most apps have vulnerabilities.
vFinder is a program that is a vulnerability checking tool that makes it easier to check for vulnerabilities in the same environment as the operating environment.
Also, vFinder can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money required for hacking your app before launch.
Moreover, vFinder makes it easy to check for vulnerabilities in mobile apps with just a few clicks from Android to iOS.
M-Secure is a security company consisting of white hackers, which are mainly developing security solutions and researching software vulnerabilities. M-Secure is a hacking security specialist with hacking, security and development.
M-Secure has both attack technology and development technology. It mainly consists of teams that mainly conduct hacking automation research, security solution development, and vulnerability research. External activities include organizing or participating in hacking contests, presenting technology at various hacking conferences, and exploring and disclosing vulnerabilities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Automatic Toothbrush[INQ. NO. 1910E01] Unlike regular toothbrushes, Coolssha automatically applies a 45 degree brushing method recommended by dentists. A correct way to brush teeth as recommended by dentists is often referred to as the 45-degree brushing, which means cleaning the tip of the tooth and gums, the space between the teeth, the inside and outside of the teeth and the top of the molars.
In particular, it is recommended to brush your teeth by reciprocating a toothbrush and sweeping it left and right when removing plaque between teeth and gums or cleaning the space between teeth and gums.
Coolssha’s three amazing brushes help users brush teeth in the way recommended by dentists by sweeping at 45 degrees and simultaneously reciprocating. In addition, they perform four functions simultaneously by cleaning the root areas, occlusal surfaces, gums and tongue.
Coolssha’s toothbrushes adopts a wireless charging method, so it can be used semi-permanently. They can be used while taking a shower or a bath as they have obtained their IPX7 waterproof grade certificates. A PCB of Coolssha’s own development prevents the product’s excessive charging and discharging, improving stability. They have to pass 1.5 meter drop tests and prove excellent water resistance.
Coolssha’s Automatic Toothbrush has been developed for over 40 years by the Noksibcho Group, which has grown into a medical company for a healthy world including health food, cosmetic, medical devices, and nursing homes. Based on the accumulated technological know-how, the company developed with the idea that dental health has a great impact on human life.
From 15 years ago, dentists, engineering students and professional engineers have been jointly researching and developing world-class products.
Coolssha’s toothbrushes boasts of internationally patented technology of a three-way brushing method that realizes the most ideal way of reciprocating toothbrushes and brushing teeth as recommended by dentists.
All required processes from import of parts, assembly, production, packaging, to release are being made in its own factory in Korea.
In addition, the company seeks to solve various kinds of customers’ inconveniences by utilizing its own customer centers for A/S and repair centers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Mobile X-ray System positioning is possible with the arm-free stop function. This means that operation can be easily carried out. With compact design and light weight, movement is easily possible. For safety and design, an internal brake system is installed. This mobile X-ray system is called a semi-permanent power supply type. The internal brake system reduces the risk of injury and improves its aesthetic value.
User can expose the unit after changing and stopping the X-ray head in a four-way direction without a locking lever and gas shock absorber. For control, the user can set eight modes of APR with easy operation. Control panel is available both with the hand switch and remote controller for exposure.
BEMEMS Co., Ltd. has the full product range of mammography from analog to digital mammography including mobile X-ray and portable dental X-ray as a specialized manufacturing company for X-ray equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Premium Digital X-ray Devices Medical Solutions Co., Ltd., a leading medical imaging device manufacturer, participated in the 35th Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2019) to showcase ‘Innovision,’ which holds the top position in domestic digital X-ray market as well as cutting-edge medical devices including fluoroscopy, mobile X-ray, mammography, and C-arm X-ray.
This year, under the catchphrase, ‘DK, New Paradigm,’ the company will present products with new technologies that can provide users with more concentrated convenience and innovation, moving beyond the performance that X-ray devices have conventionally provided. The manufacturer is also set to deliver the message that “the topic DK Medical introduces will become a new medical environmental paradigm.”
Elin-T7, a premium digital X-ray device that is newly introduced, boasts upgraded design and performance called ‘Auto Position’ that enables users to move the device with a single touch.

Moreover, new values will be presented by ‘EOS,’ a new medical technology that helps acquire 1:1 AP/Lat simultaneous X-ray images without distortion with a single scan, ‘Tomosynthesis’, a new medical technology that enables high-resolution tomographic scan without any metal artifact, ‘RSM’, a real-time technology of latest angiography devices and ‘2Ceiling’ system, which is also an innovation in X-ray imaging with maximized space and workflow.
A DK Medical Solutions spokesperson explained, “KIMES 2019 featured products with new technologies that can transform the conventional paradigm, which can not only provide more meaningful diagnostic values clinically but also provide enhanced convenience at hospitals,” adding that “the company will become a leader in the market with differentiated products.”
DK Medical Solutions, which has focused on developing various diagnostic radiology devices since its establishment in 1986, enjoys sustained demand by providing various solutions that accurately reflect customers’ needs. Based on the company’s accumulated know-how and technology, DK Medical Solutions also exports its digital X-ray ‘Innovision’ globally while standing at the forefront of Korea’s medical industry through sustained technological development.

‘Innovision’, No. 1 Digital X-ray Market in Korea
‘Innovision,’ which has positioned itself as the top product in Korea’s digital X-ray market, is now being upgraded to ‘2 Ceiling’system with two ceiling tubes. The ‘2 Ceiling’system is a new technology that enables a single device to perform like two X-ray devices as two tubes are connected to a single generator.
The two tubes are each responsible for stand and table imaging, thereby enabling users to use the device without having to move the tubes according to positions. This increases user convenience while decreasing examination time, and thus allowing users to focus more on patient care. In addition, it also enables auto stitching when scanning the whole body, and other functions including open-type table and accurate auto-tracking, which maximize user convenience. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Surgical Cameras and a Surgical Content Platform MediVision offers superior surgical cameras and a surgical content platform to doctors, helping surgeons capture surgical procedures in 3D images and share with other surgeons in remote locations, which will provide an equal learning opportunity to every surgeon in the world and a solution for the surgeon shortage crisis.
M-Flix is a real-time, medical 3D camera that can be used for any application where stereomicroscopes are used, including for microsurgery. Everyone is able to see the same 3D image as if they are looking into the microscope. It produces the highest quality 1080p Full HD image with two channels. It is compatible with most microscopes, including Zeiss, Leica and Moeller.
It is used for neurosurgery, ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry surgery, orthopedics, urology and plastic surgery and any fields that require using microscopes.
G-Flix is a medical 3D camera for open general surgery. It is attachable to camera arms and tripods. It produces high-quality 1080p full HD images with two channels, and it is this excellent for surgeons who need to capture images of their surgical procedures.
R-Flix is a four-channel medical video recorder with Full HD images in both 2D and 3D.
The recorded video from M-Flix and G-Flix is stored on R-Flix internal hard drive.
Recorded video can also be shared with other surgeons and medical students via USB memory, external hard disk and its content platform Surgflix. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Surgical Unit’s e-clip is a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system equipped with a continuous pulse mode system that offers fast shot and effective treatments. e-clip take effects ultrasound energy into the SMAS Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic system), fascia, deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue which frequency of elimination a noises.
The advantages of e-clip including speedy procedure, stable parameter, convenience interface, compact size, etc. are guaranteed. This product is used for rejuvenation & lifting, wrinkle redution & tightening, collagen revitalize, and eyebrow lifting.
Advances in medical and professional beauty equipment with high technology have played a vital role in the beauty industry. In seeking new ways to offer their profound benefits to patients, ITC has been developing new equipments to meet various demands for skin and body care. With most innovative technology, ITC customers have enjoyed success in their global business and have benefited an excellent after sales service and its competitive price of the equipment.
To provide quality products and service, and respond quickly to the needs of its our customers, ITC has an R&D and service team providing quality support. ITC welcomes OEM and ODM for most of the beauty equipment, and it is willing to cooperate with any companies who want to have a long-term business relationship with the company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Fractional Laser laser uses fine laser beam to minimize skin damage by heat, lessening the recovery and rejuvenation period. Patients can therefore resume normal daily activities soon after treatment.
For this reason laser treatment is one of the most sought after solutions today.
Fractional Laser uses a CO2 tube to improve treatment effects, The CO2 tube has a long product-life and is stable with an advantage of precision in treatment. Treatment period can be lessened by adjustable scan-size and the beam density, which is beneficial both for the user and the patient. With competitive advantages in quality and price, The product is the best choice for purchasers.
Fractional CO2 laser is designed to evenly radiate laser beam of max 4489dots to an area of 20mm X20mm. It is designed to radiate beam in micro unit size to enable deep penetration into the skin with maximum reduction in PIH. By utilizing the ultra-pulse mode, short pulse duration and high peak power, pain is reduced and effectiveness is enhanced during the treatment. User-friendliness with the adjustable beam shapes into ‘’square.’’ Precision treatment by the adjustable size of treatment area and the eradiation in two patterns (array and random) is possible.
This product ensures improved resurfacing function compared to the conventional scanner method. The state-of-art laser is designed with versatile application by integrating the fractional scanner and the CO2 laser functions in one. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LED Surgical Light uses professional LED light sources, developed for the health of the user’s eyes, considering clinical environments that require sophisticated diagnosis and surgery. Luvis also creates eye protective surrounding, utilizing high CRI technology. It provides an optimal medical environment, eliminating dazzling and poor color rendering under halogen light and low CRI.
Luvis high CRI displays a more natural color. The light with only high brightness hardly delivers true colors.
Luvis provides daylight-like light, seen at noon, creating high color temperature with the same light intensity. Nonetheless, much less dazzling helps users to concentrate on surgery, minimizing eye fatigue.
Luvis emits no ultraviolet and infared lays, preventing skin-aging. In comparison with halogen, Luvis LED emits much less heat to create a safe treatment environment, minimizing heat transfer to the treatment region and blood coagulation on dermal tissues. Luvis LED consumes only one-fifth of power that is used with halogen.

Medium-to large-sized surgical LED, Luvis-L100, in an optimized surgical environment, is proud of the effect of the comparative advantage of shadow-less effect. Especially, it is high technology products as a type of sensor that detects obstacles lowers the light output, around the light output by increasing the shadow-less effect to maximize the effectiveness.
As a representative medical company in Korea, DENTIS has since 2005 been developing and providing a wide range of specialized medical equipment and high-level services. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Full-Body Analysis X-ray Bone Densitometer from Nanoomtech is a full-body analysis X-ray bone densitometer featuring the cone-beam method, which allows for accurate and quick scanning of essential bone regions. The new technology employed by BonePro allows for shorter acquisition times of about 10 seconds per bone regions (L1 & L4 vertebrae, left & right femurs, forearm), making the process more comfortable for patients relative to other DEXA systems.
The elimination of unnecessary scanning and shorter acquisition times also serve to reduce the overall X-ray exposure involved with DEXA scans. The imaging system has exceptional accuracy and image reproducibility. The bed itself moves in a smooth and predictable way to align the head with vulnerable bone regions, eliminating the discomfort of being probed by a hovering object.

And the company’s ReHear NT -381 is a compact, portable medical device that analyses patient ECG and delivers a defibrillation shock to re-establish the normal heart rhythm (only when necessary). ReHear NT -381 is user friendly, guiding the user through each step of the resuscitation process through auditory/visual prompts. ReHeart NT-381 of Nanoomtech provides uni-pads which can be used for both adults and children. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods