Smart Monitor Stand

[INQ. NO. 2010E03] An all-in-one smart monitor stand of nocnoc base V2, which is one of the lines of nocnoc brand created by MOSTER ELEC under the slogan ‘creating a balance between work and health’, is a product equipped with sensor technology used to protect the neck- and back-health of computer users.
The product is an all-in-one smart monitor stand combining a sensor technology and a number of functions are combined.
The product has a sensor that detects the distance from a user to check if he/she is seated in a slouched manner. If so, it blinks the full-color LED installed in the front to enable him/her to have a proper posture.

The product is also equipped with two 5w speakers, four USB 3.0 ports, a high-speed wireless smartphone charger, earphone and microphone sockets, etc., so as for it to fully function and to simplify the computer desk environment. A user is thus able to easily and simply improve his/her computer desk environment and make it smart. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

All-In-One Smartphone Grip & Stand

[INQ. NO. 2010E02] LAIKIT is a new-concept product that provides a safe grip and necessary functions to mount a smartphone both horizontally and vertically inside a car.
The unique structure of a patented press finger grip presses down a finger for a user to more stably and conveniently grip his/her smartphone and to stretch out his/her thumb by more than 30%, making it convenient to text someone or take a selfie with one hand.
Without making any additional adjustments, it can stand both horizontally and vertically, making it easy for a user to watch a video and to surf the web. When used with a gel pad, it works like a car mount holder.

With a super-slim design and a one-touch-folding structure suited to smartphones, it can be easily used in any circumstances and is designed with a durable structure for it to be used over 100,000 times. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Plasma Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2010E01] Established in 1992, Daihan Labtech Co., Ltd. has been designing, developing, and manufacturing laboratory and biomedical equipment and continuously advancing toward becoming a leading manufacturer.
With accumulated technology and know-how developed over many years, Daihan Labtech is committed to providing its customers with excellent quality and service, while becoming a widely trusted and growing corporation.
Daihan Labtech currently manufactures three brands of sterilizer – LABTECH, BIOMEDIC and ESSTELL.
Daihan Labtech manufactures a wide range of laboratory and industrial/semiconductor equipment based on continuous product and technology development with IQ/OQ validation for added value in your labs.
BIOMEDIC offers a various range of equipment that can be used in hospitals, clinics, labs, and so on for disinfection, storage, analytical, and research purposes.

ESSTELL provides stainless steel laboratory equipment for durability and hygiene in the labs. The company uses stainless steel for both the inner chamber and the outer cases of our equipment.
Daihan Labtech is proud to introduce its latest development, a low-temperature H2O2 plasma sterilizer. The company’s low temperature H2O2 plasma sterilizer is certified by the National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information and is suitable for sterilization of medical instruments that are weak at high temperature, steam, and pressure such as expensive surgical endoscopes, catheters, and electric surgical instruments with motor.
The shortest cycle is quick mode and it operates for 30 min, thus ensuring cost-saving. This can increase the number of uses per day as well as enabling users to use medical equipment immediately after sterilization. This reduces the user’s inventory costs and maintenance.
Thanks to its environmentally friendly design, the sterilizer ultimately leaves H2O and O2 only after sterilization, which are harmless to users and the environment.
It does not require additional drainage or ventilation systems, thus giving benefits of easy installation. It only requires electrical supply, which is easy and convenient. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Image Pointer[INQ. NO. 2009E03] ChoisTechnolgy’s image pointer XPM170Y can be used for all sorts of screens including LCD monitor, different from ordinary laser pointers, which cannot be used on LCD monitors.
Without an additional program installed, it supports the function as a presenter on all sorts of screens including LCD monitor. It realizes the same function as the existing mouse from the place where a user stands.
It is safe for everybody to use because it has no laser, which is different from an ordinary presenter. Using the dedicated software provides more powerful presentation functions.
ChoisTechnolgy Co., Ltd. will be reborn as a global leader touching customers’ hearts and directing future changes by commercializing various products with its next-generation wireless technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Blind Motor[INQ. NO. 2009E02] IoT blind motor EasyRoll Plus made by INOSHADE, which designs and manufactures IoT electric motor devices, is a product that transforms an existing manual blind into a smart electric-motor-driven blind, through DIY.
It provides a reservation function that moves blinds to a desired position at a requested time in connection with a cloud server and an iOS and Android based exclusive app and has embedded a cloud auto-leveling technology, through which the cloud server recognizes the positions of each blind and aligns the blinds according to the requests of the end users.
SmartThings of Samsung and CLOVA of Naver are officially supported, and voice command using AI speakers and linkage with other devices (TV, air-conditioner, and other switches) in the IoT platform are available.
The remote controller enables both individual operation and a group operation for simple use and has the function with single button to escalate it to the favorite height pre-determined. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Coastal Detection System[INQ. NO. 2009E01] The Coastal Detection System (CDS) from Keumsung Security Co., Ltd. can improve current military and governmental CCTV monitoring systems by applying marine radar to coastal alert systems.
Military coastal detection systems in use are operated by TOD monitors 24 hours per day. FOV (the angle of view) is narrower than the area in need of detection. So, monitors need to move the camera in a Z shape. It depends on monitors to judge whether it is an intruder or not.
CDS can detect wide range to use a sea route radar system. Keumsung automatized its detection system to develop an all-in-one radar combined control system for land environments. It is new detection system to maximize detection range. This system can search correct coordinates both night and day.
Keumsung Security’s CDS works 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to ensure the utmost coastal safety. It features high-tech radar and thermo-graphic cameras, detecting vessels and motions that are invisible to the naked eye at night. Moreover, through a simple operation in a situation room an alarm can be given, and one can operate this smart system remotely via smartphone.
CDS detects vessels and recognizes objects (up to H700mm x W1,500mm x D1,000mm) within five kilometers from the coast. This measure the distance of a detected object, and its coordinates.
It sets two detection zones and sounds an alarm automatically if something trespasses on the detection zone. This displays movement routes of all detected objects.
If you select a trespassing object, the detection system can recognize it automatically and track it.
This system is easy to install and move on account of its all-in-one system.
If something trespasses into a protected zone, the system can sound the alarm automatically without a detection agent. It can even detect something in bad weather conditions, such as sea fog.
This system extends the detection range and improves accuracy (the maximum area is 8 km, and the optimum area is 3km). It is a multi-operation system on account of the TCP/IP communication. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Expanded Beam Connector[INQ. NO. 2008E02] Traditional butt-contact fiber optic connectors have proved to be unreliable in harsh environment applications due to their sensitivity to dirt, dust, mud, water, oil, and other contaminants. Expanded beam fiber optic connectors offer the solution. The benefits of expanded beam technology over butt-contact connectors demonstrate how expanded beam connectors offer improved reliability in military and other harsh environment applications.
The fundamental drawback of butt-contact connectors is that when un-mated, the fiber itself is fully exposed to the outside environment. Any contaminants present will degrade the sub-micron polished finish on the fiber and cause the optical performance to deteriorate significantly. Often, even the process of attempting to clean the ferrule end can cause serious damage to the optical fiber resulting in high attenuation.
Expanded beam fiber optic connectors have been designed specifically to operate in harsh environments. They employ a non-contact technique where the fiber is fully sealed behind a lens. The lens effectively enlarges the active area of the fiber, thus providing a connector with greatly reduced dirt sensitivity, and therefore higher reliability when used in adverse conditions.
The servicing of butt-contact connectors can only be performed by specially trained technicians. If the ferrules have been damaged, cleaning will not restore original optical performance. Damaged connector ferrules will require re-polishing and this can only be done using a fiber optic polishing machine in workshop conditions. Connectors with severely damaged ferrules will require complete re-termination or replacement.
Expanded beam connectors have been shown to withstand extreme environments without the need for special servicing or cleaning equipment. Protecting the optical fibers behind lenses ensures that no damage or degradation can occur. The non-contact design of the optical surfaces in expanded beam connectors results in higher insertion loss than butt-contact connectors (multimode typically -0.7dB, singlemode typically -1.0dB). However, the optical performance of expanded beam connectors is constant throughout the product life and the likelihood of product failure at a critical point is greatly reduced.

MPO Connector

This enables the simultaneous connection and installation of up to 48 strands of optical fiber for reduced construction period, easy maintenance, and high-density real length – in line with a growing demand for installation of a great deal of optical fibers on the spot. This is therefore an innovative solution that reduces construction costs.

FOSTEC INC. has been exporting optical communication-related products such as beam connectors and optical patch cords to global markets including the United States, Japan, etc. over the past 20 years. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Push-pull Type Digital Door Lock[INQ. NO. 2008E01] HI-ONE PLUS is a professional digital door lock manufacturer founded in 2004. In response to the rapidly changing market, HI-ONE PLUS is committed to continuous R&D and investment in security systems such as IoT, facial recognition and biometric recognition.
HI-ONE PLUS is also a steady OEM / ODM supplier for Kocom, Hyundai Telecommunication, Posco, HDC I-Controls, Hyundai HCN, and more. HI-ONE PLUS offers various types of digital door locks, hotel locks, glass door locks, etc.
HI-ONE PLUS has been selling and operating as a strong player in the domestic market for the past 10 years, producing fingerprint recognition and push-pull digital door locks. The company strives to provide products that satisfy customers with quality by securing the best technology with constant research and development and responding to rapidly changing markets.
Currently, more than 60% of the overseas security market is occupied by China with cheap and well-performing products, but Korean products give an impression that is more advanced than Chinese products.
By securing price competitiveness, it is possible to occupy an advantageous position in the global export market. Therefore, HI-ONE PLUS intends to build and develop differentiated designs and high-quality brand image that can challenge global competitors and to promote export to overseas markets.
HI-ONE PLUS’s main product, H-7890, is a push-pull type digital door lock. With a semiconductor type fingerprint sensor, this model provides accurate recognition of a user’s fingerprint and ensures user convenience. Furthermore, with the Bluetooth module attachment, the company’s door locks can be controlled via smartphone application. For guest use, a one-time password can be issued for extra security. The door lock supports up to 50 cards and 100 fingerprint registrations, which makes it suitable for home and office use as well.
The slim and stylish design with a fully integrated window promotes the company’s luxurious brand image. With KC certification and fire-proof certified model, HI-ONE PLUS made sure its customers are safe when using its digital door locks.
The company’s president remarked, “We would like to express our gratitude to our customers who have supported HIONE PLUS Co., Ltd, and we are committed to being a company that always contributes to our customers and society. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Air Freshener & Hand Sanitizer[INQ. NO. 2006E14] Hankook Towel Machine’s air freshener is a high-grade fragrance container that works well with the surrounding environment. It operates as a battery without a separate power supply and can control the spraying interval to 7,15, and 30 minutes. The UV coating does not cause discoloration, so it can be used like the first purchase.
The perfume is made to be widely sprayable to the outlet from the fragrance. It is also easy to check the replacement time of the battery. A lock type key is applied to prevent the contents from being lost or stolen.
Two AA batteries are inserted into the space for the batteries needed for operation.

Hankook Towel Machine’s HTM-627 hand sanitizer is an essential product for hygienic hand care and maintenance of cleanliness by using the best disposable hand sterilizer container. This product effectively removes 99.9 percent of germs present on the hands and effectively prevents various infectious diseases. It is a disposable exclusive hand disinfector that can be used effectively without any residual amount of contents by a soft push-button method with modern design and a maintenance check window on the front side. The UV coating does not cause discoloration, so it can be used like the first purchase.
Checking the cycle of hand disinfection gel change is easy. Any user can easily use this product by lightly pressing the push button on the front. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High-performance Inverter[INQ. NO. 2006E13] Sensor-less vector control equipped with constant torque can be applied to applications available for power operation. This inverter realizes simple sequence operation.
It has a simple structure with removable cooling fan, smoothing capacitor, and a control terminal.
Automatic operation for accelerating the load situations such as cranes or conveyors is also possible.
It is very easy to maintain this product. As it consists of parts guaranteeing longer life, ten years of life in design is realized. The life of this product can be further extended by the on/off control of the cooling fan.
Any temperature rise of the product can be monitored. The life warning signal can improve ease of maintenance.
DOTECH has provided industrial temperature/humidity equipment and the product group of temperature/humidity controllers (HTX Series) for dehumidification of large ships.
It has also supplied optimized various products and solutions in order to improve and maintain quality in various areas based on its unique technologies and accumulated experience in environmental measurement, and control areas for R&D; plus production process control of LCD, KGMP of pharmaceutical products, automobile components, and foods. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods