Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2104E03] KOIBIG Co. is a venture company that develops and manufactures medical devices. This time, it developed a transdermal pain relief electrical stimulation device called Pain Block that treats pain non-surgically without injections or drugs by using advanced neuroscience medical technology that is safe for the human body, and even has acquired intellectual property right.
The Pain Block medical device is a new medical technology that enables patients to recognize pain signals as painless signals by generating soft, yet strong, painless signals that are harmless to the human body when an electrode is attached to the pain point and the device is turned on.
Based on this, KOIBIG obtained approval for the item as a non-invasive pain-free signal therapy with a non-payment code (MZ012) from the MFDS, and is seeking to enter the global market by completing ISO 13485 certification. Last year, it successfully exported the product to Indonesia. Currently, it is targeting China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia and it is conducting exporting and certification through export branching projects.

Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

In Korea, more than 500,000 patients are suffering from cancer pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, complex site pain syndrome, and neuropathy after shingles. They have difficulty in having normal social activities due to the occasional pain, and they become resistant to drugs from taking painkillers frequently and eventually become unable to control pain.
In particular, about 35% of patients with such pain even feel suicidal thoughts due to insomnia and depression, and their pain levels go up, making them dependent on narcotic analgesics. This causes a lot of side effects, and due to extreme pain, an implantable drug injector is inserted into the body to control the pain. But, the pain index is treated 10 times for two weeks with the Pain Block medical device showed reduced pain level without relying on such surgery or drugs.
KOIBIG’s corporate research center has developed a skincare device using the latest plasma technology and a cooling ultrasound device and will continue to introduce new products.

Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

KOIBIG’s corporate research center has, through using of advanced plasma technologies, recently developed a skin care device and a cooling ultrasound device, and it will continue to unveil a series of innovative products.
With the acquisition of KC certification for beauty devices, the interest among distribution-related workers and skin-related workers is increasing, and KOIBIG is developing into what is called a “unicorn company.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Emergency Cart

[INQ. NO. 2104E02] This product (model: KR-EC5221) is designed for emergency patient management in hospitals. It can manage the entire drawer lock with a variety of multi-storage boxes and one locking device, and the ABS basket with divider is removable from the drawer for easy storage and movement.
Equipped with an IV folder and 220V power holder, it is made with materials of ABS, stainless steel, aluminum, and PU, and weighs around 54kg.

Emergency Stretcher
This emergency stretcher is made of ultra-lightweight material with a center wheel. It can be quickly lifted at the foot end into the Trendelenburg position in an emergency. The total length is 2,110mm. The total width is 760mm. The total height is 930 to 1,260mm. The mattress is 660×1,910x80mm. The safe working load is 250kg.

Emergency Cart

Movable Patient Transport Trolley
This product (model: YHS-203C) is a movable patient transport trolley.
Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder from the Netherlands, this product can adjust the height, upper and lower body as well as handle the four casters at a time with one foot button installed at the bottom.
As three ways can be simply handled with central lock (stop), neutral (capable of moving in every direction), and fixing caster axle forward straight (capable of moving straight only), this product is a patient transport trolley that can be used to respond rapidly even in an emergency.
The allowable load for this product is 150kg. The back-rest length is 640mm.

Emergency Cart

Kareroom Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and seller of electric hospital beds, manual hospital beds, homecare beds, examination beds, medical trolley, stretcher trolley, hospital accessories, etc.
It has been selling its products in the Korea domestic market for over 10 years. At present, there are more than 500 hospitals that use its products in Korea.
The company has a strong technical capability, advanced equipment, and skilled technical staff for development and innovation. That’s why it has been selling its products in the domestic market for over 10 years, earning a good reputation.

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Plasma Beauty Device


[INQ. NO. 2104E01] PLINIC by G1 Partners Co., Ltd., a company specializing in home beauty care products, is small-sized beauty equipment that uses plasma. With PLINIC, the consumers can care for their skin at home without visiting beauty shops.
PLINIC is a CE-certified product. It speeds up the skin regeneration cycle by vitalizing the cells that form collagen by stimulating the fiber cells inside the skin using plasma, a next-generation substance (energy) used by dermatologists to expedite regeneration of and absorption by the skin, and removes hazardous molecules by breaking them down.

Plasma Beauty Device

It is compact and easy to use, and its plasma is visible to the consumers.
PLINIC can help the skin absorb the cosmetics deeper, create the V-line, rejuvenate the skin, remove the germs that cause acne by using the blue wave and stabilize the skin with its heating effect.
It was confirmed to effectively improve eight areas of skincare, including skin elasticity, luster, and wrinkles around the eyes, after a living-body test. It is a safe product of which safety has been verified.

Plasma Beauty Device

G1 Partners researches, develops and manufactures home beauty devices for personal skincare.
The employees of G1 Partners consist of product planners from Samsung Electronics, international salesmen with more than 15 years of international marketing experience, and so forth.
G1 Partners distributes its flagship product, PLINIC, and also supplies about 1,000 units monthly of PLINIC to Kyowon Group, a large company in Korea, under the ODM method. The company is pioneering the overseas sales channels by exporting the product samples to the USA, Australia, the Philippines, etc.

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AI Skincare Assistant


[INQ. NO. 2103E02] LUMINI KIOSK V2 is an AI beauty solution that analyzes the entire facial skin in an instant and recommends personalized cosmetic products.
The artificial intelligence of this product recognizes automatically a person’s face and estimates the age of a customer who just looks at the mirror in the form of a kiosk, and analyzes up to six skin problems (pores, sebum, wrinkle, redness, wrinkle, trouble, and pigment) within about 15 seconds by scanning the frontal face via ‘untact’ shooting.
Based on the augmented reality (AR) technology, this product diagnoses skin condition by indicating the area that needs concentrated care and recommends the most suitable product for the customer by using the skin database.
Lumini has a distinguished characteristic of measuring the skin by scanning the whole face easily with technology of imaging and special light, which is different from the existing skin diagnostic devices for retailers that check skin condition by physically contacting a small area of the skin.

AI Skincare Assistant

Also, through CRM service linked to Lumini, utilization of a shop management strategy is available, such as skin analysis reporting, advertisement banner service, and customized product DB management, while reinforcing customer management and target marketing.
lululab is a spin-off from Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab and is developing a solution that analyzes the entire facial skin & recommends optimal cosmetics to each customer using AI and big data technology.
In recognition of its value in using AI-based skin data, lululab has been a drawcard at the world’s biggest IT exhibition CES and winner of the CES Innovation Awards for two consecutive years.

AI Skincare Assistant

The final target of lululab is to develop a solution estimating any disease in future introducing a skin database of all the people in the world to the beauty industry by upgrading the technology in the beauty artificial intelligence and big data.

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RF Ablation Systems

[INQ. NO. 2103E01] As a manufacturer, RF Medical has been dedicated to popularizing radiofrequency ablation treatments since 2003.
Its sophisticated technology has allowed it to spread its business to more than 50 countries and proven quality has gained it a strong reputation in the market. RF Medical strives to create a healthier world through continuous investment in research and development.
RF Medical’s RF (radio frequency) ablation system consists of a radiofrequency generator, a cooling pump, and various types of radiofrequency electrodes. The radiofrequency ablation system is used worldwide to treat different types of soft tissue.
The use of the radiofrequency ablation system for treatment in soft tissue ablation ranges from liver tumors (HCC), to renal cancer (RCC), lung cancer, thyroid tumors, and uterine myoma, etc., and even to varicose vein treatments. The RF ablation system provides patients an opportunity to get treated in a safe and minimally invasive way.
Its RF generator V-1000 is CE & U.S. FDA 510 (k) approved. This generator is compatible with various types of RF electrodes that are manufactured and supplied by RF Medical. It has a user-friendly touch screen interface and can also be controlled by a foot switch, if needed.

RF Ablation Systems

The biggest advantage of this generator is that it comes with pre-loaded algorithms, such as the impedance-controlled mode, temperature-controlled mode, manual mode, etc. These pre-loaded algorithms help physicians to use this RF ablation system for various kinds of indications.
The company’s RF electrodes that can be used with the V-1000 generator are also CE & U.S. FDA 510(k) approved. The electrodes are available in a variety of gauges, lengths, and exposure tip sizes.
Most of its electrodes are internally cooled for preventing contiguous tissue from charring during the ablation procedure. Some electrodes are internally cooled, and of the perfused type, which helps the ablation zone to get bigger and rounder than the typical internally cooled electrodes.

RF Ablation Systems

Moreover, all of its electrodes have built-in temperature sensors inside the electrodes. Impedance and temperature can be monitored in real time via the generator connected to the electrode.
The electrodes also have length markings in centimeters on the surface of the needle for easier and more accurate targeting of the tumor. The end of the electrode tip is specially processed to look more hyperechogenic under ultrasound.

RF Ablation Systems

In addition to the radiofrequency ablation system, RF Medical also manufactures radiofrequency catheters for treating varicose veins, semi-automatic tumescent anesthesia injection needle, biopsy guns, introducers, bone puncture needle, and many more products that are related to interventional radiology and oncology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ceramic Magnetic Materials & Electronic Parts

[INQ. NO. 2012E02] TODA ISU CORPORATION was launched in 1987 as the ISU Ceramic Inc. and relaunched after changing the company name to TODA ISU in a joint venture company with 50:50 investment by Korea ISU Group and TODA Group in Japan.
TODA ISU has diversified and expanded its business field to magnetic raw material in ferrite and metal fields, shielding sheets for mobile devices, high-quality ferrite core for the engineering/automobile industry, inductors, and parts for the renewable energy field.
TODA ISU with the slogan “Change for Trust” is now challenging toward new business fields simultaneously solidifying existing business fields based on its own material technology know-how, together with experience in production of parts.
TODA ISU, producing magnetic materials and electronic parts in various fields such as the display, mobile phone, and automobile fields, is now supplying core parts to the leading firms in each field.
The current main business items of TODA ISU include, but are not limited to ferrite, inductors, power supply devices and EMC filters.

TODA ISU manufactures ferrite in the forms of ferrite powder and ferrite core, such as the super low power loss at high frequency (500kHz~1MHz) and the super low power loss at wide temperature ferrite for automobiles and the garnet ferrite of high dielectric constant used for telecommunication repeaters.

TODA ISU manufactures and distributes the SMD inductors, including the high current, high-efficiency inductor for 48V DC-DC converter for electric vehicles, and the high permeable inductor that reduced resistance and minimized heat emissions.

EMC Filters
TODA ISU satisfies the demands of eco-friendly energy companies through supplying the EMC filter used as an electricity adjustment/conversion device in the areas of photovoltaic and renewable energy.

Switched Mode Power Supply
TODA ISU also manufactures power-supply devices in the range of 10W~1.6KW that are used for telecommunication and medical devices by using its own magnetic material and inductor. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ceramic-Related Products

[INQ. NO. 2012E01] POCERA began mass-production of polymerized chemical products and ceramic products developed by stand-alone technology after the founding of the company in 2000.
Since then it has been transformed into the present corporation, and is now producing various products applicable to a wide range of fields. Accumulated technology for the past 20 years enables the company to supply various high-quality products at economical prices.

Ceramic Parts
POCERA’s ceramic parts such as plates, rings, and bushings for semiconductor and display devices have proven excellence in wear resistance, chemical resistance and thermal resistance, and are now under production, customized to customers’ requests.
Two types of heat-resistant crucible are available: one is the double layer crucible protecting its contents with excellent thermal-shock resistance for frequent and steady use; and the other is the single layer crucible for inexpensive price. The basic thermal resistance temperature for both types is 1,650˚C, and they are now are being produced in various content capacity or size in accordance with customers’ requests.

The double layer crucible features light weight with thinner layers providing lower heat transfer rate requires no handle even when containing hot or cold beverages. Other features are outstanding detergent resistance and no presence of heavy metal.
The heat-resistant tableware with lower porosity is a hygienic tableware that absorbs neither detergent nor food liquid, and its ceramic coating by polymer dispersion prevents food from scorching and sticking.

Raw material Parts
Poly-hedral alumina has more excellent radiation properties than spherical alumina and no pollution effect thanks to the environmentally friendly manufacturing method while its granularity can be adjusted variously according to a customer’s request (300 tons/year). Flaky Alumina is used for cosmetics and engineering and its size can be adjusted according to the request of a customer.

Chemical Parts
[INQ. NO. 2011E01] High-quality products are used for flame-retardant plastic and matting agent, with almost no variation by lot. Economic prices thanks to self-development by POCERA enabled mass consumption. Up to 1,000 tons of each of them per year are under production. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Global Medical & Dental X-ray System

[INQ. NO. 2011E01] GENORAY has continued to develop its core X-ray technology while enhancing its manufacturing capabilities since its founding in 2001.
Building on these assets, Genoray has established itself as a domestic market leader in c-arm and mammography markets in South Korea. More and more of the manufacturing process has been assimilated internally into investments in R&D and facility improvements.
Since then, Genoray has entered the dental business based on its accumulated technical capabilities, and developed a one-stop business model ranging from R&D, to manufacturing, sales, distribution, and service. Based on these, Genoray has a complete lineup of medical & dental x-ray systems, including panoramic, cephalometric, CBCT, portable X-ray, intraoral sensor, and Genoray’s own software.

Internalization of Core Technology
First of all, Genoray has developed ergonomic design focused on user convenience and optimal image quality with stable and durable mechanical expertise.
Secondly, Genoray has achieved in-house development of flat panel detectors and manufacturing technology of X-ray generators.
Thirdly, Genoray has developed 3D image processing with correction algorithm as well as dedicated software.
Lastly, Genoray has a deep understanding of the medical environment, with more than 20 years of experience in the medical & dental field-specific convergence R&D systems.

Leading the Trends for the Next Generation of Diagnostic Imaging Technology
Exporting to 70 different countries, including the United States and Russia, Genoray is growing into a global leader in the X-ray industry. Three overseas subsidiaries (Germany, Japan, USA) and over 140 partners worldwide are responding quickly to customer requirements with services specialized in the local area. Furthermore, Genoray has been globally recognized for excellence in design as well as technology by red dot and good design awards.
Genoray will go above and beyond to develop technological innovations for the privilege to serve communities in all parts of the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Monitor Stand

[INQ. NO. 2010E03] An all-in-one smart monitor stand of nocnoc base V2, which is one of the lines of nocnoc brand created by MOSTER ELEC under the slogan ‘creating a balance between work and health’, is a product equipped with sensor technology used to protect the neck- and back-health of computer users.
The product is an all-in-one smart monitor stand combining a sensor technology and a number of functions are combined.
The product has a sensor that detects the distance from a user to check if he/she is seated in a slouched manner. If so, it blinks the full-color LED installed in the front to enable him/her to have a proper posture.

The product is also equipped with two 5w speakers, four USB 3.0 ports, a high-speed wireless smartphone charger, earphone and microphone sockets, etc., so as for it to fully function and to simplify the computer desk environment. A user is thus able to easily and simply improve his/her computer desk environment and make it smart. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

All-In-One Smartphone Grip & Stand

[INQ. NO. 2010E02] LAIKIT is a new-concept product that provides a safe grip and necessary functions to mount a smartphone both horizontally and vertically inside a car.
The unique structure of a patented press finger grip presses down a finger for a user to more stably and conveniently grip his/her smartphone and to stretch out his/her thumb by more than 30%, making it convenient to text someone or take a selfie with one hand.
Without making any additional adjustments, it can stand both horizontally and vertically, making it easy for a user to watch a video and to surf the web. When used with a gel pad, it works like a car mount holder.

With a super-slim design and a one-touch-folding structure suited to smartphones, it can be easily used in any circumstances and is designed with a durable structure for it to be used over 100,000 times. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods