Hybrid Energy-independent Smart Streetlights Utilizing Recycled Waste Batteries from EVs


[INQ. NO. 2208E01] This hybrid smart streetlight is an energy-independent system that recycles waste batteries from electric vehicles. The three “no’s” (no communication expenses, no electricity bills, and no power lines) are features of the system, which applies the color temperature variable LED for the safety of drivers and the energy-independent private network.

In particular, the system uses a 100% wideband private communication network (Sub-G + WiFi Halow + TVWS) as the key communication infrastructure needed for building a smart city. The streetlight can control color temperature (2,700~6,000K) through a variety of open APIs and visibility data for the safety of citizens, including drivers. This differentiated and original system is supplied to countries that frequently experience bad weather conditions due to topographical features.

The technology of recycling waste batteries from electric vehicles uses electrochemical impedance analysis to diagnose batteries most accurately and quickly with life-prediction and quality-inspection algorithms, thereby contributing to the recycling of waste batteries as part of the energy-independent smart streetlight system.

Life-prediction and quality-inspection algorithm S/W and GUI design applied to the hybrid system (patent application)

Development of the Waste Battery Inspection System

The waste battery diagnosis system using EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) can predict lifespan and perform quality-inspection of batteries.

The system applies the most efficient measurement method in order to provide accurate diagnosis parameters and thus recycle waste batteries for hybrid smart streetlights. They can improve the price competitiveness of batteries and introduce eco-friendly energy systems so as to resolve energy shortages in cities, optimized for global low-carbon energy campaigns.

In particular, this new technology applies a high-precision booster designed for waste batteries and the main acquisition system. It provides quality inspection and life prediction algorithms through SOC measurement of waste batteries (21700), SOC-SOH relation analysis, impedance measurement (EIS) of waste batteries (21700), and development of the Nyquist Plot database.

This can contribute to resolving energy shortages in cities through battery life prediction, database management, and GUI in alignment with the control server of the hybrid system.
CN WIDERS Co., Ltd. is planning to expand the market for the new technology by actively promoting these advantages.

AWS/ITS-based Color Temperature Variable Smart Streetlights with AI for Improving Visibility

Based on the AWS (Automatic Weather System) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), this system offers AI functionality to improve visibility for drivers and controls the color temperature (2,700~6,000K).

The control server considers open weather API, weather conditions (heavy rain, heavy snow, fog, etc.) and measurements of visibility meters installed in the field in order to control the color temperature (2700K~6000K) of the smart streetlights.

This can help to improve visibility for drivers and thus to prevent accidents caused by bad weather conditions. The visibility meter is aligned with weather data (heavy rain, heavy snow, fog, etc.) collected via open weather API (Application Programming Interface), and the color temperature is adjusted 2,700~6,000K) according to the weather conditions to enhance visibility for drivers. The message delivery algorithm is used to communicate dangerous road conditions through the street lights.

And the 24Ghz/60Ghz-band radar detects objects in conjunction with the server, and can send an alert to drivers to protect animals and drivers in accident-prone areas and wildlife protection areas.

Digital Signage & Additional Services via the Private Wide-Area Network of the Smart Streetlight

This system provides public information (reports on road and weather conditions and environmental data collected via radar) and various additional services through digital displays – with the relay using a multi-band and multi-channel private wide area network without network maintenance or communication costs.

This system of ICT convergence and communication technology can be utilized as a key element for building a smart city. The smart streetlight offers a variety of information via digital signage without communication fees by using a private network that combines Wi-Fi HaLow, TVWS, and G-Sub communication technologies.

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Medical Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2207E03] KOIBIG Co., a medical device development and manufacturing company, has recently developed ‘Pain Block’ for non-surgical pain relief, which applies advanced NeuroScience Medical technology that is safe for the human body, and secured intellectual property rights.

The ‘Pain Block’ medical device developed by KOIBIG Co. is new medical technology that attaches electrodes in pain-producing locations. When the device is operated, it generates a painless signal with a smooth but strong output, which causes the patient to perceive the pain signal as painless.

Based on this, KOIBIG Co. received an item authorization from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for non-payment code MZ012 non-invasive painless signal therapy, and completed the ISO 13485 certification to make inroads into the global market. In 2020, it succeeded in exporting to Indonesia, and currently, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and countries in Southeast Asia are also interested in exporting and certification through export branching projects.

In Korea, more than 500,000 patients are suffering from cancer pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, complex area pain syndrome, and neurological disorder after shingles; and they have difficulty in even normal social activities due to constant pain and frequent use of painkillers, leading to an uncontrollable vicious cycle of pain.

In particular, about 35 percent of these pain patients even feel suicidal due to insomnia and depression, and as the pain-level is grows higher they often have to rely on drug painkillers. These can have many side effects and cause severe pain. By inserting an implantable drug injector into the body to control pain, a decrease in the pain index results during ten treatments over two weeks with a ‘Pain Block’ medical device without relying on such surgery or drugs.

KOIBIG Co.’s corporate research center has developed a skincare device using the latest plasma technology and a cooling ultrasound device and will continue to introduce new products.

With the acquisition of KC certification for beauty devices, the interest of distribution-related workers and skin-related workers is increasing, and it is growing as a unicorn company in the future.

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Dual-type HIFU Device


[INQ. NO. 2207E02] Liftera is a dual-type HIFU device, fitted with two types of applicators: line-type; and pen- type — and it is characterized by the fact that dual application can be performed according to curved facial contours.

It enables application according to the facial contours by using the same line-type as the general HIFU procedure and a pen with an 8mm radius.
The pen-type in particular, can quickly irradiate 10Hz concentrated ultrasonic waves into the skin layer at a consistent depth, thus reducing procedure time and pain, and ultimately enabling comfortable procedures and a quick return to daily life.

A spokesperson from the manufacturer ASTERASYS commented, “With the advent of advanced medical services and smart medical devices, a new concept of the medical services market is growing rapidly. We actually promoted Liftera eyebrow lifting through an exhibition held in Korea last year, based on concentrated technology, and we will continuously engage in various promotional activities so that it can position itself as a device leading K-beauty.”

General-purpose Electrosurgical Instrument
Futera Dots applies minimal ablative technology that uses RF energy to heat tissues and stimulate subdermal collagen production to reduce fine wrinkles and loosen skin. This system induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.

ASTERASYS advances human health, based on cutting-edge development of technologies.

In 2018, ASTERASYS launched its four Liftera series, three Futera series, three skincare devices, and two body composition analyzers — as well as other medical equipment for hospitals, and skincare devices for beauty care clinics and salons.

ASTERASYS offers one-stop solutions from in-house development of manufacturing through a technology research institute, supplying high-quality products to each of its customers. In addition to investing heavily in developing academic and marketing materials, and human resources, ASTERASYS strives to earn the trust of its expanding customer base to assure an improved quality of life by committing significant resources to R&D within its healthcare and biomedical sectors.

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Non-invasive HIFU Face Lifting Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2207E01] Newpong’s Sonoqueen is a non-invasive face lifting device that uses HIFU technology with a high-quality transducer. HIFU is delivered to the dermal layer and to the SMAS layer, respectively. Heat, ranging from 60 to 70 degrees C, creates thermal coagulation, which rejuvenates tired collagen and induces neocollagenesis.

Sonoqueen delivers micro-focused ultrasound energy to dermal and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layers in a non-invasive way using HIFU technology for face lifting, skin tightening and wrinkle treatment.

The advantages through the use of the system include lowest pain level, effective and immediate results, and eye cartridge for peri-orbital area treatment.

Ultrasound Stimulator
The SONOCARE system delivers 1.8 nanometer of mechanical amplitude with 10MHz to the epidermis and dermis layers. It redistributes GAG (glycosaminoglycan) for good moisturizing and controls cytokine release for cell regeneration without tissue damage.

The main advantages of the system include safest treatment for face and body, combined treatment available, pain and swelling management after surgical procedures, and no consumables.

The system’s operating time is 30 minutes maximum.

Newpong Co., Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of ultrasound therapeutic and surgical equipment. The company’s president explained, “For more than 10 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the aesthetic market, concentrating on ultrasound technology. We launched LSSA which is an ultrasound lipolysis device in 2021, and will expand our market globally in 2022. We believe that our small actions are making new waves in the medical aesthetic market, so we are committing all our efforts to ensuring the superior quality of our ultrasound devices and services.”

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Laser Blood Collection Tube


[INQ. NO. 2206E02] LAMEDITECH’s professional laser blood-collection tube (LMT-5000) is a product exclusively designed for use in hospitals and medical institutions to collect peripheral blood by using a laser without using a needle, even though it is the same laser blood collection tube.
The company has improved the charging speed of laser and enhanced the convenience of users through the application of a charging cradle, and reduced the cost of medical waste by decreasing the size of consumables.

Multi-functional Laser Beauty Device
PURAXEL is a multi-functional laser beauty device. By applying the safety-proven laser for skin (Er:Yag laser, 2940nm), the device generates about 100 uniform multi-micro pores on the skin per shot – only to the epidermal layer, up to 200µm in depth.
It dramatically enhances the absorption rate of active substances contained in functional cosmetics or ampoules, and the device helps to improve skin moisture, brightness, density, melasma, wrinkles and hair loss.
LAMEDITECH Co., Ltd. has been developing and supplying specialized laser devices to promote health and beautiful lives based on laser miniaturization technology. Its laser devices for clinical and cosmetic treatment, to which the miniaturization technology is applied, are highly competitive in terms of quality, when compared to other competing products in the market.
Through continuous research and development, LAMEDITECH is committed to becoming a global-leading laser expertise company.

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Electrosurgical Unit


[INQ. NO. 2206E01] DE400 is a complex energy platform that enables the use of bipolar electric energy with monopolar and bipolar at the same time in a generator.
In laparoscopic surgery as well as laparotomies, this bipolar energy device is used for cutting and coagulation of blood vessels, and tissues are activated by a single generator including the function of an electrosurgical unit for the patient’s safety.
DE400 also has functions such as auto power control and auto power stop. Weighing 9.58kg, it consumes power of 900VA.

Syringe Infusion Pump
The main features of the DI-5000 syringe infusion pump are high accuracy, user convenience and syringe set & drug library.
DI-5000 is also equipped with a central monitoring system (wireless), which facilitates monitoring infusion state of the patient in real time.
DI-5000 can be used for patient control analgesia and target-controlled infusion. Weighing only 2.7kg, this product features accuracy of ±2%.
DAIWHA Corporation, Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of infusion pumps, electrosurgical units and energy device systems. Focusing on users’ lives as a priority, DAIWHA has been striving continuously to serve them with a better medical environment.

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Electrolyzed Ion Water Sprayer


[INQ. NO. 2205E01] Puri-Global, established to provide higher-quality health & beauty solutions, recently released its latest portable electrolyzed ion water sprayer called “SHUM mini,” which produces sterilized electrolytic water by electrolyzing water within just one minute.
SHUM mini is a small but very impressive product created with the realization of four components – mini size, portability, speed, and safety. It is efficiently designed to protect you and your loved ones in your daily life from potential harmful infections.

Officially Approved Sterilizing Power

The sterilized electrolyzed ion water created with SHUM mini is constituted with slightly acidic hypochlorous acid, and is a safe product approved as a food additive by the FDA in the USA, and Korea’s Food and Drug Administration.
The sterilized electrolyzed ion water provided by SHUM mini has broad capacities in sterilization and deodorization, so that it is effective not only against bacteria (food poisoning, pneumonia, etc.), but also against viruses (Corona, influenza, etc.).
The president of the company stressed, “I can assure users that our smart, advanced portable sanitizer is the answer to these pandemic times – as we still firmly need to keep ourselves protected from virus germs.”
Puri-Global certified the reliability of the product through the issue of what it called a “COVID-19 sterilization certificate” after testing by the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR).

Focusing on Customers’ Needs and Convenience

SHUM mini is designed based on three concepts – human friendly, eco, and easy.
With its small, light pocket-size, it is very portable for handbags, pouches, jacket pockets, etc. Thus, the user can easily use it without any restrictions in time and place.
SHUM mini can produce 20ml and 30ml of sterilized electrolyzed ion water within a relatively very short time of one minute. It can spray about 200~300times. It is easily rechargeable anytime and anywhere with a supplementary battery and notebook through USB cable. With only one time of charging, it can create sterilized electrolyzed ion water up to 100 times.
“In a time when global citizens are still suffering from the effects of COVID-19 and influenza A/B virus, I sincerely hope that our SHUM mini can become a solution that contributes to the health control of all community members. So, please show your support for this stylishly and compactly designed, yet strong product that can kill 99.9% of germs,” the company president added.

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RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System


[INQ. NO. 2204E03] Developed in 2019, the RF (Radio Frequency) hyperthermia healthcare system ‘SIRIUS’ is popular among many consumers for raising human body temperature with unique ideas that no one has ever thought of, and improving blood circulation and metabolism.
SIRIUS emits bionic energy or produces deep heating, regenerates cells, and raises the body resistance and reparative power of nature. It keeps in good condition all kinds of body systems like the lymphs/blood circulation system.

RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System

SIRIUS is a painless hyperthermia therapy to raise 39 to 45 degree Celsius tissue temperature. This increases the endogenous body heat that induces vasodilation, which leads to speeding up cellular metabolism. Therefore, reinforcing the self-healing function of the body, SIRIUS is ideally performed five times per week; for some individuals, this treatment works well with fewer applications.
Since its establishment in 1996, GEMTECH CO., LTD. has grown into an innovative enterprise and venture company through constant efforts. Having its own research institute, it develops, manufactures, and sells personal healthcare and hospital medical devices and rehabilitation systems (gait rehabilitation).

RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System

GEMTECH has developed/designed and produced products, and provided services under the GMP system and ISO13485-international quality management system for medical devices. The research institute affiliated with the company, which has excellent human resources in technology, has established itself as a venture company that develop creative and innovative products always considering human health.
Developed and produced in 2019, the high-frequency stimulator (RF hyperthermia system) is popular with many consumers for raising human body temperature with unique ideas that no one has ever thought of, and improving blood circulation and metabolism. Since 2015, GEMTECH has been expanding its export markets every year.

RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System

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Professional DVT Prevention System


[INQ. NO. 2204E02] DVT-4000S is designed to continuously manage and monitor the status and progress of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis in high-risk patients — especially those requiring long-term preventive treatment at home after leaving hospital, as well as for those requiring pre-operative care.

Pneumatic Tourniquet System
DTS-3000 is a smart pneumatic hemostatic system with advanced features such as an automatic Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) sensor, data storage, max pressure 700mmHg, 7-inch LCD screen, safety alarm system and built-in battery.

Professional DVT Prevention System
Professional DVT Prevention System

Semi-professional Compression System
LF900 is a semi-professional compression system with a compact design and effective therapy programs including four compression modes. The device provides automatic operation with an easy START / STOP button — or you can select more customized programs like time, pressure, speed, chamber to be inflated, and mode.
Since 1986, DS MAREF has been a company specializing in pneumatic medical equipment having various products lineups such as DVT prevention system, pneumatic tourniquet system, cryo compression system, air compression system for lymphatic drainage, and hand rehabilitation exercise device. Its products are exported to about 80 countries.
In addition, DS MAREF focuses on the management of products and operating systems that meet not only technical skills but also standardized medical device standards around the world, and are certified by ISO9001, EN13485, KGMP, CE, FDA, CFDA, ANVIZA, and TGA.
DS MAREF is growing into a brand that people around the world can use with confidence by strengthening its technology, based on strict medical device quality standards and global certifications.

Professional DVT Prevention System

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Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit


[INQ. NO. 2204E01] DAIWHA Corporation, Ltd. has been in operation for 43 years, and is a company specialized in the manufacturing of infusion pumps and surgical units. Focusing on people’s lives above all, DAIWHA has strived always to provide customers with a better medical environment.
DAIWHA’s infusion pumps mainly feature high accuracy, user convenience, and an IV set & syringe library. They are also equipped with a central monitoring system (wireless), which facilitates monitoring the infusion state of the patient in real time; and it can be used for patient-control analgesia and target-controlled infusion.

Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit

The electrosurgical unit under the brand name DE400 is a complex energy platform, all in one. It enables the use of bipolar electric energy with monopolar and bipolar at the same time in a generator. In laparoscopic surgery as well as laparotomy, the bipolar energy device, which is used for cut and coagulation of blood vessels and tissues, is activated by a single generator included the function of the electrosurgical unit. For the patient’s safety, DE400 also has functions such as auto power control and auto power stop.

Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit

MEDISONIC DU-SERIES is an ultrasonic energy-device that is used for cutting and sealing blood vessels and tissue during open and minimally invasive surgery. It is the first domestic surgical energy device with a 90% market share among global medical device manufacturers.
The integrated transducer which converts electricity into ultrasonic energy reduces the costs of continuous replacement and sterilization. Moreover, it provides convenience as the cable is not twisted during operation.
MEDISONIC (338g) is made of lightweight materials to minimize fatigue of the user’s wrist by being lighter than other products.

Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit

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