Smart Socket when the power of an appliance connected to a socket or a power strip is turned off, standby power is still present, causing a waste of energy and environmental pollution including CO2.
Previously, passive methods such as removing a plug or pressing a switch button were used to save standby power. With this system, unlike the previously used passive methods, standby power is automatically cut off when the power of an appliance in use is turned off using the IoT technology-support smart socket of Network Korea Co., Ltd. Therefore, it makes use of a product conveniently and reduces energy consumption.
Furthermore, an appliance can be used conveniently by cancelling the standby power setting and the power of a product that is not turned off can be controlled remotely. It can be scheduled depending on the beginning and ending of workdays so it can save energy and makes the use of an appliance more convenient. For chargeable products, standby power is cut off automatically even though the power of an appliance is not turned off when an appliance is charged 97~100%. Therefore, it saves energy and also protects the battery.


Because standby power and power consumption can be checked in real-time, energy can be managed spontaneously. It also offers airconditioning and heating management, safe service for senior citizens living alone, and secure power control service. Moreover, the smart power strip includes a patented technology that each of 5 sockets individually cuts off standby power automatically, which means users don’t need to input standby power value of appliances manually, unlike similar products in market.
Network Korea, established in 2003, is a company based on business constructing transmission-line networks related to backbone network operators including KT. As it has been focusing on R&D to pioneer new growth business fields since 2014, we are recently advancing into the IT convergence business field including development of web & mobile based smart home power control solution products, etc.
Recently, Network Korea received the Minister of SMEs and Startups award when it was selected as a “Hidden Five-Star” at the Small Business Marketing Fair and appeared on the MBC Special Live Show. Network Korea hasregistered four patents in Korea including standby power automatic setting and automatic disconnection technology. Network Korea has also applied for overseas PCT and EU patents. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

World’s First Self-lighting Candle[INQ. NO. 1804E02] LUMOS CANDLE is the world’s first auto-ignition candle. When you light a candle, it is common for your hand to get burned or hurt, and you cannot light a candle unless you have an ignition tool. On the other hand, LUMOS CANDLE lights up just by pressing its button. Even if you have difficulty using a lighter or are uncomfortable with your hands, you can easily light it. You can thus enjoy the candle more safely and comfortably.
LUMOS CANDLE is a handmade candle with natural soy ingredients. All products are made of high quality soy wax and selected fragrance oil without using paraffin. The refill candle can be easily inserted and removed from the pad. So, if you have used up your candle or want to use a different fragrance, you can remove the existing refill candle and place a new refill candle on the pad, then you can use it right away. LUMOS CANDLE is stabilized on a pad to minimize shaking so the refill candle can fit onto the pad stably. Additionally a lighter is a consumable item, but the LUMOS PAD can be used semi-permanently with a built-in rechargeable battery. You can use it for more than four months once it is fully charged (Based on use of four times per day).
Lumos Candle Co., Ltd., was established in November 2016 as a start-up company. In July 2017, it succeeded in launching the world’s first one-touch automatic ignition candle, and is currently developing a smart candle capable of connecting with smartphones. The company aims to build a more convenient and safer living culture through the smartization of everyday things, and the company is striving to develop smart products that people need in their daily lives. In addition, the company ultimately aims to provide safe and environment-friendly services based on big data acquired through IoT of smart products with sensors.


Lumos Candle, which has been approved as a venture company, has drawn great interest in technology and products from home and abroad. In the case of Korea, reward-funding succeeded with a high success rate of 340% through Wadiz crowdfunding in May 2017. Lumos Candle has proven its distinctiveness by winning the Grand Prize in the Regional Entrepreneur League Competition and the achievement of making it into the Challenging K-Startup Finals (100 teams selected in a competition rate of 40 to 1). Currently, the company is also receiving continuous interest from many buyers in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and so forth. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Lithium primary batteries

[INQ. NO. 1506E04] As the world’s first power solution and service provider, Vitzrocell has been one of the most reliable lithium primary battery manufacturers in the world with various product line-ups that can be applied to diverse industrial uses. This lithium battery expert early commercialized products that are suitable for various applications including a utility meter (AMR), asset tracking, security, leak detector and military devices & equipment, and maintained solid market leadership for a considerable period. By applying such accumulated performance and confidence, this maker is now expanding its business into markets of the military, RFID tags for heavy equipment and containers, toll pass equipment, wireless terminals, ocean equipment, new electronic appliances and medical devices. Vitzrocell is seeing significant growth of its market presence in the local AMR market.

The lithium battery is generally divided into the Bobbin type which is made by the anode formation process and the wound type which is made by the electrode spreading & winding process. The former is a proper power source for long-term use with low-current (μA to a few mA), while the latter is a proper one for machines that require short-term use and bigger power generation.

Vitzrocell’s TEKCELL lithium batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.6volts, higher than any other commercially available batteries.

Lithium-primary-batteriesThe batteries are capable of operating in a wide temperature range normally from -55˚C ~ 85˚C. They have commonly less than 1% self-discharge after one-year storage at 20˚C. The applied electrochemical system offers the highest energy density of any available primary batteries (up to 650Wh/kg and 1,280Wh/dm3).

All of the TEKCELL primary lithium batteries are UL-recognized, and meet UN transportation test requirements. And they offer prolonged storage with a proven shelf life of 10 years when stored at normal room temperature.

Vitzrocell’s SB-AAO2 lithium primary battery, as a bobbin type, has many competitive features such as high and stable operating voltage, low self-discharge rate (less than 1% after 1 year of storage at 20˚C), non-flammable inorganic electrolyte, hermetic glass-to-metal sealing, RoHS compliance, and non-restricted for transport.

And there are two other highly attractive battery products, high temperature battery and EDLC (Super Capacitor).

The former high temperature battery is used as power source of equipment that is especially used in very challenging environmental conditions including high temperature, high vibration, etc. and as power source for monitoring of drilling equipment when oil and gas drilling operations. This product surpasses other similar products in terms of performance, prices, and delivery. And the latter is used as subsidiary power source of new generation energy (wind, solar energy) and is adopted for smart home appliances including TVs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods