Smart Socket when the power of an appliance connected to a socket or a power strip is turned off, standby power is still present, causing a waste of energy and environmental pollution including CO2.
Previously, passive methods such as removing a plug or pressing a switch button were used to save standby power. With this system, unlike the previously used passive methods, standby power is automatically cut off when the power of an appliance in use is turned off using the IoT technology-support smart socket of Network Korea Co., Ltd. Therefore, it makes use of a product conveniently and reduces energy consumption.
Furthermore, an appliance can be used conveniently by cancelling the standby power setting and the power of a product that is not turned off can be controlled remotely. It can be scheduled depending on the beginning and ending of workdays so it can save energy and makes the use of an appliance more convenient. For chargeable products, standby power is cut off automatically even though the power of an appliance is not turned off when an appliance is charged 97~100%. Therefore, it saves energy and also protects the battery.


Because standby power and power consumption can be checked in real-time, energy can be managed spontaneously. It also offers airconditioning and heating management, safe service for senior citizens living alone, and secure power control service. Moreover, the smart power strip includes a patented technology that each of 5 sockets individually cuts off standby power automatically, which means users don’t need to input standby power value of appliances manually, unlike similar products in market.
Network Korea, established in 2003, is a company based on business constructing transmission-line networks related to backbone network operators including KT. As it has been focusing on R&D to pioneer new growth business fields since 2014, we are recently advancing into the IT convergence business field including development of web & mobile based smart home power control solution products, etc.
Recently, Network Korea received the Minister of SMEs and Startups award when it was selected as a “Hidden Five-Star” at the Small Business Marketing Fair and appeared on the MBC Special Live Show. Network Korea hasregistered four patents in Korea including standby power automatic setting and automatic disconnection technology. Network Korea has also applied for overseas PCT and EU patents. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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