Smart Factory Platform “WimFactory”[INQ. NO. 1708E02] UlalaLAB in the Smart Content Center of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency was selected as one of the top 10 global start-ups in recognition of WimFactory, a smart factory platform based on the IIoT (Industrial IoT) and data in the fourth industrial revolution sector. The start-up introduced a smart factory not for large companies such as GE and Siemens but rather for small and mid-sized enterprises.
“I feel honored as our company was singled out as one of the top 10 via an evaluation by the judging committee consisting of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and influential industry experts,” said Kang Hak-joo, CEO of UlalaLAB. “I hope that WimFactory will be a big helpinghand to many manufacturing companies brooding over the construction of smart factories due to the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.”
Smart factory platform WimFactory by UlalaLAB can be built by attaching the smart factory IoT device Wicon of UlalaLAB’s own development to existing facilities and equipment after connecting it to a measurement sensor. Its device cost is one-tenth of the price of an existing platform. Monthly cloud cost enables people to use the service easily and conveniently.
Accordingly, this greatly reduces burdens of initial smart factory construction costs. Users can monitor real-time data from equipment collected through Wicon with smartphones, PCs, tablets and so forth.
UlalaLAB is currently providing the WimFactory platform to a Nike footwear manufacturing company in Indonesia and Atlas Copco Korea, a Swedish equipment company. The company is headquartered in the Smart Content Center of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wave full-body Workout Machines[INQ. NO. 1708E01] The all new Sonix Wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced Sonic Wave Therapy System, using SonicWorld’s unique electromagnetic technology and the principle of sound speakers.
Unlike the method of creating complex vibrations by rotating the existing motor at speed, the Sonix wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced science to deliver to the human body by generating precise Sonic Wave of infrasound using the electromagnetic technology and the principle of a speaker. This is the world’s first equipment optimized for the principle of vibration to resolve the problems with noise and component wear that the motor method has caused problems with.
Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise stimulates one’s deeper fine muscles as well as the large muscles that are not as easy to exercise as the usual fine muscle, to induce a quick stretching effect and recovery from muscle fatigue. Sonic Wave stimulates the facial muscles and bone and tissue cells, as well as the whole body −providing the very best workout effect, which one had never experienced before.
Sonix adopted electromagnetic technologies and speaker mechanism to generate sonicwave vibrations with frequencies of 3 to 50Hz. Sonix generates vertical vibrations very precisely and stably which are to be delivered to the person on the plate. These vibrations penetrate deep into the individual organs and cells and stimulate them, giving the effect of physical exercise or workout, or perhaps an even better effect.

Sonix allows you to adjust vibrating frequencies and intensity levels independently, according to your physical conditions. The beneficial effects of whole body vibration from Sonix include the increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density, and growth hormone and the improvement of blood and lymph circulation. These advantages would be good for the elderly, sickly patients, the disabled, the injured, the obese, and not to mention the ladies, and it is applicable to all sectors of the healthcare industry. SonicWorld has already received a certificate from the FDA and CE.
SonicWorld is working to add value to human life for health and happiness of humankind by innovative challenges and efforts, representing the wonderful harmony between humans and nature. SonicWorld is based on Human respect, ethical and transparent management, value-added creation as mission statements, and according to these principles we will strive always to be a company earning trust and respect from society.
SonicWorld has developed a new market for whole body vibration machines by using sonic wave, which replaces the existing market of motor type whole body vibration machine. SonicWorld has already launched SW-VM10 in 2010, which was very well-received all around the world, and this led to the SW-VC12 and SW-VH11 models developing new markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Cramps Easing Device[INQ. NO. 1706E03] This is a product easing cramps using transcutaneous nerve stimulation technology of Insung Infomation, known as HiCare-Ladysms TENS. It is the latest crampeasing device applying cramps-easing technology that is suddenly capturing the limelight.
Examining its operational principles, a pain-relieving action works as a particular low-frequency signal blocks a nerve pathway where a pain stimulus occurring in the womb or stomach is transmitted to the brain. It can be used safely without tolerance since a blocking effect continues working for a couple of minutes during and after the time when a signal is working.
A user can enjoy immediate effects by using this product, so he or she can quickly feel effective pain relief within just 1~5 minutes of wearing it. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes until the effect of a pain reliever is felt to be working.
Above all, it is easy to carry, featuring a company subminiature size (similar to the size of a lip balm) of 22g and 3x5cm. It operates for up to 11 hours with a single battery charging. It can be charged using a USB cable.
It also features outstanding safety. As a result of a clinical test implemented by Seoul Asan Hospital, its positive effects showed in all subjects (100%). There were no reported toxicity- and side- effects shown during a clinical test. This product obtained KFDA, CFDA and CE certifications as its beneficial effects are proven through clinical tests. TENS is technology where its cramps- easing effects are proven by clinical tests worldwide. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Access Control System[INQ. NO. 1706E02] Myoungjin S&T recently released its latest access control system, Speed Gate (SG-MJ500). SG-MJ500 is a system that helps to prevent information leakage in advance and save maintenance cost, by restricting unauthorized access to the user’s security data.
When the system is activated, trespassers are not allowed access due to use of the sliding mode. It will open automatically in correspondence with a fire or blackout. The 12mm safety tempered glass is used to provide safety and convenience for users. The diagonal structure of the card reader makes card reading easier when compared to other existing products and creates a pleasant working environment with its sophisticated design.
This product is 1400mm X 960mm X 300mm in size, giving a smarter look than previous models. Stainless steel is applied to the side panel, and carbon film and ral color marble are applied to the upper wood. Stainless resin is used in the front part. AC tractor with microprocessor is applied.The RFID reader is the essential component in the system, while bar-code is applied as option. Effective operation is possible at -20°C~ 60°C. Access control program, guide fence, handicap and disabled gate, RFID reader, mobile reader and fingerprint reader are available separately. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Softseed, Released ‘Mint T Wallet,’ a Travel Ledger for iOS[INQ. NO. 1706E01] Softseed recently released ‘Mint T Wallet,’ a travel ledger for iOS at App Store. The travel ledger application launched by Softseed at this time is the iOS version of the previously manufactured ‘Mint T Wallet’ for Android. ‘Mint T Wallet’ for Android and iOS are compatible, so a user’s data can be transferred intact, even if a user switches to a different model.
‘Mint T Wallet’ never saves a user’s personal information, so there are no concerns for users worrying about recent privacy problems. Only a user can confirm not only his/her location but also a money-spending record.
In the iOS version of the updated ‘Mint T Wallet,’ the UI design became neater as it was dramatically improved and cover registration for each travel, review and rating functions are added. This update was made by considering the fact that users of the existing Android application are concentrated in foreign markets such as Japan, Europe, etc., rather than in Korea.
Advantages of ‘Mint T Wallet’ are demonstrated in the restore function. Backup files can be transferred to iCloud to resolve inconvenience when restoring and past records can be extracted as a CSV form, etc. only with a couple of touches. A user’s information is stored only in an email in these all processes.
Moreover, ‘Mint T Wallet’ simply informs by applying an exchange rate of a basic currency when a user enters an amount and shows a current location and a relation of the current spending accumulation compared to a budget while travelling. Furthermore, when a user pushes ‘See a Report’ after completing travel, he or she can recall his/her travel through a location where he/she spent money or a memo that he/she recorded.
Seung-mi Lee, the CEO of Softseed explained, “We tried to allow iOS users to conveniently use the product by adding 3D-touch and today’s widget functions to improve accessibility of the current Mint T Wallet. We are planning to develop the iOS version of Good Calendar.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LED UV Printers[INQ. NO. 1704E05] DMPS’s latest UV LED printer(DMP- 4275UV) can print on diverse materials like plastic, metal, wood, and acryl. High-quality realistic images, logo, and text can be printed. UV ink is strong in durability, strong against chemicals, providing white ink to print on dark products.

UV ink does not tarnish much, is strongly resistant to chemicals printable on diverse materials, and has excellent durability. LED lamp has a long life, and does not generate ozone. As the LED lamp does not generate high heat, it can be used for materials susceptible to heat. Unlike a disposable cartridge, this system can make use of 100% ink. A sensor automatically controls the distance of a print head. If DMPS RIB is selected, white and color can be printed at the same time.

Printable area is 360mm x 750mm (14” x 29.5”). Printable maximum material thickness is 150mm(5.9”). Printable materials include wood, metal, ceramic tile, plastic, glass, industrial parts, and promotion products.

Based on nearly 20-years of manufacturing experience in screen printers and accumulated technology, DMPS has grown into a leading printer manufacturer with product lines for direct digital fl at printers and UV LED digital fl at printers.

DMPS’s printers are widely used for a variety of products, including digital decoration or signs, interior products, gift products and plaques. Although it holds the largest market share, the company continues its R&D eff orts to develop new printers desired by customers and various special inks to accommodate a wide range of media. The company produces customer-oriented products.

To increase precision, safety and user-friendly features, its products are backed by international certifi cations, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE and patents. Also, it provides customer services within 12 hours after a request for A/S. Its prompt customer services are applied to the global markets as it opens its branch offi ces in North America and Europe and localizes its marketing strategy.

DMPS stays ahead in developing new printing technology, which delivers high-quality printing in full color, high resolution, direct printing on objects, eco-friendly printing systems such as UV-LED printing and eco-friendly inks. Its printers are the best choice for printing, regardless of desired production volume. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Industrial Precision Chillers[INQ. NO. 1704E04] Hyundai Eng. produces various-sized industrial precision chillers (over 400HP), fully reflecting the buyers’ working environment. Hyundai Eng.’s current major items include air-cooled type chillers, water-cooled type chillers, laser-type chillers, air-type chiller series, and oil-cooled type chiller series, heating water and oil temperature controllers.

The auto chillers from the company are being actively used for such varied purposes as laser machinery, semiconductor machinery, processing machinery, molding machinery, medical instruments, chemical reaction machinery, printing equipment, food processing machinery, etc.

Hyundai Eng. is specialized in developing and manufacturing automatic chillers for industrial machinery since its founding in 1983. Hyundai Eng. has been efficiently producing industrial chillers for 30 years as a pioneer in the Korean refrigeration industry. As a pioneer in the manufacturing and export of a wide range of chillers, Hyundai Eng. has earned a solid reputation with substantial experience as well as accumulated technical expertise. Hyundai Eng. supplies quality products by faithfully fulfilling the demanding requirements of global customers.

The current flagship export target regions are the USA, Russia, the UK, East Asia, Middle East and some potential markets in Europe, South America, etc. are being targeted by the company as a new generation of growth markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis(BIA)

[INQ. NO. 1704E03] InBody’s SMF-BIA (Patent registration number: US 8271079) is specialized in simultaneous multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis. A shift of body composition and change in water distribution of the body causes inaccurate measurements when the body composition was analyzed by former technology.

InBody with its exclusive technology overcomes this limitation by flowing the multi-frequencies instantly at the same time. The innovative technology is called SMF-BIA which guarantees high accuracy of measurement is proudly introduced by the InBody770 with its new generation and is fast and easy.

Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface with voice guidance that lets you easily take the InBody test and collect results. It comes in two different test modes, Self-Mode and Professional Mode. The examinee can easily take the test with the Self Mode by only entering his or her own height. When the Professional Mode is on, more detailed consultation information is provided on the screen.

PC with the InBody via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is recommended. User data will be listed up in your PC and by using it, you can remotely control the InBody570, save details of the user, and manage appointments with email service. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Integrated and Automated Analytics Platform[INQ. NO. 1704E02] Amgine Securus Inc. has designed a technology solution titled “Threatsift” for enhanced investigation. This technology makes it possible to profile correlations between intrusion groups and intrusion incidents as well as the intruders through an automated analysis framework utilizing diverse invasive resources such as malware, URL and phishing mail.
Few organizations really understand their cyber security incidents and are typically not well-prepared in terms of processes. In practice, it is often difficult for organizations to identify the incident they are facing until they have carried out an investigation.
Threatsift enables integrated and automated analytics platforms based on extensive intrusion resources (Domain, IP, PE, PE32+, APK, EML, PCAP, PDF, FLASH, etc.). It provides the basis for linkage analysis and history management with regard to the results of automated analytics. It supports strategic responses to advanced, organized threats on the basis of extensive analyses of resource reputation.

It enables unified responses to mass invasive resources through prompt analysis and collection of evidence. It can guide response contacts based on the results of linkage analysis into the characteristics of intruders and intrusions. Thus, the technology ensures enhanced competence in monitoring, analyzing, and counteracting invasive resources used by intrusion groups.
Amgine Securus Inc. has continued to establish cyber intelligence and investigation systems for major public institutions and governmental agencies in South Korea. In particular, Amgine has accumulated its core competencies through a great deal of experience in the development of innovative materialization for interrelationship of threat resources and has the ownership of pertinent solutions in the fields of cyber investigation, threat response, and digital forensics. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

ENT Total Treatment Unit[INQ. NO. 1704E01] Mega Medical’s NET-3000A ENT total treatment unit is among its most competitive medical equipment, which is designed to handle treatments for the otorhinolaryngology field collectively in one place, and is composed of four sprays and two suctions. This model weighs 250kg, consuming 600~1400W. Its dimensions are 1900(W) x 780(L) x 820(H).
This is the best luxury type ENT examination and diagnosis unit for ENT specialists. Limited NET-3000A can maximize the user’s treatment capability to meet any complicate treatment environment in your clinic, which ensures you the great satisfaction of your customers.
The most efficient fitting design is adopted for completing ENT diagnosis space. An all-in-one workstation is realized thanks to its superior ergonomic design. Various instrument containers are available, and diverse useful options also are available to match the user’s preferences.
The medical device field has been growing very quickly in tandem with income-level improvement, the aging population, and the increasing significance of welfare policies. However, the reality of the domestic industry is that Korea still relies on expensive imported medical devices.
This company was established in 1995 to develop the domestic medical industry and to create national wealth, as a venture company specialized in medical devices. It began with ENT unit development in the early stage of its business, and has developed a visual system and nebulizing system, leading the domestic market, and growing to become one of the world’s top five companies in the global market.
Since 2005, it has advanced into becoming a leading player in the skin/obesity market, which is growing rapidly, and has grown as a professional consulting company that provides total solutions beyond just equipment manufacturing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods