High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802E01] Hongik Medical Systems recently launched a compact high-pressure steam sterilizer. The sterilizer is convenient to operate thanks to its one-touch mode and can sterilize handpieces and instruments of various kinds at once. It is possible to perfectly sterilize them in a short time by putting saturated steam in the chamber. The sterilizer is very small so easy to install even in a small space. The sterilizer minimizes the wear of handpiece cartridges and instruments and helps to extend their service lives. It is safe to use the sterilizer as the sterilizer is loaded with double (electrical and mechanical) safety devices. Its sterilization time is short, which can elevate turnovers of handpieces and instruments.
Its operating mechanism is similar to that of general high-pressure steam sterilizers but this sterilizer differentiates itself from other similar products in that it has a two-liter chamber and reduces operation time from start to end to 10 minutes. This product was developed to safely and quickly sterilize various small medical devices such as dental mirrors, implants, scalers as well as handpieces.
Its chamber is 3cm longer than other products, which maximizes the user’s convenience when inserting and pulling out handpieces and utensils. Hongik Medical Systems developed and is producing the sterilizer on its own. It is superior in quality and performance than other products. It is easy to replace old consumables with new ones and repair. The sterilizer is 200 (W)X413 (H)X450(D) mm. Its chamber is Φ89 x 215 (D) mm. It weighs 14kg and its accessories include an external printer and cartridges among others.


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VR Simulations for Safety Education

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712E02] Soltworks’s Safety Education VR Simulation, provides a virtual experience of a 100-meter fall at a construction site where workers sometimes fall, and provides preventive measures. It can be applied not only to construction sites but also to various fields and pre-work safety education. This is Saltworks’s differentiated VR technology that provides a sense for the real through virtual experience and maximizes users’ immersion.
In addition, a tower crane and forklift accident experience based on AR technology enable workers to pre-learn and prevent accidents that may occur on construction sites through augmented reality. Furthermore, this solution provides detailed information on and checklists of parts to help users master the equipment.

‘High-Speed Train Maintenance Simulation’ provides preliminary inspections before high-speed train operations and provides virtual simulations of unexpected situations occurring during operation. This can be applied not only to training programs for mechanics for high-speed trains, but also those for subways and airplanes.
Established in 2008, Saltworks secured content planning and development coverage in a variety of fields including medical information systems and public sector VR simulations based on cutting-edge military logistics solution development technologies such as maintenance training simulations and general military logistics support development projects. Excellent planning and development personnel gathered at Seoul Headquarters, Daejeon and Sacheon Sites, empowering Saltworks to serve as a 4th industry leader.

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Big Data Space Service

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712E01] Dataking, famous for its big data space service that incorporates computer vision IT, recently released the 2.0 version of the BideoMap. It is an upgrade of the 1.0 version released in December 2016, and the upgrade was implemented with active investment by Korea Investment Corporation (LX).
BideoMap is a service that can recreate a 360-degree panoramic image on a map. Anyone can easily upload and enjoy 360-degree contents on YouTube and Google Maps. In addition to uploading, you can also share contents with people around the world by using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.
Moreover, BideoMap can be easily used without registration. The service is practical as it can work with Google Maps without a log-in. Users can get their hands on their desired information anywhere without blind spots and go directly to Google Maps.
Moreover, advertisers can use BideoMap as a v-commerce platform. They can promote your restaurants, hotels, activities, and more via a channel. The features of the newly released version 2.0 of BideoMap can be explained through two major features – its buffering speed and user environment.
Reducing existing video buffering speed by 50%, the service cuts buffering speed by 10 seconds, showing a big improvement in user environments of target users such as expanding a 360VR video driving screen and changing web main color among others.
Currently, Dataking is adding 360-degree VR contents that can be viewed by clicking on “museums and galleries” on Google Maps. The project has university museums participating, including those from Sookmyung Women’s University, Samji University, the National Museum of Korea and D Museum and is expected to offer useful information to students.
Dataking’s BideoMap 2.0 is expected to be used in a variety of other fields including education, movies, music videos, and sports broadcasting. However, its VR function is normally operated only in VR viewer devices and is replaced with a 3D image for a user who does not have a VR viewer device.
On the other hand, BideoMap is attracting attention not only from Koreans but also from various users worldwide, both young and old. As of July 2017, there are about 12,286 global users of BideoMap, which is growing by 10% per month. BideoMap is being used in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, and other countries, and the number of using countries and users are expected to soar upwards in the future.

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Smartphone Cases

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1710E01] Divine is a company that researches and develops smartphone cases and accessories. All smartphone cases and accessories are made in Korea.

Divine is seeking to pioneer potential markets and buyers with three key smartphone cases – touch case, hard case, and touch armor case.

Touch case

This product’s front face is a transparent case that needs no additional protective film for front liquid crystal. It is different to existing smartphone cases as its usage is intended to cover its rear side.
This case is not cracked and permanently deformed when twisted or dropped accidentally. It is economical to purchase only the front case rather than to buy the protection film and side case.

Hard case

Rear case (hard case) has a split-type structure and finally the various color combinations of hard case is available for individuality the two-color combination of hard cases creates four kinds of hard case types.(Four-color combination creates 16 types). This protects either the rear side or corner of the smartphone case. All the corners are round-shape designed.

Touch Armor Case (①touch case + ②hard case)

After the front case and rear case are combined, the touch function and all other functions of the smartphone are perfectly available and convenient.

When the smartphone is dropped to the ground this case protects either the front liquid crystal, side face or rear face from scratch or breakage.

This prevents not only the expensive liquid crystal from breakage but also maintains its own smartphone design. The thickness of front case is so slim and thin that it is convenient to carry.

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Fluid Injection Status Information Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1709E02] Mediucare has been pursuing the innovation of fluid controllers by improving simplicity and accuracy of the intravenous drip method, which has become popular worldwide, by improving the adjustment function of the fluid controller, customer satisfaction and medical management. Mediucare, is a newly established company based in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
The fluid injection status information device is a device that monitors injected amounts and fluid status by detecting drops of fluid inside a chamber with an LED sensor. This device can reduce costs of intravenous drip methods with it is relatively cost-effective, compared with infusion pumps.
It can also reduce any potential danger from over-speeding injection, any risk from stoppage and exhaustion of fluid and therefore relieve any anxiety of patients.
Having developed the fluid injection status information device in 2017, which is under KFDA’s certification process, the company plans to advance into the global market by releasing the product in the first half of 2018 and acquiring international medical device certification in the latter half.


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Medical Navigation and a Balloon Catheter

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1709E01] Established in 1995, Megamedical Co., Ltd. is a venture company specialized in medical devices. Having started with the successful localization of an E.N.T. unit at the beginning of its establishment, it has been able to develop full-HD imaging systems and breathing treatment devices with continuous R&D on medical devices.
Lately, Megamedical has successfully developed medical navigation for the first time in Korea and a balloon catheter for interlocking with this navigation. The medical navigation is a cutting-edge medical device that provides detailed information on parts of the body where an endoscope cannot reach, which facilitates safe surgeries.
Naviloon, the balloon catheter, for interlocking with the navigation, is also a useful device in many fields. Namely, it is an expendable product effective for medical purposes such as ‘paranasal sinus balloon dilatation.’ A sensor is integrated on the interior of the balloon catheter to confirm an exact location with the navigation, which assists more convenient and safer surgeries. Based on the requests of surgeons, its design has been improved to reduce fatigue during surgeries. An LED-type balloon catheter that enables diphanoscopic surgeries in a form of transillumination and a balloon catheter for transfer purposes are now under development.


The patented navigation and balloon catheter have gone through GMP tests and been approved for manufacturing by KFDA. The company is expected to contribute to raising the status of Korea as a world-class medical device manufacturing country by utilizing the localization of the navigation and balloon catheter as the second take-off platform.

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Water-filter Vacuum Cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E03] There is an enterprise that successfully tried for several years to develop a new-concept water-filter cleaner using water of a new type as a filter in order to solve the problems of the existing filter-type vacuum cleaners such as filter clogging, motor overheating, life shortening, finedust emission, deterioration of suction force, etc.
The new-concept water-filter cleaners (TC-S20WF, TCS50WF, TC-S50WFW, TC-S70WF) that are being produced and sold by TECCOM after recent development and patent registration use water as a filter. It thus adopts the principle that it absorbs dust, foreign objects, and harmful substances by power of the motor when it is operated after filling a certain amount of water in the collecting container. It catches the fine dust, foreign objects, etc. by mixing them with water well by conducting bubbling in the water.
Water-filter cleaner has excellent function to remove ultrafine dust, foreign objects, harmful substances, etc., and as its filter is water, it is free from clogging, and is efficient. Strong suction force is maintained from beginning to end, and as there is no emission of secondary fine dust, the indoor space is comfortable and there is no harm to health. It has long motor life and superior durability, and as there is no filter consumption. Apart from being economical and ecofriendly, it is also notable that cleaning of the cleaner is easy and convenient as there is no filter.
Based on these characteristics, TECCOM water-filter cleaner is very effective in the following places – home, office, factory, hospital, electrical and electronic factory, food factory, chemical factory, and workplaces where large amounts of fine dust and mites are generated, as well as places where dust, mote, etc. are generated a lot such as industrial sites or building-construction sites, etc.

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Smart Factory Platform “WimFactory”

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E02] UlalaLAB in the Smart Content Center of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency was selected as one of the top 10 global start-ups in recognition of WimFactory, a smart factory platform based on the IIoT (Industrial IoT) and data in the fourth industrial revolution sector. The start-up introduced a smart factory not for large companies such as GE and Siemens but rather for small and mid-sized enterprises.
“I feel honored as our company was singled out as one of the top 10 via an evaluation by the judging committee consisting of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and influential industry experts,” said Kang Hak-joo, CEO of UlalaLAB. “I hope that WimFactory will be a big helpinghand to many manufacturing companies brooding over the construction of smart factories due to the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.”
Smart factory platform WimFactory by UlalaLAB can be built by attaching the smart factory IoT device Wicon of UlalaLAB’s own development to existing facilities and equipment after connecting it to a measurement sensor. Its device cost is one-tenth of the price of an existing platform. Monthly cloud cost enables people to use the service easily and conveniently.
Accordingly, this greatly reduces burdens of initial smart factory construction costs. Users can monitor real-time data from equipment collected through Wicon with smartphones, PCs, tablets and so forth.
UlalaLAB is currently providing the WimFactory platform to a Nike footwear manufacturing company in Indonesia and Atlas Copco Korea, a Swedish equipment company. The company is headquartered in the Smart Content Center of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

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Wave full-body Workout Machines

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E01] The all new Sonix Wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced Sonic Wave Therapy System, using SonicWorld’s unique electromagnetic technology and the principle of sound speakers.
Unlike the method of creating complex vibrations by rotating the existing motor at speed, the Sonix wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced science to deliver to the human body by generating precise Sonic Wave of infrasound using the electromagnetic technology and the principle of a speaker. This is the world’s first equipment optimized for the principle of vibration to resolve the problems with noise and component wear that the motor method has caused problems with.
Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise stimulates one’s deeper fine muscles as well as the large muscles that are not as easy to exercise as the usual fine muscle, to induce a quick stretching effect and recovery from muscle fatigue. Sonic Wave stimulates the facial muscles and bone and tissue cells, as well as the whole body −providing the very best workout effect, which one had never experienced before.
Sonix adopted electromagnetic technologies and speaker mechanism to generate sonicwave vibrations with frequencies of 3 to 50Hz. Sonix generates vertical vibrations very precisely and stably which are to be delivered to the person on the plate. These vibrations penetrate deep into the individual organs and cells and stimulate them, giving the effect of physical exercise or workout, or perhaps an even better effect.

Sonix allows you to adjust vibrating frequencies and intensity levels independently, according to your physical conditions. The beneficial effects of whole body vibration from Sonix include the increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density, and growth hormone and the improvement of blood and lymph circulation. These advantages would be good for the elderly, sickly patients, the disabled, the injured, the obese, and not to mention the ladies, and it is applicable to all sectors of the healthcare industry. SonicWorld has already received a certificate from the FDA and CE.
SonicWorld is working to add value to human life for health and happiness of humankind by innovative challenges and efforts, representing the wonderful harmony between humans and nature. SonicWorld is based on Human respect, ethical and transparent management, value-added creation as mission statements, and according to these principles we will strive always to be a company earning trust and respect from society.
SonicWorld has developed a new market for whole body vibration machines by using sonic wave, which replaces the existing market of motor type whole body vibration machine. SonicWorld has already launched SW-VM10 in 2010, which was very well-received all around the world, and this led to the SW-VC12 and SW-VH11 models developing new markets.

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Cramps Easing Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E03] This is a product easing cramps using transcutaneous nerve stimulation technology of Insung Infomation, known as HiCare-Ladysms TENS. It is the latest crampeasing device applying cramps-easing technology that is suddenly capturing the limelight.
Examining its operational principles, a pain-relieving action works as a particular low-frequency signal blocks a nerve pathway where a pain stimulus occurring in the womb or stomach is transmitted to the brain. It can be used safely without tolerance since a blocking effect continues working for a couple of minutes during and after the time when a signal is working.
A user can enjoy immediate effects by using this product, so he or she can quickly feel effective pain relief within just 1~5 minutes of wearing it. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes until the effect of a pain reliever is felt to be working.
Above all, it is easy to carry, featuring a company subminiature size (similar to the size of a lip balm) of 22g and 3x5cm. It operates for up to 11 hours with a single battery charging. It can be charged using a USB cable.
It also features outstanding safety. As a result of a clinical test implemented by Seoul Asan Hospital, its positive effects showed in all subjects (100%). There were no reported toxicity- and side- effects shown during a clinical test. This product obtained KFDA, CFDA and CE certifications as its beneficial effects are proven through clinical tests. TENS is technology where its cramps- easing effects are proven by clinical tests worldwide.

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