Emergency Alarm and Location Tracking Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E06] DAEHO I&T’s emergency alarm and location tracking device Mamicall can provide alarming and location tracking service in emergencies based on Android and IOS. It is activated by pressing a single button. It has a siren function for danger situations. Pressing the button will sound a blasting alarm and an LED light will continuously inform everyone around.
A real-time location and SOS message will be auto-dialed and messaged to the designated numbers. The protector can check the protectee (mamicall holder)’s real-time location and moving route. If the protectee goes some distance away, an alarm message is sent to the protector.
The MamiCall has a slim and compact design. Beacon communication technology has reduced the inconvenience for users in attaching the device to the NFC chips on their smartphones. Priced at US$29 (on a retail basis), MamiCall surpasses other products with its competitive price and simpler operation method. DAEHO I&T has concentrated on endless investments and development of human resources, to possess high-tech capabilities. Thus, DAEHO I&T owns a one-stop system that encompasses all the steps from product planning to H/W & S/W development and mass production to provide a much improved service and products to customers.

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LTE-based Smart Container Port Operations Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E05] The LTE-based smart container port operations solution developed by YOUBIS is a kind of port automation system that can be used for container management, schedule management of loading and unloading work, etc. by recognizing the characters based on the LTE commercial network.
This solution can reduce port operation costs by utilizing smartphone and tablet PC, while it is easy to use and provides strengthened security.
Until this time, most of the domestic ports have used the foreign solutions like Navis LLC of the US, COSMOS of Belgium, etc. Now, however, import substitution effect is expected due to the development of this solution by YOUBIS.
YOUBIS has supplied its solution to major domestic container port operators such as HDC i-Controls of Hyundai Development Company Group, Hyundai Movex Co., Ltd. of Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Group, etc. YOUBIS CEO Kim Jeong-hwa commented, “Our solution is certainly not inferior to expensive foreign solutions, either in terms of price or performance. We expect to contribute to automation of Korea’s container ports.”

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Video Analysis System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E04] SPINTEL, a company specialized in the intelligent video analysis, will launch ‘PREVAX’ which is a deep learning-based video analysis system.
The video analysis system is being extended to public facilities, traffic, and harbors as well as building security control and disaster monitoring. However, there happens a problem that even unnecessary backgrounds as well as the necessary objects are analyzed, the processing capacity gets enlarged. The image should be downsized to lower resolution for analysis. However, in this case, the accuracy is reduced.
In order to solve this problem of background modeling, PINTEL has applied the deeplearning technology based on the Convolutional Neutral Network (CNN) algorithm to PREVAX. CNN is one of the most widely used algorithms of deep learning for pattern-based analysis and prediction.
‘PREVAX’ can analyze high-resolution images of full-HD and ultra-high definition (UHD) by analyzing only necessary objects through deep running, and also can quickly and accurately recognize distant objects.
Besides the accuracy, PREVAX has integrated the functions of face recognition, license plate recognition, disaster detection, counting, etc. as well as the object recognition.
‘PREVAX’ to be launched this month is the result of PINTEL’s technological integration. Though it is a start-up venture established in 2015, PINTEL achieved recognition for its technological prowess, such as obtaining the Certification of “Excellent Procurement Product” from the Public Procurement Service in September 2017, winning the Award from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, etc. PINTEL is preparing to soar even higher with PREVAX.
PINTEL has started discussions with the security companies of the Middle East, Chile, Mexico, etc. for application of PREVAX. As PREVAX was well received as an intelligent surveillance system at the exhibition of excellence commercial items held at the Ministry of National Defense Convention Center in July, the company is also discussing application of its product to the national defense sector. PREVAX will be exhibited at the Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018 to be held at KINTEX this month.
CEO Kim Dong-key commented, “With the launch of the deep learning-based PREVAX, we will make a leap forward as an enterprise leading the domestic and foreign intelligent video analysis market.”

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Gaming Laptop

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E03] Recently, ultra-high-end games have come to the stage of requiring high performance that the conventional gaming laptops cannot solve. Though it is not a problem to install highperformance hardware, increasing heat in proportion to performance is a challenge for gaming laptops.
Until now, gaming laptops have selected the air-cooled type that cools the heat by rotating a cooling fan. The aircooled type embedded a thick heat pipe in order to cool heat, and it caused the gaming laptops to become too heavy.
Odyssey Z, Samsung Electronics’ gaming laptop, has discarded the air-cooled type and boldly adopted the water-cooled type to order to become thinner and lighter. Compared with the previous model which adopted the air-cooled type, its thickness was reduced by more than 1cm and the weight was also decreased by 0.34kg compared with the previous model, so that it has become easier for the users to hold the laptop with one hand despite a weak grip.
Due to the slim thickness, it is hard to imagine that a cooler is equipped merely by judging the appearance. However, this new cooling scheme is efficient enough to easily control the strong heat of the GPU and CPU.
Odyssey Z controls the heat with ‘the Z Aero Flow Cooling System.’ By placing a thin watercontaining ‘Dynamic Spread Vapor Chamber’ under the heatgenerating CPU and GPU, it induces an endothermic reaction by generating steam at the same time as the heat generation.

The principle is that the steam is rapidly cooled by the blast that two coolers located at the bottom generate, losing the heat energy and becoming water again. Z Aero Flow can release heat more effectively than the conventional air-cooled type by repeating and circulating such endothermic and exothermic reactions.
Odyssey Z with Samsung Electronics’ unique cooling technology has enabled equipping of the highperformance hardware required for high-end games, such as GTX 1060 MAX-P, 8th CFL-H CPU, PCIe SSD, DDR4-2400, etc.
This high-performance hardware can be easily recognized by the fact that you can activate new high-end options that were not previously available when you are accessing games with Odyssey Z. In the FPS game of which the victory or defeat is determined by momentary context awareness and judgment, the gamers will be able to have an advantage by choosing the high refresh rate of maximum 120Hz provided by ‘GTX 1060 MAX-P’ and G sync option with Odyssey Z.
G sync minimizes the phenomena of screen cut-off, distortion and delay by synchronizing to GeForce GTX-based PC GPUs and dramatically improving display refresh rates. Increasing the screen scanning rate to the maximum 120Hz can result in a smoother screen and higher responsiveness, which is more advantageous when the players are fighting a fierce battle.

PCle SSD, a storage device of Odyssey Z, is also a factor enabling a pleasant game play. Odyssey Z PCle SSD, which is a step ahead of the conventional SATA SSD, boasts the processing speed up to 5.2 times as fast as that of SATA SSD (maximum 2,800MB per second) and 14 times faster than general HDD.
Capacity is also provided up to 512GB, reducing the storage burden. The gamers who know well about the working principle of SSD combining the function of a virtual memory tend to intentionally leave over 30% of the storage space for optimal play. You can even use the advantage of such big capacity for victory.
RAM is also key hardware that maximizes the capability of CPU. No matter how good the CPU you may use, it cannot function well unless the RAM is backed up. Odyssey Z has also selected the DDR SDRAM and, especially, mounted DDR4 2400MHz realizing speeds of up to 37.5GB per second, thereby raising up the processing power of ‘8th CFL-H CPU,’ which is the 8th-generation Intel CPU, to the maximum. DDR4 2400MHz memory is 1.5 times as fast as the previous generation DDR3 1600MHz memory.
You can easily feel the speed that can be demonstrated in conjunction with the above-mentioned memory and CPU from the screen showing the booting is already completed as soon as you open Odyssey Z. The capability to process as if to omit booting makes you experience the start and finish without having to wait even in the situation that you have to load multiple times or in the excessive multitasking that consume a lot of memory.
Odyssey Z provides screen shot and recording functions required by broadcasters as a basic program named ‘Odyssey Control Center’ as well as game plays. If you record a video by connecting a microphone to the laptop, the sound will also be recorded at the same time.
This program is easy to use as you can proceed with screen shot and video recording immediately by pressing the separate keyboard shortcuts (Gaming Hot Keys) at the top of the mouse pad located on the right side of the Odyssey Z keyboard.
Gaming hot keys consist of four keys including a screen shot, a record button, a quiet mode, and a beast mode. Dual quiet mode and beast mode hot keys are useful as they enable you to change the arrangement of Odyssey quickly to suit your environment.
Quiet mode is a power-saving function that helps you reduce the noise to less than 22dBA by decreasing the speaker volume and minimizing the cooler rotation speed by simply pressing a shortcut, and it is suitable for you to use your laptop for daily web surfing or video watching rather than gaming.
In contrast, the beast mode is the function of maximizing the hardware performance by boosting the cooling fans by 17% more than usual and it is suitable for game plays. Of course, the battery consumption gets faster to that extent but with Odyssey Z’s battery, you can play games for about 4 hours without power connection.
The recording function used by pressing the combination key of ‘Fn + F11’ in previous Odyssey has been replaced with the function to change the proper image quality according to the game environment such as FPS, RTS, AOS, RPG, etc. in Odyssey Z. The FPS mode is automatically adjusted to high Gamma for detecting the enemies quickly, and color is also emphasized to enhance the realistic atmosphere.
In the RTS mode, comparison of contrast and color is noticeable for easy unit identification. Compared to this, AOS or RPG mode, which is played for a long time, blocks the blue light to be able to reduce fatigue, thereby providing comfortable color.


Ergonomic design adding convenience to the users

The red LED keyboard lighting that was checked in previous models is also provided to Odyssey Z. Thanks to this, even in a dark environment, you will have no difficulty in finding the correct keys on the keyboard.
Odyssey Z’s unique keyboard touch sense is dull to the extent that there seems to be little difference compared to ordinary desktop keyboards, so you can feel the unique pleasant feeling of crackling the combo.

It is also noticeable that the keyboard moved to the lower position where the pads were located in a typical laptop. When usually working with laptops, it is common to experience unwanted pointer movement and click by touching the mouse pad located in the front of the keyboard. By changing the location like this, such inconvenience has come to be solved in advance.
Above all, as the keyboard is far away from the upper part causing the heat, the concern of light burnt fingers due to long-term use of the laptop has been reduced.

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Electric Induction Range

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E02] Samsung Electronics last month launched a new product in its ‘electric induction range’ that has strong heating power and can be used by just plugging it in. This product is equipped with ‘the flex zone plus’ that has added twice as many heat-applying induction modules compared with the previous model to ‘the flex zone’ which can use containers of various sizes.
According to Samsung’s explanation, as ‘the flex zone plus’ has four modules, having one on each cooking zone, the product has less heat loss and makes it possible to cook evenly even if you use containers with a wide area or various types of containers.
In addition, with a power of 3,300 watts, the induction module of Samsung’s new electric induction range can reduce the cooking time of food that requires long-time heating. As it is of ‘a power cord’ type that can be used by plugging in, this product does not require separate electric work or additional installation.
Samsung explained that as the ceramic glass of EUROKERA, a French glass with strong durability and heat resistance, is applied on top of the new ‘electric induction range,’ you can use the product more safely.
Samsung Electronics’ ‘electric induction range’ was released in two types of models, ‘free standing’ and ‘built-in’, and the factory price is KRW 1.59~1.69 million.

Kim Seong-eun, Executive Director of Samsung Electronics Home Appliances Division, commented, “The electric induction range’ released this time is a product for which we made a greater effort to further differentiate the unique performance of the Samsung electric induction range by applying the aluminum frame as well as ‘the flex zone plus,’ which is an upgraded ‘flex zone.’ I think the consumers will feel more satisfied with the product that has durability and aesthetics while providing them with a more convenient cooking experience.”

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Samsung Electronics Releases ‘Galaxy Tab S4’

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E01] Samsung Electronics recently announced the release of its Galaxy Tab S4 in the domestic market, which is a premium tablet that can be used together according to family members’ needs.
Galaxy Tab S4 is a ‘premium tablet’ which can be used according to the needs of each family member with new functions such as ‘Family Sharing,’ ‘Daily Board,’ ‘Samsung Dex,’ etc. as well as a powerful function optimized for highspec games.
‘Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with 6GB of RAM, 10.5-inch super AMOLED display, a larger 7,300mAh battery and four speakers that provide optimal sound experience according to the direction of the screen for the first time in Galaxy tablets, so that users can enjoy high-spec games smoothly for a long time.
In addition, it supports ‘Samsung Dex’ which enables the user to work by displaying multiple windows on the screen like a PC for the first time among tablets. You can use ‘Samsung Dex’ on the quick panel without any separate accessory and enjoy the contents of Galaxy Tab S4 on a larger screen by connecting to a monitor or TV using HDMI adaptor.
In particular, Galaxy Tab S4 has such additional functions as ‘Family Sharing’ which enables you to share the photos of special moments with your family members in real time anytime, anywhere without space constraints and ‘Daily Board’ with which you can see the shared photos with ordinary information.
‘Galaxy Tab S4’ of LTE and WI-FI will be released in black and gray colors. The price is differentiated depending on the embedded memory capacity: The domestic price of the LTE model is KRW 880,000 (embedded memory of 64 GB) and KRW 990,000 (embedded memory of 256GB), and WI-FI model is KRW 792,000 (embedded memory of 64GB) and KRW 891,000 (embedded memory of 256GB), respectively.
A spokesperson for Samsung Electronics explained, “’Galaxy Tab S4’ is a premium tablet that meets diverse needs ranging from games, to work, study, and entertainment, as well as communication among family members. We hope you to experience a new mobile life with Galaxy Tab S4, which enables all family members to enjoy it according to each individual need.”are standard.

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Bicycle Connected Compact Camcorder

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1809E03] As the number of people enjoying active leisure life like sports grows, there has been an upsurge of interest in compact camcorder action cameras. In October this year, the hardware startup ‘Korea Safety Risk Management’ will launch its action camera ‘Eagle Line’ that has strength in weight, waterproof, and image analyzing.
Eagle Line is smart wearable bicycle-connected action camera optimized for riding. It is not just very light but also has waterproof and dustproof functions suitable for riding. It passed product reliability tests with IP64 level of reliability. Therefore, life waterproof and 2M waterproof was proven without a separate waterproof cap.
In addition, the design of ‘Eagle Line’, made by 3D printing technology, is attractive and is expected to attract customers’ attention. There are two model colors, gold and black, so customers can chose the product to their preference. The cradle of Eagle Line is produced with easily connectable structure, and the battery can be charged simply through USB connection. With 100% charge, 40 frames of image, about two hours of recording is possible. You can mount an auxiliary light around the camera, which can reduce risks from night riding.
In addition, Korea Safety Risk Management launched an App service for cycle-based Internet of Things fusion service including home, health, and traffic services. The application interlocked with Eagle Line also provides video, album, recording, black-box, and image analyzing. ‘My Video’ records smartphone operation and images, and ‘Image Analysis’ analyzes the images, extracts license plate, and provides the results. Facial recognition is also available in ‘Image Analysis.’
Currently, Korea Safety Risk Management has completed patent and brand registration and PCT application for Eagle Line, and achieved recognition at home and abroad for its technical skills. Donghak Noh, CEO of Korea Safety Risk Management mentioned his plan that “Along with the launching of domestic crowd funding, we are planning to advance into the North America in next year.” He also added his ambition that “We are an image-based hardware startup, and will make efforts to connect the world with various IoT image services utilized in daily life.”

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Smartphone Bluetooth Accessories

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1809E02] iCallieBLE, a smartphone Bluetooth accessory that notifies the user of a phone call, SMS or SNS by LED light, has been drawing attention recently. iCalleBLE developed by IONLABS, a company specialized in this field, is a kind of smart LED messenger and has a ‘Care’ function to prevent loss by informing the user by vibration or message when this product is distant from the smartphone to a certain extent or longer.
IONLABS is a company that develops and sells applications of smartphone accessories based on Bluetooth, middleware, hardware and IoT products. iCallieBLE, which is a smartphone accessary and the company’s flagship product, is patented and trademark-registered and has been massproduced and sold from this year. It is very useful when you cannot easily see or access your smartphone, such as when you are riding a bicycle, in the middle of a meeting, or cooking. Particularly, the ‘Care’ function is suitable for preventing pets (dogs or cats) from walking away or a child from getting lost, and it also can prevent lost things. Actually, there is a customer’s experience note, mentioning, “I was nervous about losing my millions-won luxury bike, but I could lessen my anxiety thanks to ‘iCallieBLE.’


At present, ‘iCallieBLE’ is produced in Korea by a partner and the company is in negotiations with offline stores like hypermarket or bookstore, large open malls like 11 Street and SNS distribution channel vendors on the sales plan. The company is also seeking exports targeting Japan, Europe and the USA through exhibitions in Vietnam, Japan, etc.
The company’s biggest weapon is technology above all things, developing independently its Android and iOS apps for IoT products related to smartphones. It is also equipped with outstanding abilities in middleware development for operating smart devices, hardware designing of smart devices, etc. In particular, as for the Bluetooth module, it developed and designed a module that is very useful in development of various smart devices.
IONLABS plans to develop mobile products exclusively for pets and a platform service for software education, etc. In particular, the company has already developed ‘iCareU’ for personal health check and is on the point of mass production. It is a product that can measure body temperature, heartrate and SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and manage them with smartphone. In addition, IONLABS plans to develop a smartphone mobile product exclusively for checking pets’ health by the end of 2018.

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Precision OLED Monitors

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1809E01] A pioneer in OLED technology, TVLogic brought the world’s first AMOLED broadcast monitor to market in 2010. At NAB 2018, the manufacturer highlighted the latest model in its OLED range.


LEM-550R – 55-inch UHD OLED Monitor for HDR Monitoring

LEM-550R is a QC-Grade HDR monitor for broadcast and post production with a 55-inch OLED panel with UHD resolution of 3840 × 2160. The OLED panel can reproduce a peak luminance of up to 750 nits. The LEM-550R supports various HDR standards such as SMPTE 2084PQ, Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG), and others. It also supports multiple color gamuts including Rec.709, DCI, and Rec.2020. Signal I/O includes 3G/6G/12G-SDI input via one, two, or four SDI connections as well as HDMI (ver.2.0).


High-End LCD

TVLogic’s LVM series offers superior picture quality, wide viewing angles, professional broadcast functionality and low power consumption in slim, single-piece integrated designs. At NAB 2018, the company expanded its range with two models.


LVM-171S – 16.5-inch High-End LCD

The new LVM-171S is TVLogic’s top QC-Grade 17-inch model with a 16.5 inch IPS LCD panel with 1920×1080 native resolution, wide-gamut reproduction (up to DCI-P3) enhanced contrast ratio and wide viewing angle all unmatched by other LCD monitors. A completely redesigned video processing unit provides powerful dual-channel performance and artifact-free image reproduction.
The LVM-171S provides HDR emulation function with HDR EOTFs of PQ, HLG and SLog3, support for 3D LUTs and various cinema camera log-to-linear LUTs, easy field upgradability and a full array of image processing features are standard.


LVM-241S – 24-inch High-End LCD

The new LVM-241S is TVLogic’s top QC-Grade 24” model with a 24-inch IPS LCD panel with 1920×1200 resolution. This monitor incorporates the same desirable features as its 17” counterpart, including wide-gamut reproduction (up to DCI-P3), enhanced contrast ratio and wide viewing angle all unmatched by other LCD monitors. A completely redesigned video processing unit provides powerful dual-channel performance and artifact-free image reproduction.
The LVM-241S provides HDR emulation function with HDR EOTFs of PQ, HLG and SLog3, support for 3D LUTs and various cinema camera log-to-linear LUTs, easy field upgradability and a full array of image processing features are standard.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E04] LG Electronics has recently released its robot vacuum cleaner ‘Code Zero R9 ThinQ (Model name: R958DA•R958RA)’. It is a full-change model that replaced the hardware in three years after launching the Robo King Series in 2015. Until launching of Code Zero R9, LG has improved functions of the software like deep learning algorithm based on the same hardware.
For the new product, LG Electronics enhanced the running performance by using its unique artificial intelligence platform ‘Deep ThinQ’ while strengthening the hardware sensing technology. In addition, LG has improved the cleaning performance by installing the inverter motor that had been mounted on its living appliances in the robot vacuum cleaner.
The 3D Dual Eye mounted on Code Zero R9 ThinQ has a 3D Viewer and 3D Sensor installed that recognize objects and spaces within a range of up to 160 degrees.
Artificial intelligence technology has boosted the cognitive power and judgement of the product. With ‘the Artificial Intelligence Smart Turbo,’ the robot vacuum cleaner identifies places having a lot of dust by itself and enhances the suction power. Depending on the situation, it automatically controls the brush and running speed. It also supports ‘the Artificial Intelligence My Zone’ that selects and cleans the necessary places.
Another feature to have been applied is the Smart Inverter Motor P9 that was adopted in Code Zero A9. The product provides cleaning time up to 90 minutes and features improved cleaning performance through application of a high-performance motor. It retained suction power by adopting the ‘Dual Turbo Cyclone.’
In addition, the ‘Five-stage fine dust blocking system’ was applied to prevent dust from being discharged, blocking 99.9% of ultrafine dust up to PM 2.5. This product is the world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner that was certified by the German International Accredited Testing Institute (SLG) and the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) respectively for blocking fine dust and removing allergenic substances.
Besides, this product offers a ‘Home View’ function monitoring the inside of the house in real time or controlling the product remotely with a smartphone; and a ‘Home Guard’ function detecting any movement and transmitting photos to the smartphone. Sound can be controlled by the smartphone-specific app or artificial intelligence speaker. In addition, it features ‘anti-tangle’ technology, preventing hairs and animal hairs from getting tangled.
This new product comes in two colors of dark silver and bohemian red, and its shipment price is KRW1.49 million.
Mr. Ryu Jae-cheol, Vice Executive President of the Living Appliance Business Department of H&A Division, explained, “Code Zero R9 ThinQ satisfies all the standards of the premium robot vacuum cleaner required by customers, and only the differentiated core technology of LG has created a genuine value of the premium product.”

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