Smart Factory Platform, a specialized company for smart factory, recently released an upgraded version of its smart factory platform ‘wimfactory’ – which was applied with industrial analysis engine ‘Snipe’ and thus upgraded into a 1.5 version in both hardware and software – aiming at leading the smart manufacturing market this year.
The wimfactory – composed of hardware ‘WICON’ collecting and transmitting data on sensor and production facilities and software ‘WIM-X’ that stores, visualizes, and analyze data – is an upgraded version of the smart factory platform in terms of speed, stability, accuracy, and analytical skills. In particular, the WICON 1.5 version has proven its capability in the field application for last year.
Thus, wimfactory 1.5 supplies five more intensified solutions for smart factory, namely, facilities management, output management, quality management, environment management, electricity & energy management. The manufacturing company monitors the operation state of facilities, operational rate, based upon sensing data on a real-time basis and senses the abnormal signals of a facility in advance. And this product allows users to stably and swiftly measure output, grasp the cause of the quality change, and manage quality for process improvement, etc.
The company’s president Kang Hak-ju explained “Through our successful release of wimfactory 1.5, we could see the upgraded device (H/W) measuring and collecting data and the upgraded solution (S/W) monitoring, extracting, and analyzing the collected data.
The solution was reborn into more powerful one in terms of speed and stability. We expect our company to draw more attention than ever before in the smart factory markets both domestically and overseas.”
The smart factory platform wimfactory 1.5 can be used with a cloud-based type of SaaS and PaaS and a private type of server construction only for smart factory.
Currently, wimfactory 1.5 is being adopted not only in South Korea but also in overseas markets including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. for such various areas as medical equipment manufacturing, and automobile parts manufacturing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

AI Skincare Assistant beauty AI startup, “ lululab,” showcased brand-new products at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. lululab is a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab. The featured product is LUMINI, an AI skincare assistant. It adopts AI technology to scan and analyze a person’s facial skin in under 10 seconds and uses the results of its analysis to recommend the beauty products best suited for the condition of the user’s skin. LUMINI received the CES Innovation Award 2019 in the biotech category for its novel use of skin data in the beauty industry.
lululab created ‘AI Beauty Store’ with the new product ‘LUMINI Kiosk’, which features high-tech retail technology at CES 2019. Visitors fully experienced a 3-step beauty shopping process: independent skin assessment and recommendation of appropriate cosmetic products; purchase of products via a smart payment method; and shipment of the purchased products to the designated pick-up location.
Through collaborations with famous K-beauty brands, lululab is proudly presenting K-beauty products that best meet the specific needs of individual visitors based on their analyzed skin data. With this solution and service, lululab plans to establish a foothold for expanding its solutions in the global market.
“LUMINI uses AI technology to offer customers a smart shopping experience that provides individually tailored services without assistance from store employees,” explained Yongjoon Choe, CEO of lululab. “Through collaborations with companies not only in the beauty but in retail, and IT industries, we hope to provide our data based individually tailored IT service to as many customers as possible.”
lululab has been developing “LUMINI”, which scans and analyzes a person’s facial skin. The company was selected as “Skincare Category Winner of Cosmoprof Awards Asia” at COSMOPROF ASIA 2018, the world’s largest annual beauty exhibition which is held in Hong Kong every November. In addition, the solution also received iF and RedDot Design awards in 2018. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smartphone Vehicle Key Service, a company specializing in smartcar service solutions, recently released a smartphone vehicles key service called ‘Skey.’
Using the service of Skey, one can drive without the vehicle’s key or remote-controller, just by leaving the vehicle server shaped like a coffee can in the interior of the vehicle. The Skey service enables the vehicle to be operated by pressing the butt on of the remote-control in place of the driver.
Since the Skey service can be used with no separate wiring work to the vehicle, it causes no harm to the vehicle and maintains stability in quality using the remote-control at a normal level.
The stable quality in operation was proved through a few months of tests carried out with domestically manufactured and imported vehicles. The security for the service was greatly strengthened by using passwords in all telecommunications. A special consideration against hacking was made, which would be the most sensitive point among drivers. Upon sensing the hacking attack on a vehicle, the vehicle system is shut down, and then the service informs the driver instantly of the attempted hacking.
With only a key server, multiple numbers of drivers can share the vehicle. In particular, the service is applicable for business vehicles, as the driver can raise business efficiency by securing the recorded data and save costs thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to make copies of the original key. The president of the company explained, “Skey is a databased service made after scrutinizing the using patterns of more than four hundred drivers for two years and researching the market. We will further provide a service by which drivers can drive each vehicle with only a movement.”
Meanwhile, Knocktalk is now offering a service where the information on the use of the vehicle can be provided by using Skey, a simple and stable vehicle key service by using smartphone. By using the service, drivers can save the telecommunication cost and drivers can thus enjoy economical advantages. And if the driving information is utilized for vehicle insurance, maintenance, etc., more innovative services related to vehicles can be provided. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Video Security Solutions various crimes and safety accidents increase to an unprecedented level in subways, including terrorist threats, there is an urgent need for security solutions that can provide prompt sand effective responses.
Hanwha Techwin provides video security solutions fit for every environment—including station platforms and train interiors applying high-performance mobile solutions.
Metro systems are now essential for urban living, and are used by millions of people worldwide. However, its huge popularity raises all kinds of crime and safety-related incidents including the issues created by the rising threat of terrorism and pickpocketing. For such reasons, trains require high-end video security solutions that mitigate these threats by enabling swift responses to incidents and accidents.
Some areas are particularly vulnerable to poor monitoring with weak lighting at stations and platforms; and providing clear and stable monitoring inside train cars during the more turbulent stretches of rail is a difficult task. Thus, there is an increasing need for subway video security solutions for subways that allow precise monitoring even in challenging environments.
Hanwha Techwin is a global security company possessing and developing optimal video security products for every kind of environment, utilizing its high-performance mobile solutions.
For monitoring stations and ticket gates, high-resolution cameras that can monitor wide areas at once in high resolution are efficient. XNF-8010RV, a 6-megapixel high resolution camera, is a fisheye camera that enables 360-degree full-range monitoring, eliminating any blind spots and providing the performance of four CCTV cameras with just one device. Its built-in microphone combined with audio analytics allows thorough detection and analysis of even the most far-off sounds. It can be installed in various environments—such as indoors or outdoors, on ceilings, or walls, etc.
At platforms where people wait for trains, prompt responses to accidents are essential. The 2-megapixel high resolution camera, XNV-6080R, provides a hallway view feature, efficient for viewing long and narrow platform areas.
In the event of an accident such as an individual falling onto the subway tracks, its intelligent audio and video analytics quickly detect and inform the control center for swift response. Furthermore, its IR LED feature enables monitoring even during electrical blackouts or in dark environments.
When installing CCTV cameras inside trains, providing high resolution, stable footage through image stabilizing technologies is a top priority. XNV-6022RM, the 2-megapixel mobile camera, is suitable for monitoring the inside of train carriages, as it not only provides WDR (150dB), image stabilization and a hallway view-function, but also applies an M12 connector. It efficiently monitors the long and narrow interior of the train carriages, providing crystal-clear videos even in jolting carriages or in backlit areas.
In addition, once TRM-1610M, a 16CH mobile NVR, is installed inside the vehicle, it can store HD videos of up to 4TB, and the data is preserved for an extended period of time, and can be used as forensic evidence in case of any future incidents. Features that support GPS data recording, Google Map connectivity, etc., are also outstanding features since they enable effective monitoring by locating the moving trains in real time.
A spokesperson for Hanwha Techwin explained, “Hanwha Techwin’s video security solutions allow real-time, highresolution monitoring not just for stations but also inside of turbulent moving trains, enabling quick responses to various on-site issues that may occur,” adding, “We will strive to provide the best performance possible for the safety of passengers and protection of station facilities.”
Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin), having a base for an R&D center and production in South Korea, offers reliable video surveillance solutions to meet the current and future needs of security professionals.
Based on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over 30 years, the company has solidified its leadership position in security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems. With its leading brand Wisenet, Hanwha Techwin will continuously strengthen its development and marketing investments in the security business for future growth. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Big Data Analysis Platform[INQ. NO. 1812E08] ISSAC Engineering (CEO Kim, Chang- soo), a factory automation-specialized company, is accelerating the implementation of smart factories by integrating the ‘Plug and Tap’ big data analysis platform into the industrial IoT.
ISSAC Engineering recently introduced the ‘Plug and Tap’, which was developed by the company, in the recently held Hyundai Steel Tech Show 2018. Among 60 exhibitors, visitors paid a lot of attention to the only big data analysis platform exhibited in the event.
IoT technology is rapidly developing, and sensor data, machine data, and log data are generated exponentially at industrial sites. However, it is virtually impossible to store, process, analyze, and utilize large data with the current relational databases (DB) alone.
ISSAC Engineering has addressed this issue with a plug and tap that can flexibly respond to the needs of industrial sites with real-time and batch processing. Business customers have improved productivity and quality by collectively linking and analyzing the data between a scattered production information system and an enterprise operating system. Based on the accumulated data, it is also possible to build an AI-level industrial site that can be predicted and checked in advance.
“Although many companies introduced big data to build smart factories, it is difficult to even try to introduce them because only a simple solution with a poor understanding of industrial sites is supplied,” pointed out Kim Chang-soo, president of ISSAC Engineering.

“ISSAC Engineering fully understands the fourth industrial technology necessary in building a smart factory from the industrial IoT to AI,” Kim said. “We will lead manufacturing innovation in Korea by increasing corporate competitiveness and efficiency with optimal solutions.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Electric Dryer[INQ. NO. 1812E07] This is a high-efficiency product that has improved the drying performance and reduced electricity costs and drying time by adopting even the invertor motor and compressor that precisely control the operation amount depending on the usage environment, based on the heat pump method that dries laundry by carrying out low- temperature drying and dehumidification instead of the heatwave.
This product satisfies consumers’ various demands by newly adopting the Eco Mode and Speed Mode.
Consumers worried about the cost of electricity can save up to 27% of their energy use compared with the existing Standard Mode by using Eco Mode and, in this case, the electricity cost is only about KRW130 for one drying (based on 5kg).
When using Speed Mode, the drying time is reduced by up to 22% unique design compared with the the existing Standard Mode when drying one time (based on 5kg), enabling one to dry laundry within 84 minutes, which is faster by about 20 minutes.
In addition, this product has drastically improved the ‘Air Wash’ function which eliminates odors and harmful bacteria of the laundry, sterilizing up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria in life such as staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and escherichia coli in the dry laundry as well as in the wet one.
The upgraded ‘Air Wash’ function has been verified by Intertek, a global product performance testing company, based on 2kg of dry laundry and 4kg of wet laundry. The setting step of drying has been subdivided into four steps by increasing one more step so that the customer can use it according to the desired drying level.
Besides, the all-in-one filter, which filters dusts and lint in the fabric, has been improved to a more compact structure, and a dedicated cleaning brush can be used to hygienically manage the heat exchanger and filter. In order to provide customers with differentiated benefits, a 12-year free warranty is offered, which is the longest in the industry, for both the compressor and the motor, the key components of the newly introduced dryer.
In addition, for models applying the existing constant- speed compressor, Samsung Electronics extended the warranty period of the motor and compressor from three years to 10 years and plans to provide same benefit to the existing customers as well as new product purchasers.
The capacity of this product is 9kg and it will be introduced via two models of Platinum Inox and White. The store price of this price is KRW1.349 million to KRW1.449 million.
A related party of Samsung Electronics summed up by saying, Our dryer has now come a necessity for life with its excellent drying effect and convenient usability. We will continue to lead the dryer market by continuously introducing new products that have reflected the requirements of consumers.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

YujinRobot Launches AI Cleaning Robot ‘iCLEBO O5’[INQ. NO. 1812E06] YujinRobot launched ‘iCLEBO O5’, a premium cleaning robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). iCLEBO O5 is a top-class new cleaning robot being introduced two years after iCLEBO Omega. It memorizes, “learns” and saves positions, equipped with AI for the first time of iCLEBO products. Also you can set your smartphone for remote cleaning and cleaning areas. It determines the cleaning environment by itself to enhance the user convenience.
You can operate iCLEBO O5 with a smartphone remotely anywhere anytime for cleaning. With dedicated application, you can control cleaning command in or out of doors, and check the cleaning robot status in real time.
In addition, you can set cleaning areas with the ‘AI Smart Map Editor.’ Users’ requirements were reflected regarding limited serviceable space or cleaning specific areas only due to household pets. Real time cleaning progress checking is also available.
iCLEBO O5 memorizes and learns positions by itself. When the operation stops due to any error or battery discharge, it memorizes the position it stops without completing cleaning and continues cleaning from that area after the problem is solved.
‘Flexible suction mode’ is available allowing adjusting the suction force from level 1 to 3, so that you can clean quietly even at night time when noise complaints would be a concern for neighbors or while your baby is sleeping. An AI sensor is fitted that increases the suction force by itself, detecting dust quantity and the material of floor.
AI voice recognition is also implemented. You can command cleaning operation conveniently with AI speaker (Alexa) and Google Assistant. This function will be applied to models for export, and supporting Korean will start within this year.
Strong suction power is ready with built-in BLDC motor. Precise operation is implemented with camera based navigation where the upper camera can take 20 frames per second with 130 degree of anterior angle. Any edge or corner can be cleaned without exception with dual side brush that rotates 150 times per minute and deep corner algorism.
Gyeongcheol Shin, chairman of YujinRobot said that “Based on YujinRobot’s technical skills from 30 years of robot researches, cutting edge functions required for users are incorporated in the new product thoroughly so that this cleaning robot can enhance quality of life in various homes.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Straight Tube LED Lamp[INQ. NO. 1812E05] WOOREE Lighting has recently released a 12W straight tube LED lamp that is of the highest level in the industry. This product has brought luminous efficacy to the industry’s highest level of 185 lumens/W by applying the 2835 (2.8mm x 3.5mm) LED package technology of WOOREE Lighting. The highest luminous efficacy of 12W straight tube LED lamp currently available in the market is 170 lumens/h.
Luminous efficacy is a unit of brightness of light versus power. The higher the value, the less is the power used and the brighter is the light given off. The straight-tube LED lamp of WOOREE Lighting has a durability guarantee of more than 50,000 hours and can save about 30% of electric energy compared with the conventional fluorescent lamp, thus reducing power consumption and saving costs. The characteristics of this product are that it is an eco-friendly LED product with no heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc. and has minimized visual damage by realizing homogeneous illumination and achieving high color rendering similar to the sunlight.
Also, this product has applied 5700K and 6500K color temperature that is easy on the eyes. According to a spokesperson for the company, this product is suitable for offices and factories where people work for a long time as it reduces eye fatigue. Straight-tube LED lamps can replace existing fluorescent lamps. By replacing the stabilizer, you can plug it directly into the fluorescent spot before using.
A spokesperson for the company remarked, “The highest luminous efficacy of 12W straight tube LED lamp currently available in the market is 170 lumens/W. Our product can guarantee durability of more than 50,000 hours and can save power energy by about 30% compared with existing fluorescent lamps. Recently, straight tube LED lamps have been rapidly replacing the conventional fluorescent lamps in factories, offices, and warehouses, and the demand for our product, which has realized the highest luminous efficiency in the industry, is expected to increase. We will carry on the tradition of the longevity lamp, which is representative brand of WOOREE Lighting.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

8K Premium TV[INQ. NO. 1812E04] Samsung Electronics plans to reinforce its sales offensive in the premium TV market by releasing 8K TV in both the domestic and North American markets. Their strategy is to attract the premium TV market, which has been in great demand since the end of last year by early showing of the 8K TV, a next-generation product.
Last month, Samsung Electronics started pre-order of QLED 8K TV in the domestic market. Originally, the company was planned to sell 8K TV from November 2018 on the Korean market but changed its schedule and started selling from last month. Samsung started accepting pre- orders of 8K TV in the U.S. market, the largest in the world, from last month. Samsung Electronics started accepting pre-orders fir its 85-inch 8K TV through the website of its U.S. subsidiary. The price for pre-orders is US$15,000 (approximately KRW17 million).
Earlier, Samsung Electronics launched the first 8K TV in Europe. Pre-orders in Europe have exceeded the target, and the response from consumers and customers has been reported to be hot.
Samsung’s strategy is to enhance the extra-large premium market share all the more by strengthening the marketing of 8K TV. According to NPD, a U.S. market-research company, Samsung Electronics ranked first by the end of August this year in the U.S. TV market with a 34% market share, ahead of LG Electronics (15%), Vizio and Sony (11% respectively). In particular, Samsung Electronics had a big lead over second- placed Sony (33%) and third place LG (23%), with a 44% market share by the end of August this year in the market of US$2,500 or higher per unit, which is classified as the premium item.
A spokesperson for Samsung Electronics explained,
“Consumers’ evaluation and response to 8K TV is very good. We will continue striving for such positive responses by launching the product in the domestic and U.S. market, following Europe.”
QLED 8K TV introduced by Samsung Electronics is a product that has combined the Quantum Dot technology with 8K resolution (7680×4320), an ultra-high-resolution TV that offers clear and bright picture quality even in a wide screen by applying 16 times higher pixels than the full HD (1920×1080) and four-times higher pixels than 4K (3840×2160). In particular, Samsung’s QLED 8K TV is equipped with the 8K AI upscaling technology that enhances the low-resolution (SD level or higher) image into 8K picture quality in order to solve the problem of the lack of high-resolution contents. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

OLED for Virtual Exterior Mirror[INQ. NO. 1812E03] Samsung Display supplies rigid (hard) Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) to ‘e-Tron’, Audi’s first mass-production electronic vehicle. Following the unveiling of Audi A8 last year, the company is expanding its supply models to e-Tron this year, and is preparing for business area expansion in the automobile OLED market.
For Audi’s virtual exterior mirror, a small ‘side-view camera, substitutes for the existing side-view mirrors. From the OLED display, drivers can check images in real time taken by cameras installed in the A filler (side column of front window) in the car and between doors.
OLED displays supplied by Samsung Display are mounted on either side of the dashboard and act as cameras and existing side-view mirrors. With the built-in touch sensor, if regular side-view mirrors. Clear view can be secured more smoothly even on a cloudy day or in dark places, and an appropriate view mode is provided according to various driving situations including expressway driving, turning, and parking for convenient and safe driving.
Removing side-view mirrors jutting out from the car reduces air resistance and wind noise. Reducing the width of the vehicle body by 5.9 inches enables slim and beautiful design.
Samsung Display explained that the OLED applied to the virtual exterior mirror is designed thin and light with lower power consumption and provides the best sight solution. With outstanding color reproduction, perfect black color expression, and quick response speed, it provides natural and clear images without any image dragging effect even in low temperature environments.
Samsung Display supplied 5.7-inch OLEDs for rear seat controllers for the A8 model launched by Audi last year. It is a touch panel enabling one to adjust in-vehicle functions like playing music from the rear seats.
The industry expects that Samsung Display will secure additional automobile clients. Because both flexible and rigid OLEDs are available, it is quite feasible to enter the market with various product groups. Samsung Display is a late starter and has no experience in the automobile liquid crystal display (LCD) business, but there is a possibility of business expansion, because automobile manufacturers are adopting OLED as one of the innovative technologies.
Jiho Back, an executive director of Samsung Display explained, “It is encouraging that Samsung Display’s OLED is mounted on Audi’s virtual exterior mirror, which proves that OLED is optimized for cutting-edge systems in vehicles. Utilizing unique and differentiated features and advantages of OLED, such as high-definition, design availability, and low power consumption, we will also advance in the automobile display market.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods