Medical Devices

Medical Navigation and Balloon Catheter

[INQ. NO. 1802E09] Established in 1995, Mega Medical Co., Ltd. has recently developed medical navigation for the first time in Korea and a balloon catheter for interlocking with this navigation. The medical navigation is a cutting-edge medical device that provides detailed information on parts of the body where an endoscope cannot reach, which promotes safe surgeries.
Naviloon, the balloon catheter, for interlocking with the navigation, is also a useful device in many fields. Namely, it is an expendable product effective for medical purposes such as paranasal sinus balloon dilatation. A sensor is integrated in the interior of the balloon catheter to confirm an exact location with the navigation, which promotes more convenient and safer surgeries. Based on the requests of surgeons, its design has been improved to reduce fatigue during surgeries. An LED-type balloon catheter that enables diaphanoscopic surgeries in a form of transillumination and a balloon catheter for transfer purposes are now under development.

The patented navigation and balloon catheter have gone through GMP tests and been approved for manufacturing by KFDA. Mega Medical Co., Ltd. is expected to contribute to the rising status of Korea as a world-class medical device manufacturing country by taking the localization of the navigation and balloon catheter as the second take-off platform.
As a venture company, Mega Medical Co., Ltd. is specialized in medical devices. Having started with the successful localization of an E.N.T. unit at the beginning of its establishment, it has been able to develop full-HD imaging systems and breathing treatment devices with continuous R&D on medical devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods