Medical Devices

[INQ. NO. 2110E15] The president of Handok Medical Co. has been working in research and development of medical devices since 1983, and founded the company in 1997. Since then, he has accumulated leading technologies and experience at home and abroad with ceaseless efforts and innovation.

Ceiling Pendant System
The Ceiling Pendant System is a state-of-the-art, future-oriented device that includes all equipment needed in hospitals. Spacewing is the first Korean Ceiling Pendant System and is exported worldwide.
The system can be installed in various places such as operating rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care rooms and emergency rooms and it can be produced as a product with customization specifications.

Ceiling Pendant System

Endoscopic Oxygen Vacuum Controller & Endopiece
This endoscopic oxygen vacuum controller is the world’s first medical device developed by the company. This device is used with a multifunctional mouthpiece set during endoscopic procedures. The mouthpiece set is disposable and hygienic and convenient to use. It is possible to continuously supply oxygen and monitor the patient’s breathing.
The suction function prevents saliva from reaching the bronchial tubes and prevents contamination in the examination room by continuously emitting air contaminated by a patient’s belch and breath. The mouthpiece performs various functions automatically at once. The mouthpiece is ergonomically applied, making it the most suitable for oral structure.

Endoscopic Oxygen Vacuum Controller & Endopiece

Multi-Functional Endomouthpiece
The multi-functional endomouthpiece is a saliva outlet on the front and automatically discharges saliva from inside the mouth. The product has a fixing protrusion so that it does not fall from the mouth without a headband.

Multi-Functional Endomouthpiece

Filter Mask
A bacteria/virus filter is built into this mask for the first time in the world to prevent cross-infection and secondary infection. This filter mask can be used for various purposes such as ventilators, Ambu bags and CPR.

Filter Mask

Anesthesia / Ventilator / Ambu bag / PFT Filter
This filter is an eco-friendly product that is easy to transport and handle and saves resources with strong energy efficiency. The pulmonary function test filter is comfortable to wear and offers strong visibility, and protects lips from an external shock. Its radial duct structure for excellent fluid diffusion maximizes purifying capacities. A handle makes the filter easy to attach and detach.

Anesthesia / Ventilator / Ambu bag / PFT Filter | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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