LED Lighting Products


[INQ. NO. 2110E14] LED products are widely used in every industry. FOS International’s products have high efficiency (140lm/w) for consumers to save energy and costs compared with previous lighting systems and other companies’ LED products.
FOS International provides LED products for households, businesses, and outdoor activities. And for vessels, the company has secured certifications of MED, ICE and EXP to ensure high-quality products.
LED products for ships should be manufactured and approved in accordance with ship classifications and various rules, requiring high-level technical capabilities. Users are able to reduce power consumption by using LED products in their ships.
As for the explosion-proof lighting system, FOS International is supplying products for which one has to change modules only while still using the existing cases.
By manufacturing switching mode power supplies (SMPS) at the same factory, FOS International is able to provide high-quality and affordable products made in Korea. In addition, the company has installed optimized SMPSs for the best lighting performance.

LED Lighting Products
LED Lighting Products

Tapes are used in all industrial areas. FOS International is supplying high-quality products and other standard ones as well at more affordable prices to meet the needs of customers.
The types of products include OPP tapes, stretchwrap films, paper masking tapes, cloth masking tapes, covering tapes, cloth tapes, filament tapes, protection tapes, sand blasting tapes, flange masking discs, jacketing tapes, double-coated tapes, cloth double-coated tapes, line tapes, and non-slip tapes.


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