Digital Broadcasting & A/V System

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[INQ. NO. 1508E19] BICOM is a company established to lead the global market and maximize customer satisfaction through various projects as well as a reliable digital broadcasting system with the new development technology to lead the digital generation.

Digital-Broadcasting-&-AV-System BICOM started converging broadcast and A/V systems when no one would even think of trying it. The company has conducted research and development for more than 15 years since 1999 to provide the best and most efficient system with professional experience.

BICOM has developed a [ONE-LINE] combined broadcasting system by connecting audio/video and communication lines for the first time in South Korea. Also it obtained a new technology certificate from the government about the achievement of full-digital broadcasting system and high quality digital amplifier to create an ethernet ONE-LINE network connection through more than two buildings.

Meanwhile, BSP series are designed to achieve top-quality sound, intuitive control and excellent performance for SR (Sound Reinforcement) circumstances. BSP-408 features various inputs, analog and AES/EBU fully routable to any one of eight outputs. Each channel features complete sound processing, including various equalizers, limiter, delay and support for linear phase FIR/ IIR filters. Its new advanced FIR filter provides high stop-band attenuation, lower pass-band ripple, and sharp band transition characteristics. It bears no comparison to conventional FIR filters. It also provides linear phase response while maintaining low noise and exact phase over the entire frequency range for uncolored audio reproduction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods