Ignition cable set

[Serial No. 2012-B-244]

Kodaecs, a specialist manufacturer of rubber products for automotive spark plugs, has recently started producing various kinds of rubber products for automotive parts such as spark plug cable set, engine mountings, bushings, etc. Launching its export to Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1996 in the form of OEM, the company maintains its active export activities in many global markets especially in Singapore, the Middle East, and South America. The recent annual export volume of the company came to US$1 mil. on average.

Ignition-cable-sethttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Kodaecs’s ignition cables guarantee quicker and guaranteed start than the existing ones even in the winter time, thereby helping the driver save time and energy significantly and lowering air pollution. The products’ carbon glass fiber core protected by the silicone film reduces the resistance considerably and thus transmits intensive current (maximum 40,000 volt) to the ignition plugs. The built-in silicone protective film provides an extended durability with the temperature range of -60ºC ~ 200ºC.

At any RPM range, the power is enhanced and the fuel consumption is lowered. It is easy to install in any car thanks to the wide variety of connectors and cable length. The solid and safe connector combined with the Posilock ring clip is the most suitable for the direct injection type engines. Kodaecs’s long years of strives including such solutions for improving and preserving the surrounding environment to be continued.

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