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3_카이테크_20130112_1Maintaining economic stability is important for a nation. For that matter, the government acts as a regulator that manages economic activity. For example, it controls the amount of foreign currency circulating in the market depending on certain conditions. In the same way, a machine like an automobile also needs a regulator; this time it controls such elements as gases, electricity, fluids, etc. Korea’s KAI TECH helps a mechanical system regulate for its stable performance.



3_카이테크_20130112_2Registered in 2008, KAI TECH launched its business aiming to supply the best products and services like alternator regulators and alternator rectifiers. The firm is also interested in exploring the 42 bolts system (Hybrid car) industry. KAI TECH’s major engineering activities involve electrical circuit design, durable thermal design, design optimization & verification, etc. And main businesses are system engineering for power-train application, advanced drivers and controllers for the next generation 42v system for hybrid car, and power driver for LED lighting.

For “Charging Control for Automotives” KAI TECH offers alternator regulators and rectifiers. Alternator regulators features 12V & 24V charging system, self-compensating thermal circuit, soft start & fault warning function, etc. The rectifier for 12V & 24V charging system has press-fit type zener diode and die cast & extrusion type heat sink.



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