Field Installable Connector

Field Installable Connector

QACTM – Quick Assembly Connector Network Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in passive optical network components and solutions since its establishiment in 1999.
NWC has offered differentiated products for Passive Components, Optical Distribution Systems, and Passive & Active Devices out performing FTTH.

Products : Quick Assembly Connector
NWC QAC provide quick and easy termination of optical fibers in the field.
Both SC single mode and multi mode connectors are available for 900 micron and 3mm drop cable application which allow the installer to terminate and make connection in 3 minutes in the field. This connector system doesn’t need any requirement such as epoxy, adhesive and costly curing ovens.

  • Real APC connection
  • Quick and Easy Fiber Termination
  • Field Installable, Cost effective
  • Reliable Optical Performance
  • No epoxy and polishing required
  • Variable types available : SF, NS, S, L, W, SW, C




Strengths of Products : Real APC Connection
Cutting the surface with Angle to minimize Return Loss of QAC

Temperature cycle -40°C ~ 75°C →  Return Loss < 60dB




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