Unmanned Ground Sensor System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1804E11] SENSORWAY’s IRONWALLTM is an unmanned ground sensor system with excellent performance to detect, classify and track passing targets such as humans, wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles with very low false alarm.
IRONWALL has a highly effective seismic sensor, and can use a combination of various sensors such as PIR, radar and thermal image sensors depending on your needs. It is quick to deploy and easy to use. However, it does not appear easily because seismic sensors can be buried underground. This attribute enables an effective operation of the UGS system.
A Mesh network using radio frequency can be automatically formed with node-to-node connectivity. Mobile terminal provides detailed information on deployed sensors using a map-based GUI. Mobile terminal fitted with an internal GPS determines individual locations of sensor-nodes at the time of their installations.
SENSORWAY is a company with world-class technologies and solutions in defense unmanned surveillance and surveillance reconnaissance sensor network. Since 2006, it has participated in the unmanned ground system related project based on most sensor networks in Korea. It is a specialized security company that possesses comprehensive technologies in related fields.


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MyChipThe progress of electronic systems may start from designing. Engineers are very aware of it and use software tools at the initial stage of production. One of the most useful tools is MyCAD, a widely popular electronic design automation software. Recognizing all of these conditions, Korea’s SELOCO is taking responsibility when it comes to providing cost-effective and innovative design tools.

As a leading company in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) market, SELOCO has been offering EDA and ESL (Electronic System Level) tools like MyCAD and Jasper to a number of companies and research organizations at home and abroad since 2004. SELOCO offers security solutions such as DVR & Digital X-Ray detectors as well. As a professional semiconductor company, it provides total services such as MPW service and ASIC design service.

MyCAD developed by MyCAD, Inc. can effectively meet many extreme demands that today’s technology requires. This EDA tool is fully supported by MyCAD with years of experience and expertise in providing Windows design automation solutions, and offer complete solutions for IC/System Design on Windows platform: Full Custom Layout. MEMS Layout, Photo Mask Layout, LCD Layout, DRC LVS Verification, GDSDXF Conversion, VHDL Simulation, Logic Design, FPGA Prototype.


SanteView-3001In cooperation with a few major global foundries, SELOCO is involved in ASIC & SOC business in order to develop the non-memory semiconductor business, and offer MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) service and various foundry services. Main foundry companies are EPISIL, HHNEC, VIS, UMC, SMIC, and ASMC. Regarding ASIC service, SELOCO works closely with your staff to offer full-custom chip design implementation from design proposal, IP design, configuration, chip level integration, FPGA validation, etc. For more information, you can find at seloco.net/main/intro.html.

If you want more information about ‘MyCAD’, please contact us.