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Digital Cognitive Training for Dementia Prevention
[INQ. NO. 2305E07] SuperBrain, a digital cognitive training program developed by ROWAN, utilizes tablet PCs to help prevent dementia. Proven effective through a three-year clinical study involving 152 participants aged 60 years and above, this program demonstrated significant results.

In February 2020, the Ministry of Health and Welfare reported that participants who used SuperBrain showed a marked improvement (+5.5 points) in their RBANS scores (a tool evaluating memory, spatial awareness, recall, attention, and language), while scores for the nonparticipating control group declined (-0.74 points).
SuperBrain users also experienced a significant reduction in stressinduced cortisol and neuroinflammatory YKL-40 levels, along with an increase in the brain cell-activating Brain-Derived Nutrient Factor (BDNF). With a retention rate and protocol compliance of over 90%, the program’s efficacy has been acknowledged in internationally recognized medical journals (AGING, July 2021; Frontier, July 2021; Neurotherapeutics, July 2021).

Established in April 2017, ROWAN is a company specializing in the development of digital therapeutic devices utilizing big data and artificial intelligence. Combining AI and expert medical knowledge, ROWAN offers personalized solutions based on differentiated technological capabilities. The company leads the way in developing future-oriented non-pharmaceutical treatment models by collecting and analyzing brain cognitive function data from patients through IT technology. As the world faces an aging population and increasing prevalence of related diseases, ROWAN collaborates with medical institutions, life insurance companies, and other organizations requiring research data management to pursue future-oriented businesses. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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