Functional Healthcare Device

[INQ. NO. 2305E06] Dreamphone, a revolutionary two-way communication device that connects to the smartphone of a person
with disabilities via Bluetooth, enabling them to communicate with others eff ortlessly. Utilizing AI speech recognition and speech synthesis technology, this product works in conjunction with the included Android tablet. When the user inputs text, it is converted into speech and relayed to the recipient, while the other party’s speech is transformed into text and displayed on the tablet.
Dreamphone allows for communication with both smartphones and landline phones, regardless of the recipient’s device or carrier. It off ers versatile usage, catering to various types of disabilities. Persons with speech abilities can communicate using their own voice, while others can listen to the recipient’s speech through earphones.


Dreamphone serves as an empowering tool for individuals with communication disabilities, encouraging their participation in society and fostering economic independence through employment or small business ventures.
CYD Information Technologies, founded in 2013 with the mott o “Create Your Dream with Technology,” is an IT solutions company. Dedicated to breaking down communication barriers for individuals with hearing or speech disabilities, the company developed the two-way voice exchange communication device using AI technology.
The company is committ ed to promoting a communication barrierfree society for people with disabilities, both in face-to-face and remote environments. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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