Healthcare Equipment


Anti-Bedsore Electric Cushion
[INQ. NO. 2305E04] Dr. Silver Anti-Bedsore Electric Cushion is a lifesaver for seniors and people with disabilities. The cushion effectively prevents bedsores by featuring a threezone, rotating, segmented air chamber that fills automatically, allowing users to operate it independently
without the need for a caregiver. With two primary modes, the air pressure can be set to medium (60% air chamber) or low (100% air chamber). In automatic mode, the cushion alternates between inflating and deflating over a 15-minute cycle according to a predetermined pattern.
The cushion alleviates pressure sores and seating imbalance by rotating air pressure when subjected to over 80mmHg of force. Moreover, with its ergonomic design and anti-slip sewing lines, users can remain comfortable even during extended periods of sitting.

This product incorporates Stretchable Sensor technology to measure the pressure exerted on the body’s curved surfaces. It also uses artificial intelligence to responsively disperse pressure based on the measured data.

Founded in 2019, NEOABLE is a socially driven tech venture committed to solving bedsore problems of seniors and disabled individuals through ICT solutions. The company’s stable growth foundation is built upon a phased strategy for developing bedsore-related hardware, software, and platform construction. Key projects include bedsore prevention solutions (cushions, mats, and beds), bedsore monitoring systems, and an AIpowered bedsore prevention platform.
By utilizing IoMT and AI technologies, NEOABLE aims to improve medical quality and create a safe self-care environment. As all information is smartly interconnected, NEOABLE envisions a healthy society caring for marginalized groups. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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