Bluetooth device

[INQ. NO. 1508E17] Established in 2001, APET has recently started pioneering overseas markets with its advanced highly competitive Bluetooth device. While the conventional Bluetooth devices are focused on expensive and passive, APET’s Bluetooth device brand “SOAP” is focused on outdoor activity emphasizing casual style. Operating overseas sales networks including offices in the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, APET will further provide its valued customers with its high-quality systems based on world-leading technology. Now, APET is doing its utmost to be responsible for Bluetooth’s best-quality level, and to fully satisfy all of its customers’ demands such as quality, delivery date and prime cost.

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Smartphone remote camera shutter

[INQ. NO. 1408E06] Chois Technology, this year, prepared its very attractive smartphone remote camera shutter called Xelfie (model:XSC100) for global smartphone users. The XSC100 is a Bluetooth remote camera shutter and is available with built-in camera apps. It perfectly supports built-in camera apps for iPhone and Android. So, various models of smartphone users have no need to download apps. It is compatible with various camera apps. The users conveniently replace the battery. Xelfie is a simple Bluetooth fairing system for smartphone.

1408E06 And Chois Technology is a globally recognized company of the world’s first brand of “X-Pointer” that enables presenters to effectively present what they want to convey controlling the PC based on support of USB RF wireless communications.

Since 2001, with the brand of X-Pointer, Chois Technology has been steadily releasing more upgraded wireless presenters, growing into the leading wireless presenter producing company in South Korea.

The export performance of various models of X-pointer riding on steady good approvals from global major electronics-related exhibitions is being well publicized through such potential markets as Japan, Germany, Turkey, and the U.S.A on a steady pace of growth. Now, it occupies the top spot in the South Korean market in terms of market share and technological leadership.

X-pointer mobile, the world’s first of its kind employing mobile functions, is a laser pointer using smartphones (mobile devices). Now, two versions – version supplying a function of touch pen with a form of portable case and another version providing clips – are ready for its global customers. With this, presenters can perform their effective presentations anytime and anywhere with this innovative X-pointer mobile featuring compact and simple design. This latest X-pointer mobile is now significantly assisting client companies to accomplish success in their important business fields. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wireless SOAP for Your Mobile Entertainment

Wireless SOAP exchanging data wirelessly prevailed, people began to appear using wireless gadgets on the street. Now nearly everyone is carrying them everywhere. The fact that they are cordless and still working is fascinating. Bluetooth technology is catching their eye as well. Using this wireless addition, Korea’s APET introduces SOAP.

SOAP means “Wireless Freedom.” It seeks and aims for a free-spirit lifestyle. People can listen to their favorite songs while being active. For example, they can ride a bike or jog around the park and still can enjoy music. Believe it, SOAP-b, a round-shape Bluetooth device with a built-in MP3 player, sets you free. Its 110db Bluetooth headphone comes along. It is time to indulge in “Unlimited Freedom of Youth.” APET’s SOAP-t is designed for bike riders. It glows brightly with a LED light and plays music with speakers. For avid music lovers who frequently ride, SOAP-t is a must-have bike part. APET is working on new Bluetooth technology, and claims full responsibility for Bluetooth quality and customer satisfaction.

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