IP Video Management Solution (VMS)


https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1404E01] Innodep is a software development company focusing on IP Video Management Solution (VMS) & software H.264 Codec for security applications, under the brand name TYBIS and InnoCodec.

If you are planning to make a transition from analog to IP video or need centralized security management for an unlimited number of cameras, Innodep TYBIS IP video surveillance solutions are ideal for all sizes and types of organizations. They ensure reliable and significantly cost-effective surveillance of facilities, employees, goods, customers and assets.

TYBIS is its IP video management solution on a serverclient platform that can monitor, record and control over 10,000 cameras which supports various 3rd party IP products. TYBIS can support and manage various IP encoders, video servers, IP cameras, PTZ cameras, keyboards, sensors, audios, and any additional software including analytics and access control as well.

Additional integration with POS (point of sale) terminals or display servers or 3D monitoring solution such as Liger is always feasible with this very scalable solution.

The TYBIS Video Management Software (VMS) is a solution for streaming and recording from multiple sites, combined with comprehensive physical security information management (PSIM) functionality for managing events and alerts from multiple detection systems across the organization.

With its wide experience in a wide spectrum of markets, Innodep will efficiently offer you optimized solutions at reasonable costs. Among the key markets the company serves are: Citywide Surveillance, Public Buildings, Transportation, Roads/Highway, Public Utility, School, Office/Corporate, Banking, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Gaming, Retail and Healthcare.

InnoCodec, the codec division of Innodep Inc., is one of the leading codec manufacturers specializing on H.264(H264, AVC, or MPEG-4 part10) software based encoding and decoding technology for SD, HD and full HD resolutions. InnoCodec serves diverse market segments including the security, surveillance, broadcast, digital signage and industrial markets by providing superior H.264 encoding and decoding codec formats.

Key markets served by the Open264 series are video surveillance and security markets where live streaming video for DVR (Digital video recording) and higher number of video channels handling with low CPU resource is critical. Whether it is a multi-camera corporate security solution, a DVR solution,a Video Management Solution(VMS) or a secure teleconferencing application, InnoCodec has the solutions.

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