FTTx and Mobile Backhaul Solutions

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E30] DASAN Networks has opened up a new era in the broadband access network and offered the most innovative solutions to customers. This provider differentiates networking solution offerings based on its indepth consumer understanding with a strong focus on R&D activities.

DASAN Networks FTTx Solutions are designed for service providers to deliver ideal bandwidth solution to fulfill customers’ growing demands. Customers will enjoy high bandwidth applications ranging from fast Internet access to interactive multimedia services, video on demand and voice communication through dedicated optical fiber infrastructure. While deriving their strength and stability from universally deployed and proven Ethernet technology, DASAN Networks products simplify and reduce the cost and maintenance challenges of existing FTTx technologies.

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Bluetooth Compatible Bone Conduction Headset

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E13] Huria’s Bluetooth compatible bone conduction headset will be a good news for those who suffer from noise induced hearing loss and damaged eardrums, as well as those who receive a number of mobile phone calls while using headsets.

Bone conduction has the mechanism to transmit the vibration of the bone to uditory cochlea as a sound bypassing the eardrum, thus headset employing bone conduction technology drastically reduces the stress of the ear and prevents damage to the eardrum. About 10% of younger people who are suffered from noise induced hearing loss and have damaged eardrums can also hear the sound clearly with a bone conduction headset.

As the ear is not blocked, the user of the headset can hear surrounding noises, and avoid possible risk during the outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, skiing and jogging. It also does not cause fatigue and reduction of hearing ability even with long-term usage as the sound is directly transmitted to the auditory organ by-passing the eardrum.

Earbone (model name: HUB-401) of the Huria is upgraded version of the company’s existing bone conduction headsets with Bluetooth feature, an industrial specification for wireless personal area networks (PANs). In addition to enjoying many benefits of conventional bone conduction headphones, Earbone allows users to receive cell phone calls and listen to music from the phone, helping them more conveniently in this era of the smartphone.

Ergonomics design employing eight joints to meet the various shapes of the human heads and semipermanent Lithium battery are some of the other benefits of the products. A removable microphone is also available for the convenience of call center telemarketers.

Basic specifications of the product are as follows: 60g in weight, 30mW of optimum output, 70mW of maximum output, 50Hz to 4kHz of standard frequency, 80db/mW of sensitivity. Environmentally friendly materials are used. In addition to Earbone and WaveBone, HURIA also produces Vibrato (model name:HUH-01) and Wooribone (model name:HUH-101), advanced bone-conduction headphones without Bluetooth feature, and BeatBone (model name: MGD-701), a waterproof version for swimmers.

Wooribone and Beatbone are shipped in nine colors: namely, gray, white, black, orange, blue, pink, green, purple and brown. The bone-conduction hearing aid (HUHA-601) and various kinds of inear earphones are also available to be provided and customized.

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Wireless Presenter “X-pointer mobile”

xpointerhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E08]ChoisTechnology is wellknown for its world’s first brand of “X-Pointer” that enables presenters to effectively present what they want to convey controlling the PC based on support of USB RF wireless communications. Since 2001, under the brand of X-Pointer, Chois Technology has been steadily releasing more upgraded wireless presenters, growing into the leading wireless presenter producing company in South Korea.

The export performance of various models of X-pointer riding on steady good approvals from global major electronics-related exhibitions is being well publicized
through such potential markets as Japan, Germany, Turkey, and the USA on a steady pace of growth. Now, it occupies the top spot in the South Korean market in terms of market share and technological leadership.

xpointer2X-pointer mobile, the world’s first of its kind employing mobile functions, is a laser pointer using smartphones(mobile devices). Now, two versions – version supplying a function of touch pen with a form of portable case and another version providing clip – are ready for its global customers. With this, presenters can perform their effective presentations anytime and anywhere with this innovative “X-pointer mobile featuring compact and simple design.
This latest X-pointer mobile is expected to significantly help increase the possibility of customers’ business success. ChoisTechnology plans to continuously unveil subsequent follow-up models for global markets through effectively applying wireless and interface sensing technology with apps based upon stable and reliable production technology.

Chois Technology will continue to develop and commercialize devices and apps working together with various kinds of smart devices. This means it will contribute to market expansion of accessories areas in global markets.
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Portable Spealer

Portable Spealer
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E03] Neplus’s BSB-4001B is a portable speaker which symbolized a ‘bird’ with a friendly image that appeals the emotion of nature, and it provides a pleasure of using a bicycle and also has a message indicating ‘Let’s protect nature’. BSB-4001B can be connected with a smart phone as a speaker installed with a smart phone on a bicycle handle without blocking ears by earphones or headphones, and it can be connected by wireless in support of Bluetooth. It provides clip and stand typed cradle besides a bicycle considering a variety of using environments and can be replaced.

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Stand Hub USB 3.0

usb3https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E02] iClooly has been a professional manufacturer and exporter of accessories of a variety of renowned Smartphones, Tablet PC, and PC peripherals since 2006.

With its business motto of “More Useful, More Stylish,” iClooly is offering more innovative, high-end, qualified, and ergonomically designed products to a number of buyers in the USA, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East.

As a leading move over its rivals, iClooly has decided to increase its product line early basically equipped with its anti-bacterial brand of Antibac to contribute to a healthier digital environment. Now all of its products under the brands of Iclooly and Antibac are being exported to a total of 24 nations, recently mostly with newly upgraded items from its existing stand products.

iClooly has recently released a stand hub USB3.0 in order for the company to resolve the problem of lack of the ports and storage space of USB, a common feature witnessed in recently commercialized slim and lighter notebooks including Mac book. Composed of four ports, the USB3.0 sized hub can speedily transmit data realizing 5 Gbps speed. For stand function, the applied tub design allows a notebook to be positioned on the product, elevates the notebook’s screen,and makes the notebook’s keyboard sloped.

This stand function allows convenient viewing of screen and enables keyboard typing. Also this function keeps the bottom part of notebook a certain space away from the ground and so it provides a ventilation space that dissipates the heat created from the notebook.

iClooly’s elite dock is also quite a popular item among ordinary businessmen who frequently uses smartphones for their normal business activities. This eye-catching solution is a kind of smartphone docking station and has three key functions of MHL, OTG, and charging. Amidst of increasingly mobile network far outperforms the capacity of PCs in speed, ordinary people prefer to use mobile phones for the download of movies and the video streaming, instead of seeking PCs.

However, assignments both from the use of the small screen of cellular phones and the inconvenience of keyboard typing still remain. With an aim to resolve this challenge, iClooly developed and commercialized this attractive smartphone docking station.

This solution has a bigger monitor that transfers smartphones’ screen images and controls the keyboard mice by using OTG function. Also the memory expansion is available through OTG function. And charging of the product is possible while being used.


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Connector for Electronics & Communication Devices

Communication Devices
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1311C09] Hyupjin Connector (www.hjconn.com) specializes in developing and manufacturing connectors, a main part of the electronics and communication devices. Hyupjin has established the unified production system covering plan, press, plating and assembly in order to meet the demanding consumer needs. The company has contributed to consumers’ competitive power and development of the country’s IT industry by localizing various connectors such as card edge connectors, flat cable connectors, din connectors, ribbon connectors and mobile phone connectors which were entirely dependent on import for the past 20 years.

Currently, Hyupjin enjoys continuous growth in revenues due to an increasing export volume. In 2012, Hyupjin recorded a turnover of 69 billion won, following 33.4 billion in 2011 and 16.8 billion in 2010. It sets a goal of reaching a turnover of 100 billion won in 2013, putting all energy and efforts into improving its production and marketing capabilities. In recognition of its remarkable business performance, Hyupjin, headed by CEO Park Jin-woo, won the 62nd Trader of the Month award.

The company’s continuous success is attributed to its commitment to reliable quality and its own proprietary technologies that set it apart from competitors. Since the early days of its business, Hyupjin has continued to invest in intensive R&D and established its in-house R&D center in 2010 to upgrade product quality through systemized technical innovations. As a result, the company can provide high-performance mobile phone contactor with upgraded functions and the newest technology at very competitive prices. Based on its technological power, Hyupjin is supplying products to Samsung Electronics.

One of the company’s main items is mobile phone contactor that is devised to securely connect an internal or external antenna to internal circuits. It is widely used to interconnect parts in electronic gadgets such as notebooks, MP3 players and mobile phones.

Hyupjin’s contactor has a dual contact structure and stopper function, ensuring more stable and solid contact without additional components. Hyupjin’s contactor allows users to enjoy various benefits including cost reduction, productivity improvement and quality improvement. For instance, the dual structure and stopper function of Hyupjin’s contactor allows for a minimized displacement even on impact, unlike the traditional C-Clip products suffer from call failure due to a significant displacement on impact.

Cost reduction: You can save the cost of installing extra rubber, compared with existing products.
Productivity improvement: Work efficiency has been enhanced by removing process of installing rubber, which is a relatively complicated process, preventing loss that could be caused by defective rubber installation.
Quality improvement: The dual structure effectively disperses fatigue degree of material, making it possible to maintain constant and stable contact.
Park Jin-woo

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Camera Module for Mobile Device & Automotive Camera

Camera Module
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryMCNEX specializes in a broad spectrum of technologies/processes to deliver high quality camera to the mobile/automotive industry. MCNEX is among the leading camera suppliers (Mobile camera module: 11th M/S, Automotive: 5th M/Sw/ 1.2 million units sales in 2011) worldwide.

The company’s key customers(Samsung Mobile/Pantech: mobile camera module and Hyundai Motors/Peugeot Citroe’n: Automotive camera) help this company grows rapidly in these industries. Automotive camera of MCNEX varies from a simple Front/Rear view camera to advanced (DSM, Night Vision, LDW, AVM) systems. MCNEX is vertically integrated in mobile/automotive camera manufacturing and located in Seoul and Shanghai (R&D and manufacturing facilities).

The camera modules produced by this company is assembled into mobile phones, laptop, PAD, e-book reader, etc. Resolution of 13mega pixel is supported as basic features for better performance. In addition to current flagship products camera modules for mobile devices, MCNEX further made its plan to develop camera modules making our daily life more conveniently.

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Mobile Barcode Reader

Mobile Barcode Reader
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1310E10] D.O.TEL’s market-leading mobile barcode reader, DOTH-200 is one of the nation’s most popular devices for overseas users, being 60% slimmer than previous models, and lighter than other existing hand-held terminals. Equipped with the Samsung ARM11 800MHz, this highly rugged PDA performs high-speed data processing. For security and OS
scalability, this model uses Windows CE 5.0.

With such features, this eye-catching item supports various working environments, providing flexible options such as 1D/2D barcode scanner, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, Camera, HF RFID reader, and easy-to-use interface barcode scanner. This PDA is also applicable for logistics, parcel delivery and tracking business.

The service provided by this company also covers such extended application areas as home automation, factory automation, telematics, etc. With acquired technology so far in the embedded field, D.O.TEL now preemptively responds to technical needs in an era of fast-changing ubiquitous technology.

D.O.TEL mainly develops ODM or OEM of industrial PDAs, auto navigation, mobile platform, etc. The company offers RFID modules and antennas in the UHF band to penetrate domestic and overseas markets aggressively by developing and providing products that meet diverse customers’ needs and demands. D.O.TEL obtains professional technology of embedded system development such as various H/W design and production, OS porting and related UI implementation, etc., along with constant growth.

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Android-based IP Smart Box

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryInnodigital is a professional company in the field of broadcasting & telecommunications and embedded solution, and has the best competitiveness in such field as Android-based smart devices and solutions.

The company’s Android-based IP smartbox is a product that features openness supporting various services, and so it leads not only the digital broadcasting market, but also the communications convergence market.

201308E_Innodigital3Contrary to the existing general IP set-top box that receives contents in an optimized network environment, this new kind of smartbox automatically adapts to the bandwidth of the network even in an unstable network environment and stably receives and regenerates contents.

This highly productive product is now frequently used at locally based conglomerates, medium-and small-sized companies, and regional governments, etc.

A company spokesperson explained, “We set ourselves the goal of being a smarter company that has the capacity in serving our customers based on our strong technological power.”

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IT infrastructure integrated management system – Infranics

With today’s fast-paced advancement of IT technology, society has become as complex as it can possibly be. Too much information flood in everyday for people and organizations, but it is doubtful if they can manage to have it under control. Well-coordinated management capability is a key to successful life and projects. Korea’s INFRANICS understands this dynamic and comes up with brilliant solutions.

“SysMaster Suite” and “Infra Explorer” are INFRANICS’s IT-based infrastructure integrated management solutions. With the introduction of “SysMaster Suite” in 2002, the IT solution provider continued to upgrade the system. 3 years later, a new version “SysMaster Suite 5.0” was selected as Good Software (GS) by the Telecommunication Technology Association in Korea. One of Korea’s largest communication giants LG, the Ministry of Defense, and the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy are benefiting from the system.




As an IT infrastructure integrated management system, SysMaster Suite is consisted of its 2D/3D Topology Map for a dashboard that displays information in detail, System Manager for system infra information, Network Manager for network infra, Traffic Manager for traffic information, QP Manager for IT infra management, and Security Manager for real-time security. IT operators can find plenty of advantages they can capitalize on.

For example, they can use its dashboard as their total management tool, managing IT Outsourcing is possible through Management Portal, managing application-based End-to-End service is easy, also INFRANICS’ own built-in engine is ideal for Korea’s operation environment.

Another flagship product “InfraExplorer” is useful for public infrastructure management, and Incheon Bridge and Metro Line 9 and ITS(Intelligent Traffic System) Systems are using it. For more information, you can visit infranics.com/index.html.

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