Surface Acoustic Wave – AMT

What is so called “SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)” travels as an acoustic wave on the surface of certain materials that show specific properties like elasticity. A device that uses this wave is easily found in many electrical gadgets such as mobile phones, radios, and even touch screens. By using SAWs in electronic components, SAW devices can be turned into several different functions like DC-to-DC converters, delay lines, filters, etc. Korea’s AMT (Advanced Microwave Technologies) gets to the bottom of what SAWs can do.

First built in 1998, AMT intends to develop and introduce Surface Acoustic Wave devices for the telecommunication stations. Since then, the firm has been providing a number of different SAW filters and the other electronic signal processing parts, and they are all going through AMT’s quality technology and manufacturing facilities. Main items include customizable high-performance bandpass SAW filter, resonators, delay lines, etc. They are applicable to digital wireless communication systems, wireless networks, internet, RF systems, satellite systems, etc.

AMT offers all types of IF SAW filters that ranges from 70MHz to 140MHz. For RF SAW filters, they are varied depending on which application: mobile phones, cordless phones, low power systems, and cellular BS phone systems. AMT produces four types such as One-Port, Two-Port, Front-End, and VCR RF-Modulator. The other SAW items are SAW delay lines and SAW devices for wireless LAN, wireless audio applications, and satellite receivers. You can find more information on Dielectric, Cavity, and Laser Diodes products at

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Video Communication Device – SBNTECH

Today iPad and Galaxy Pad have become somewhat necessities for people. These pad-type devices have attractive designs and, more importantly, awesome functions. They are trailblazing a new path by changing the way we live and work. However, they are not alone. SBNTECH weighs in to join the exclusive club with VPAD, a new-generation video communication device.

The company began in 2004 and was motivated to help people with hearing and speech issues. Since then, SBNTECH has released numerous versatile multimedia communication devices in the global market. And SBNTECH’s VPAD came to light, thanks to the IP video terminal maker’s successful integration of broadband network, data communication, and multimedia solution.

SBNTECH’s SVP5000 with a 10.2-inch TFT touch screen LCD is wrapped around with its digital photo frame and equipped with SD card slot and two USB 2.0 ports, including a built-in speaker, built-in WIFI and Bluetooth function, external video and audio input & output, and more. The video communication device also comes with user friendly GUI(Graphic User Interface) and easy and quick installation.

With this VPAD, people at home can visually interact with friends and family at anytime and anywhere without any restrictions. In the hospital, doctors can directly diagnose and advise their patients who are not present at the same place. At office, workers can hold a video conference with clients who are halfway around the world.
SBNTECH’s internal web server, SVP4500 has a fold-type 5.6-inch TFT LCD screen and supports LAN, ADSL, and Cable Modem. The communication device is capable of processing H.263 codec for video and G.729, G723.1, and G711 audio codec. You can find more details at

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IT infrastructure integrated management system – Infranics

With today’s fast-paced advancement of IT technology, society has become as complex as it can possibly be. Too much information flood in everyday for people and organizations, but it is doubtful if they can manage to have it under control. Well-coordinated management capability is a key to successful life and projects. Korea’s INFRANICS understands this dynamic and comes up with brilliant solutions.

“SysMaster Suite” and “Infra Explorer” are INFRANICS’s IT-based infrastructure integrated management solutions. With the introduction of “SysMaster Suite” in 2002, the IT solution provider continued to upgrade the system. 3 years later, a new version “SysMaster Suite 5.0” was selected as Good Software (GS) by the Telecommunication Technology Association in Korea. One of Korea’s largest communication giants LG, the Ministry of Defense, and the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy are benefiting from the system.




As an IT infrastructure integrated management system, SysMaster Suite is consisted of its 2D/3D Topology Map for a dashboard that displays information in detail, System Manager for system infra information, Network Manager for network infra, Traffic Manager for traffic information, QP Manager for IT infra management, and Security Manager for real-time security. IT operators can find plenty of advantages they can capitalize on.

For example, they can use its dashboard as their total management tool, managing IT Outsourcing is possible through Management Portal, managing application-based End-to-End service is easy, also INFRANICS’ own built-in engine is ideal for Korea’s operation environment.

Another flagship product “InfraExplorer” is useful for public infrastructure management, and Incheon Bridge and Metro Line 9 and ITS(Intelligent Traffic System) Systems are using it. For more information, you can visit

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