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What is so called “SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)” travels as an acoustic wave on the surface of certain materials that show specific properties like elasticity. A device that uses this wave is easily found in many electrical gadgets such as mobile phones, radios, and even touch screens. By using SAWs in electronic components, SAW devices can be turned into several different functions like DC-to-DC converters, delay lines, filters, etc. Korea’s AMT (Advanced Microwave Technologies) gets to the bottom of what SAWs can do.

First built in 1998, AMT intends to develop and introduce Surface Acoustic Wave devices for the telecommunication stations. Since then, the firm has been providing a number of different SAW filters and the other electronic signal processing parts, and they are all going through AMT’s quality technology and manufacturing facilities. Main items include customizable high-performance bandpass SAW filter, resonators, delay lines, etc. They are applicable to digital wireless communication systems, wireless networks, internet, RF systems, satellite systems, etc.

AMT offers all types of IF SAW filters that ranges from 70MHz to 140MHz. For RF SAW filters, they are varied depending on which application: mobile phones, cordless phones, low power systems, and cellular BS phone systems. AMT produces four types such as One-Port, Two-Port, Front-End, and VCR RF-Modulator. The other SAW items are SAW delay lines and SAW devices for wireless LAN, wireless audio applications, and satellite receivers. You can find more information on Dielectric, Cavity, and Laser Diodes products at

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Intelligent Power Quality Filter

Power Quality Filter - PQ TechPQ Tech Inc. is a power-quality specialization company founded in 2000 that supplies a wide range of technologies and control facilities in bulk for all industries that require power and energy solutions – including construction, iron and steel, broadcasting, IT, airports, hospitals, government offices, residential facilities, and others. PQ Tech’s key product is the intelligent power quality filter, or IPF.

With today’s power transformation technologies providing maximum power efficiency for all industries, most loads used by uninterruptible power supplies, elevators, lighting, home appliances, computers and other devices are non-linear. These non-linear loads prevent a stable supply of sine-wave voltage. Harmonic frequency current significantly cuts the lifespan of transformers, cables and other electric components, and is one of the main causes of energy loss and malfunctions.

To prevent these losses, IEEE standard 519 and IEC 61000 series have created standards for electric quality. PQ Tech’s IPF was developed to control harmonic currents within these standard parameters.

PQ Tech’s IPF uses a SVPWM control method with IGBT that provides optimal response characteristics for maintaining power quality. In addition, PQ Tech’s filter doesn’t exhibit the resonance characteristics that plague manual filters, cutting maintenance costs and ensuring a long, stable operational lifespan. Parallel connectivity allows easy retrofitting for large systems.

“We have succeeded in establishing a solid reputation in the electric quality market based upon over 25 years of accumulated excellent technology and know-how,” said the president Park Byung-ju, adding “Taking advantage of exceptional accuracy, reliability, convenience, our flagship intelligent power filters are maintaining their competitiveness in global markets.

The company is strongly considering raising the dominance level of those products in market worldwide by boosting its export markets. He stressed “We aim to increase the export ratio of our total sales from the current level by up to 30% while actively penetrating new and larger foreign markets, including China.



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