Cloud-based PACS Solution

[INQ. NO. 2211E06] The cloud-based PACS solution NubeX manufactured by TECHHEIM. Co., Ltd. is a SaaS-type service that stores the medical images (X-ray, CT, MRI, US, etc.) taken at the hospital in the cloud network.

It is a solution that provides non-contact (non-face-to-face) services such as searching, inquiring, and reading tests for medical images with a secure user account in a hospital/clinic as well as in a remote location through an Internet-connected IT device without time & space restrictions.

Since it is developed based on the web and operates through various web browsers, it is suitable for use in different user environments.

It can be used anywhere the Internet network is connected by using a secure security environment such as verified cloud network, SSL, and OTP authentication.

As a non-contact platform that can provide various additional services, it is possible to provide a fast and convenient environment through interworking services such as artificial intelligence (A.I.), image-reading support and remote reading (Teleradiology). It is an FDA 510(K) class II, K-GMP, ISO13485-certified product.

Medical Imaging Solution Provider
Since its founding in 2000, TECHHEIM. has grown into a professional firm that develops and provides medical imaging solutions of PACS with best quality and service.

It has supplied its products to more than 3,000 medical institutions in Korea and overseas (Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & Czechia).

TECHHEIM. has been developing and providing PACS solutions (on-premises & Cloud type), teleradiology solutions, and A.I. & big data platform services for the medical field.

Currently, TECHHEIM. is focusing on cloud-based medical imaging solutions based on international standard technology, and providing technology to acquire, send, store, and retrieve medical images. It provides various functions for image retrieving and processing both on-site, as well as through cloud solution integration with A.I. solutions (pre-screening & imaging processing).

TECHHEIM. is looking for business partners in other countries that can collaborate on providing access to its solutions for global business expansion. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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