Pet-behavior Device

[INQ. NO. 2211E07] The wearable pet behavior correction device ‘VetKit’ developed by Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd. helps protect pets that are not covered by medical care in the niche market. It also enables correction of a dog’s behavior at home.

Improving customers’ pets’ stress and anxiety behavioral problems
Did you know that separation anxiety disorder and aggression are serious problems that affect both pet owners and pets alike?

VetKit is a wearable PEMF device equipped with a biorhythm measurement sensor. It provides separation anxiety behavior correction and mental stress relief for pets. It also helps the organ function of the body for maintaining the healthy life of a pet.

VetKit device & app
VetKit enables the biorhythm analysis of pet animals’ (development of the world’s first dog biorhythm sensor-piezoelectric sensor module).

Pulsed magnetic field (PEMF) injection is optimized for stress relief and autonomic balance for pet animals’ behavior correction.

Founded in 2017, Hyundai AIT is a bio R&D specialized company. It is a proven technology company that has won a total of six domestic and international awards, starting with the Korea Intellectual Property Office Award in 2019, and the Silver Award at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition in Switzerland in 2022.

Possessing specialized technology and patents, it is growing not only domestically but also globally. On August 17, 2022, the product was launched as a beta test on Kickstarter ( in the United States and a local corporation was established. An official launch was held in November.

Hyundai AIT has a research team that can continuously upgrade pet animal medical care products and programs, so it is the safest and most affordable product to protect and care for pets.

Currently, Hyundai AIT is conducting research and development to launch sleep-inducing wearable devices and medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) orthosis products for pet animals, as well as aviation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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