Plasma Medical Devices & Beauty Devices

[INQ. NO. 2210E07] Feagle Co., Ltd., a global leader in the biomedical industry, produces plasma medical devices and beauty devices, and offers a safely designed plasma device loaded with argon gas.

Feagle is the first company to commercialize and release plasma products without ozone and thermal damage in the medical/cosmetics market. Nozone Cold Plasma (NCP) technology is a pioneering technology, and Feagle owns the patents and technology.

As a university professor, Gyoo Cheon Kim was one of the founding members of the International Society for Plasma Medicine (ISPM), and was the first to introduce plasma medicine to Korea. His longstanding expertise, gained from developing plasma-based applied medicine technologies and conducting substantial research, led to the company’s formation.

According to Feagle’s study, plasma can be used to break through medical limitations such as sterilization wound healing, inflammation control, and stem cell differentiation.

Feagle produces safely designed plasma devices loaded with argon gas showing excellent efficacy; argon gas is safe due to its minimal reactivity with other elements and a low probability of generating other compounds.

Hospital-oriented Device & Beauty Device
In essence, Feagle offers the first hospital-oriented device, Transkin, and a beauty device, Hermodew, that is optimized to skin care.

Hermodew is Feagle’s cosmetic device exclusively designed for aesthetic shops.

Hermodew weakens binding proteins between cells, helping to improve skin breakouts depending on one’s skin type so that the skin can absorb active ingredients between cells without pain. It also enhances the natural strength of the skin and makes the skin flawless.

Feagle is set to become a global leader in the plasma biomedical industry and create a longstanding trend while consolidating its business abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Laser Blood Collection Tube

[INQ. NO. 2206E02] LAMEDITECH’s professional laser blood-collection tube (LMT-5000) is a product exclusively designed for use in hospitals and medical institutions to collect peripheral blood by using a laser without using a needle, even though it is the same laser blood collection tube.
The company has improved the charging speed of laser and enhanced the convenience of users through the application of a charging cradle, and reduced the cost of medical waste by decreasing the size of consumables.

Multi-functional Laser Beauty Device
PURAXEL is a multi-functional laser beauty device. By applying the safety-proven laser for skin (Er:Yag laser, 2940nm), the device generates about 100 uniform multi-micro pores on the skin per shot – only to the epidermal layer, up to 200µm in depth.
It dramatically enhances the absorption rate of active substances contained in functional cosmetics or ampoules, and the device helps to improve skin moisture, brightness, density, melasma, wrinkles and hair loss.
LAMEDITECH Co., Ltd. has been developing and supplying specialized laser devices to promote health and beautiful lives based on laser miniaturization technology. Its laser devices for clinical and cosmetic treatment, to which the miniaturization technology is applied, are highly competitive in terms of quality, when compared to other competing products in the market.
Through continuous research and development, LAMEDITECH is committed to becoming a global-leading laser expertise company. | Blog Magazine of Korean electronics, brands and Goods