Plasma Medical Devices & Beauty Devices

[INQ. NO. 2210E07] Feagle Co., Ltd., a global leader in the biomedical industry, produces plasma medical devices and beauty devices, and offers a safely designed plasma device loaded with argon gas.

Feagle is the first company to commercialize and release plasma products without ozone and thermal damage in the medical/cosmetics market. Nozone Cold Plasma (NCP) technology is a pioneering technology, and Feagle owns the patents and technology.

As a university professor, Gyoo Cheon Kim was one of the founding members of the International Society for Plasma Medicine (ISPM), and was the first to introduce plasma medicine to Korea. His longstanding expertise, gained from developing plasma-based applied medicine technologies and conducting substantial research, led to the company’s formation.

According to Feagle’s study, plasma can be used to break through medical limitations such as sterilization wound healing, inflammation control, and stem cell differentiation.

Feagle produces safely designed plasma devices loaded with argon gas showing excellent efficacy; argon gas is safe due to its minimal reactivity with other elements and a low probability of generating other compounds.

Hospital-oriented Device & Beauty Device
In essence, Feagle offers the first hospital-oriented device, Transkin, and a beauty device, Hermodew, that is optimized to skin care.

Hermodew is Feagle’s cosmetic device exclusively designed for aesthetic shops.

Hermodew weakens binding proteins between cells, helping to improve skin breakouts depending on one’s skin type so that the skin can absorb active ingredients between cells without pain. It also enhances the natural strength of the skin and makes the skin flawless.

Feagle is set to become a global leader in the plasma biomedical industry and create a longstanding trend while consolidating its business abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Plasma Sterilization Lighting

[INQ. NO. 2209E01] As the demand for sterilization lighting is skyrocketing due to COVID-19, LED sterilization lighting based on plasma has recently been released in Korea, for the first time in the world.

VALKIDA, a new company established in 2018, has developed a plasma-based sterilization lighting system, AIRCLIGHT, which has been proven to kill germs and viruses by up to 99%.

AIRCLIGHT creates a plasma state through the plasma module to decompose water molecules in the air, and generates plasma radicals.

Meanwhile, plasma radicals are the key sterilizing elements that destroy cell membranes of viruses.

This product in efficient in killing germs while having no harmful effects on the human body as it is applied with plasma technology used for skin care.

It is noteworthy that the plasma module generates wind at a speed of 1m/s. Since the wind generated when producing plasma circulates the internal air without a fan, it has high energy efficiency.

And the wind also cools down the heat from LED, increasing durability. The plasma module installed in the center of the LED lighting system generates wind that spreads plasma radicals inside a building while the edge part absorbs indoor air.

World’s First Plasma-based LED Sterilization Lighting System
VALKIDA has obtained KC safety and high-efficiency certifications for this product. A 6-inch buried down-light product has recently been released for anyone to easily install through a simple process. A lamp-type product that can be installed without construction is to be presented in the future, and the company is planning to advance into overseas markets.

“As customers are recently becoming more aware of safety and hygiene issues, the sterilization lighting market is growing” explained the CEO Lee Jae-seung, adding “Unlike UV, AIRCLIGHT can be widely used and has no harmful effects on the human body, so it can be used anywhere.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Plasma Beauty Device


[INQ. NO. 2012E17] PLINIC by G1 Partners Co., Ltd., a company specializing in home beauty care products, is small-sized beauty equipment that uses plasma. With PLINIC, the consumers can care for their skin at home without visiting beauty shops.
PLINIC is a CE-certified product. It speeds up the skin regeneration cycle by vitalizing the cells that form collagen by stimulating the fiber cells inside the skin using plasma, a next-generation substance (energy) used by dermatologists to expedite regeneration of and absorption by the skin, and removes hazardous molecules by breaking them down.

It is compact and easy to use, and its plasma is visible to the consumers.
PLINIC can help the skin absorb the cosmetics deeper, create the V-line, rejuvenate the skin, remove the germs that cause acne by using the blue wave and stabilize the skin with its heating effect.
It was confirmed to effectively improve eight areas of skincare, including skin elasticity, luster, and wrinkles around the eyes, after a living-body test. It is a safe product of which safety has been verified.
G1 Partners researches, develops and manufactures home beauty devices for personal skincare.

The employees of G1 Partners consist of product planners from Samsung Electronics, international salesmen with more than 15 years of international marketing experience, and so forth.
G1 Partners distributes its flagship product, PLINIC, and also supplies about 1,000 units monthly of PLINIC to Kyowon Group, a large company in Korea, under the ODM method. The company is pioneering the overseas sales channels by exporting the product samples to the USA, Australia, the Philippines, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods