Laser Blood Collector

[INQ. NO. 2104E05] LaMeditech Co., Ltd. is developing, producing, and supplying laser products that can contribute to a healthy and beautiful life for everyone based on specialized laser compact technology.
Laser products where this company’s laser compact technology is applied have higher competitiveness than existing products in terms of not only technical power but also convenience in use and price.
Based on such successful experience, this company plans to launch the product in global markets. LaMeditech aims to become the world’s best laser specialized company in the field of medical & cosmetics through sustainable research & development.

Laser Blood Collector

Personal Laser Blood Collector
HandyRay-Lite (LMT-1000) is a personal laser blood collector to collect capillary blood using a needleless laser. It is similar to other blood collectors such as HandyRay and HandyRay-Pro, but the portability is improved with the design of smaller product size and lighter product weight and the price is also reduced for it to be suitable for personal use.

Laser Blood Collector

Professional Laser Blood Collector
HandyRay-Pro (LMT-5000) is professional laser blood collector for hospitals and medical centers to collect capillary blood using a needleless laser.
Unlike other blood collectors such as HandyRay, user convenience is enhanced with improved laser charging speed and charging cradle; and medical waste costs are saved with reduced size of consumables.

Laser Blood Collector

As its device is capable of extracting capillary blood, it can be used alongside various POCT devices such as glucose level kits and even COVID-19 rapid testing kits. POCT testing becomes much safer and more convenient.

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