Near UV White Devices

Near UV White Devices[INQ. NO. 1310E16] For the epoch-making LED era, LEDST has from its early stage of business shown its endless commitment to developing market-leading top-quality LED technology and consequently has become one of the world’s strongest players in this field.

As a result of long years of such intensive efforts, LEDST is recognized as a top-class professional manufacturer of LED package products with high-quality, reasonable cost, and fast delivery.

Among the main item of the company is its high color rendering index LED package with Ra 99%, which is first-class level in the world. There are some extremely competitive technologies, which make it possible for its LED package products to actively advance into foreign markets and to lead the market.

The COB technology and high CRI (Ra) technology up to 99 by each color temperature 2,000°K ~ 20,000°K are its representative independent technologies. Concerning COB technology, LEDST developed optimized heat dissipation package exclusively by simulation design for enhancement of thermal dissipation effect, applying low current high efficiency method multi-chip production.

While the maker’s linear bar structure series results in an easier heat dissipation requirement, making versatile fixtures design possible as well as offering an overall cost saving benefit, the multichip array structure series provides both high and ultra-high power chip on board (COB)LEDs suitable for general lighting including special applications such as down lights, floodlights, street lights, etc. And COB multi-power LED series can provide different operating powers and different colors. And the company’s SMD SLUG TYPE components offer isolated slug or heat sink with cathode and anode for high luminous efficacy, high CRI (Ra) characteristics, which are based on efficient thermal efficient thermal management technology.

There are many promotional high-class LED line-ups, which consist of LED high CRI devices (Ra99), LED COB multi power devices (3W~200W),LED power devices (0.4W~100W), LED plant growth devices, LED lamp power devices, LED top view 3528, 5450, slug type devices, LED IR & UV devices, LED top view 3528 Lens, LED IR lens, and near UV white devices (Ra98). Among them, the “NearUV white devices (Ra98)” currently tops the list of what this company would like to most actively promote in the global market.

The highly applied consideration in the design of the latest flagship version of LED solution, “white LED devices using near UV light and Phosphor” is how to use RGB+Y phosphor material to convert monochromatic light from a near UV LED to broad-spectrum white light similar to sunlight spectrum. LEDST has applied for a patent in both South Korea and PCT International stage. This item is available for all kind of LED packages such as SMD 3528, 5450, 5630 type, lamp type, COB type, etc., and application areas include light source for stereomicroscopes, endoscopes, medical examination rooms, production lines of pharmaceutical factories, and other applications, where there is a need for enhanced spectrum characteristics with ultra-high CRI. LEDST will further continue to be committed to the development of new technology and products and benefit the global community with its exceptional LED technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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