Precision Cleaning Technology

Precision Cleaning Technology[INQ. NO. 1310E17]Founded in 1996, KoMiCo developed cleaning and refurbishment technologies for cleaning of high-cost parts applied in devices used for semiconductors and LCDs. Starting with the establishment of its R&D center in 1998, this company added its new business portfolios of CVD, sputter and all of the semiconductor manufacturing processes to the existing cleaning etch devices.

Expansion of its business into support of manufacturers producing displays of PDPs and OLEDs was also a noticeable advancement in the growth of its drive in the local market. And the new facility built in 2001 helped improve its work environment, product quality, turn-around-time, and responsiveness to customer needs, allowing Korean semiconductor and LCD industries to reduce costs and increase yields.

With such movement, it was able to acquire a solid background to grow into a potentially globally competitive manufacturer in the field. In 2001, using its accumulated technologies in the cleaning business, this company expanded its business into the refurbishment and spare parts businesses. In 2005, it established MiCo C&C in Cheonan, Chungnam to specialize in refurbishment and part manufacturing for the display industry.

KoMiCo harnessed its advanced ceramics technology to develop precision MLC parts and other related critical components to further satisfy its customers’ needs. Its experience with ceramics has even led to research into fuel cell technology, allowing the company to contribute to a cleaner environment in the future.

KoMiCo’s special coating technology is developed with an aim to alleviating the burden of manufacturing cost of large materials and highly functional special materials. And this technology is highly effective for electronics parts manufacturing devices, which require control of nano-sized particles, high temperature
stability (heat resistance, thermal conductivity) and electrical & chemical stability, and high purification.

Operators of semiconductors, displays, LEDs, etc. prefer to use this technology in anticipation of longer lifespan of equipment, ensured features of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and plasma resistance. This company meets various requirements of sensitive demands for diverse kinds of electronic parts manufacturing equipment with its optimized highly functional coating technologies (thermal spray coating/anodizing /SOC, etc.).

And this company’s precision cleaning technology aims to be fully applied in various electronics products that require high-precision cleaning technology including semiconductors. This technology contributes to cost reduction by meeting the requirements of decreasing the scale of the inventory and shortening of delivery time. As manufacturing cost of large materials increases, such kinds of technology are becoming increasingly popular among operators of semiconductors, LEDs, etc. For such products, high functional optimized cleaning technology is available. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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