RFID Antennas

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1310C44]

RFID Antenna Line-up (860MHz~930MHz)
– RFID Ceramic Antenna
– RFID PCB Antenna (QMA: Quadrifilar Meander Antenna) Strength: Lightweight
– RFID Fixed type Antenna (MACRO Series)
– RFID Near Field Antenna (NFA Series)

Applicable areas
– Unmanned parking control system, gate security, logistics, distribution, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, document & book management, security unit for an automobile, door lock(for residence), outdoor sign, corporate management system
– The application is expected to be unlimited as the RFID/USN related industry rapidly develops.

MAC technologies Inc. specializes in manufacturing wireless communications components such as RFID antennas, repeaters and ceramic filters. The company’s long experience and mature technical know-how in antenna tuning will provide you with components that can significantly improve the reliability and stability of your mobile communications devices and electronic equipment. The factory in Korea can produce 100,000 components every month.

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