Korea’s First Company to Export a Uhealth Software Package to the USA

INSUNG[INQ. NO. 1404E44] Korea’s leading company in the field of u-healthcare (telemedicine), Insung Information Co., Ltd., is accelerating its global exports with new momentum.

Following its recent contract worth US$4 million with a French company supplying telemedicine systems (product name: Hicare Home Doctor), Insung Information signed a contract on supplying its telehealth software package (product name: Hicare Smart) to AMC Healthcare.

While the existing Hicare Home Doctor was to provide service through its device, Hicare Smart is a Hicare software solution customized for smartphones and tablets. The ubiquitous healthcare service of Hicare Smart can be accessed by installing it on smartphones and tablets supplied by Verizon Communications in the United States.

U-Health services are designed to measure an individual’s health status such as blood pressure, blood glucose, body fat, oxygen saturation, electronic stethoscope, etc. by using smart devices so as to manage and prevent chronic disease like diabetes and hypertension, and it allows one to have a health consultation at home through a one-on-one video medical consultation without having to go to hospital to get health advice.

Besides blood pressure and blood glucose, it integrates with various medical devices, and supports many features considered essential for users such as voice guidance, measuring/medication alarm, blutooth/USB, wired and wireless Internet.

This is a case where the u-Healthcare service model is expanded to mobile platforms, and it is expected to be adopted to various OS of smart devices (android, iOS). Insung Information is self-developing a uhealthcare solution for smart devices and this time it is not a hardware gateway device, but software to supply what is the first case study in Korea.

In particular, U.S. telecommunications companies like Verizon have recently been launching smart healthcare products and so as the business is based on progress connected to the program, this case of supplying software package to a telecommunication company could be very meaningful. Next year, there would be a new product launch of Hicare Smart Hub (TBD) allowing for u-Healthcare services to be offered by integrating with many types of smart devices and phones, then it is expected to build a full and diversified product lineup, from u-Healthcare hardware to software.

After the successful marketing of its Hicare Smart model, Insung Information is planning to expand its sales to telecommunication companies in Europe, Australia and Asia through existing partners with similar models. And it would be increasingly diversified into a type of Hicare cloud service.

The CEO of Insung Information, Mr. Won Jongyoon said, “This contract of supplying Hicare Smart is a successful case study of showing the potential for spreading u-healthcare business to not only hardware platforms but to software platforms as well.” He continued, “As we diversified and built a full product lineup from hardware to software, we will aggressively continue overseas business by close collaboration with global partners and with a suitable model for each country.”

HicareHome Doctor
Product Details
HicareHome Doctor is a new type of home healthcare device that enables you to easily accumulate and manage various vital sign measurements while allowing you to remotely and effectively obtain advice and support of medical practitioners.

Measurement items:
Body pressure/pulse (built-in), blood glucose (docking type), oxygen saturation, body composition, body temperature, weight, height, etc. (About 40 peripheral devices integrating with main unit)

Other Flagship model
The company’s HicareSmart is a customized application that would be installed on smartphones and tablets. It is a mobile platform software package of supplying telemedicine service, which can measure an individual’s health status such as blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose and electronic stethoscope by using this software application together with integrated devices.

It also offers to have health consultation at home through one-on-one video chat function without having to go to hospital to get health advice. HicareSmart supports many features considered for users such as integrating with various devices, photo transfer to server, library, questionnaire, and diary.

Further introduction to the company
The company’s U-Health Division develops medical service platform that can be used conveniently at anywhere anytime by using ubiquitous technology. And also it provides healthcare services that are under multi IT infrastructure.

Through continuous technology development and accomplishment of various projects, in 2010, Insung Information got involved into a consortium named ‘SmartcarePilot Project’ together with Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom which project sized of US$35million, and Insung Information could gain a footehold for dominating the u-Health market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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