Robot, Sensor Modules- HISENSOR & ROBOT

Sensor Module - HISENSOR & ROBOTPeople used to imagine how their home would look like in the future. The most common thing that everyone expects to see is the scene where everything functions seamlessly with only one finger touch. Now, it turns into reality. With help from HISENSOR & ROBOT, we do not dream about it any longer. Even, it gets better with more intelligent options and accessories.

First began its operation in 2007, this relatively young and vibrant future-oriented tech firm is all about scientific breakthroughs in the robot and home automation industry. Riding on the back of its sound management capability and authentic ideas, HISENSOR & ROBOT has made progress in building robots for many uses, developing sensor modules and control systems for our homes, and introducing diversified tools for scientific use. Taking on technology, the company possesses numerous patents and quality certificates like KCC and CE.

HiSensor-100 Motion Sensor is already in use at venues such as government offices, cultural centers, theme parks, etc. By using its microwave sensor, the device monitors and detects moving objects and the amount of light to control home-based items and electronic systems. This remotely-controlled device can efficiently calculate and consume the ideal amount of energy. Auto Blind is a window blind system that automatically operates in a few directions controlled by a remote. There are also Feel Touch Switch and Solar Module. For educational purpose, HISENSOR&ROBOT offers sensors that can measure voltage, magnetic field, electric current, etc. The company sells educational robot units as well. You can find more at

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