Various Home Kitchen Appliances its establishment in 1987, Jinsung Hitech Co., Ltd. began to manufacture and sell various home kitchen appliances. And now, Jinsung Hitech has six patents, two utility models and many design registrations under its name. It has continually developed new products every year and the product lines include halogen ovens, air fryers, cook robots, bread makers, roti robots, smart cooks and baby food makers.
Halogen ovens and bread makers are relatively well known with TV home shopping in Korea and abroad. Baby food makers have been introduced in 2017. Cook robots are a kind of air fryer with an automatic rotating blade in the grill, which makes it unnecessary to stir food while cooking. In addition, smart cook is an all-in-one cooker that can easily perform over 12 functions such as grinding, chopping, making juice, soup and baby food, frying, kneading, steaming, weighing with built-in electronic scale, etc.


Roti Robot & Halogen Oven

Roti robot can automatically make roti, the popular unleavened Indian fl at bread. Simply place fl our and water in the top containers and press the butt on The entire process from making the dough to shaping, baking and finally taking roti out can be easily done automatically. Once loaded, it makes up to 15 pieces of roti.
Halogen oven uses far-infrared radiation of carbon heater and fast circulation of heated air. It prevents the loss of taste and nutrients and removes fats. The glass container allows you to see the entire cooking process. Easy to use, clean and move, it is a bestseller in Korea.
It is convenient as it is unnecessary to stir food when cooking with the convection method of high temperature and heated air circulation. It simply cooks various vegetables, eggs, yam, fish, shrimp and meat without water. It is quick to cook with far-infrared heated air circulating in high temperature. It removes fat of food and maintains chewy gravy for dietary health food. It also prevents the loss of taste and nutrition by emitting strong far-infrared of the carbon heater. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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