Caring Robot for the Aged

[INQ. NO. 2211E33] Wonderful Platform is a company specialized in developing AI-based health-caring robots and has a domestic brand of ‘Dasom’ and a global brand called ‘AVAdin.’

Wonderful Platform is providing customized services equipped with its own SW applied to outstanding robot devices supplied from external partners.

In the sector of the caring robot for the aged, some 6,000 senior citizens in Korea alone are using Dasom robots.

In cooperation with organizations such as local governments including public health centers and ward offices, hospitals, etc., caring robots are being provided. In addition, many individual customers are using the caring robot. Many are giving Dasom robots to their parents, who are living alone, to allow them to use AI-based caring services.

Caring robot equipped with various functions for aged persons
Main functions of the caring robot include notification of emergency situations; monitoring service for emergency situations; alerts for taking medicines; video calls; YouTube contents play, and community services.

Platform planned for senior care service agencies
Wonderful Platform is preparing a platform for senior care service agencies. The company is ready to launch ‘AVAdin ON,’ a mobile application for caregivers. The robot maker is actively promoting the platform for agencies related to caregiving services.

Wonderful Platform’s U.S. branch is located in San Jose, California, introducing ‘AVAdin’ to the American market by participating in Digital Health at CES 2022.

“With a local branch in the United States, we are putting every effort into advancing into the global market and are growing into a global healthcare company that is advancing into ‘silver’ markets around the world. We are striving to contribute to the future for people to live together and always welcome business partners,” remarked the CEO of the company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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