Light Field 3D-related Solution

[INQ. NO. 2211E32] MOPIC’s technology was developed by former Samsung Electronics glasses-free 3D- display researchers. MOPIC released the first-ever Light Field 3D smartphone case, Snap3D, that attaches to smartphones and their companion apps.

The quality of Snap3D goes beyond the function of 3D-exclusive devices.

MOPIC’s solution produces amazing results using a combination of technologies: shooting with a 3D camera as seen with the naked eye; extracting 3D graphic content as optimal stereoscopic images; offering a software algorithm that enables consistent three-dimensional effects — and implementing optical technology that offers stereoscopic images in high resolution without any crosstalk (X-talk) interference.

‘MOPIC SDK for unity’ to start closed beta test
MOPIC SDK for Unity is a plug-in that places more than two virtual cameras — by calculating their angles, locations, spaces, etc., in Unity-based contents (3D games or 3D videos) — in line with the user’s environment. It mixes images shown by each of the cameras using the 3D shader to convert them into realistic light-field stereoscopic images.

Change of light field images only with a few clicks
MOPIC SDK for Unity is packaged with plug-in, resources, prefabs, two examples and scripts for three-dimensional rendering. A user is able to easily create his/her own content environment optimized to MOPIC’s light-field 3D display with just simple clicks.

MOPIC has started releasing MOPIC SDK for Unity 1.1.3 after having thorough discussions with its partners that were using MOPIC Mirror 1.1.2 version and is planning to unveil C++ SDK within this year. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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