High-end Sushi & Gimbap Machines


[INQ. NO. 2211E31] Lucky Eng Co., Ltd. put a lot of efforts into achieving its goal of producing high-quality sushi- and gimbap-making machines.

Based on its skills and experience accumulated over a long period, it now specializes in manufacturing and distributing sushi machines, gimbap machines, rice dispensers, rice ball machines and packaging machines.

Lucky Eng is striving to become a growing company that satisfies customers by developing new ideal items to increase the quality of its products, competing in the global market, and supplying quality products at low prices.

High-quality gimbap/California roll machine: [LCR-700 (Sheet Type/ Belt type)]
The LCR-700 is the ideal model for people who want to make highly-quality sushi roll/gimbap. You can minutely control the compressive strength and density of the rice with the newest, color, touch LCD monitor.

In particular, the belt type can make variety of sushi/gimbap rolls such as premium gimbap, or Huto maki, even with a lot of ingredients. All kinds of rolls can be produced regardless of thickness.

Gimbap / sushi roll refrigerator (for sushi roll machine)

Premium sushi machine+SAS [LSR-370 + SAS]
The LSR-370+SAS is a machine that automatically arranges the shari that are shaped by the sushi machine into the tray, and arrange it on the lunch box or plate that the customer is using.

With its safety and hygiene -oriented design, it can be easily assembled and disassembled without any special tools, and is water washable.

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