YujinRobot Launches AI Cleaning Robot ‘iCLEBO O5’

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1812E06] YujinRobot launched ‘iCLEBO O5’, a premium cleaning robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). iCLEBO O5 is a top-class new cleaning robot being introduced two years after iCLEBO Omega. It memorizes, “learns” and saves positions, equipped with AI for the first time of iCLEBO products. Also you can set your smartphone for remote cleaning and cleaning areas. It determines the cleaning environment by itself to enhance the user convenience.
You can operate iCLEBO O5 with a smartphone remotely anywhere anytime for cleaning. With dedicated application, you can control cleaning command in or out of doors, and check the cleaning robot status in real time.
In addition, you can set cleaning areas with the ‘AI Smart Map Editor.’ Users’ requirements were reflected regarding limited serviceable space or cleaning specific areas only due to household pets. Real time cleaning progress checking is also available.
iCLEBO O5 memorizes and learns positions by itself. When the operation stops due to any error or battery discharge, it memorizes the position it stops without completing cleaning and continues cleaning from that area after the problem is solved.
‘Flexible suction mode’ is available allowing adjusting the suction force from level 1 to 3, so that you can clean quietly even at night time when noise complaints would be a concern for neighbors or while your baby is sleeping. An AI sensor is fitted that increases the suction force by itself, detecting dust quantity and the material of floor.
AI voice recognition is also implemented. You can command cleaning operation conveniently with AI speaker (Alexa) and Google Assistant. This function will be applied to models for export, and supporting Korean will start within this year.
Strong suction power is ready with built-in BLDC motor. Precise operation is implemented with camera based navigation where the upper camera can take 20 frames per second with 130 degree of anterior angle. Any edge or corner can be cleaned without exception with dual side brush that rotates 150 times per minute and deep corner algorism.
Gyeongcheol Shin, chairman of YujinRobot said that “Based on YujinRobot’s technical skills from 30 years of robot researches, cutting edge functions required for users are incorporated in the new product thoroughly so that this cleaning robot can enhance quality of life in various homes.”

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