Electric Dryer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1812E07] This is a high-efficiency product that has improved the drying performance and reduced electricity costs and drying time by adopting even the invertor motor and compressor that precisely control the operation amount depending on the usage environment, based on the heat pump method that dries laundry by carrying out low- temperature drying and dehumidification instead of the heatwave.
This product satisfies consumers’ various demands by newly adopting the Eco Mode and Speed Mode.
Consumers worried about the cost of electricity can save up to 27% of their energy use compared with the existing Standard Mode by using Eco Mode and, in this case, the electricity cost is only about KRW130 for one drying (based on 5kg).
When using Speed Mode, the drying time is reduced by up to 22% unique design compared with the the existing Standard Mode when drying one time (based on 5kg), enabling one to dry laundry within 84 minutes, which is faster by about 20 minutes.
In addition, this product has drastically improved the ‘Air Wash’ function which eliminates odors and harmful bacteria of the laundry, sterilizing up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria in life such as staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and escherichia coli in the dry laundry as well as in the wet one.
The upgraded ‘Air Wash’ function has been verified by Intertek, a global product performance testing company, based on 2kg of dry laundry and 4kg of wet laundry. The setting step of drying has been subdivided into four steps by increasing one more step so that the customer can use it according to the desired drying level.
Besides, the all-in-one filter, which filters dusts and lint in the fabric, has been improved to a more compact structure, and a dedicated cleaning brush can be used to hygienically manage the heat exchanger and filter. In order to provide customers with differentiated benefits, a 12-year free warranty is offered, which is the longest in the industry, for both the compressor and the motor, the key components of the newly introduced dryer.
In addition, for models applying the existing constant- speed compressor, Samsung Electronics extended the warranty period of the motor and compressor from three years to 10 years and plans to provide same benefit to the existing customers as well as new product purchasers.
The capacity of this product is 9kg and it will be introduced via two models of Platinum Inox and White. The store price of this price is KRW1.349 million to KRW1.449 million.
A related party of Samsung Electronics summed up by saying, Our dryer has now come a necessity for life with its excellent drying effect and convenient usability. We will continue to lead the dryer market by continuously introducing new products that have reflected the requirements of consumers.”

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