Big Data Analysis Platform[INQ. NO. 1812E08] ISSAC Engineering (CEO Kim, Chang- soo), a factory automation-specialized company, is accelerating the implementation of smart factories by integrating the ‘Plug and Tap’ big data analysis platform into the industrial IoT.
ISSAC Engineering recently introduced the ‘Plug and Tap’, which was developed by the company, in the recently held Hyundai Steel Tech Show 2018. Among 60 exhibitors, visitors paid a lot of attention to the only big data analysis platform exhibited in the event.
IoT technology is rapidly developing, and sensor data, machine data, and log data are generated exponentially at industrial sites. However, it is virtually impossible to store, process, analyze, and utilize large data with the current relational databases (DB) alone.
ISSAC Engineering has addressed this issue with a plug and tap that can flexibly respond to the needs of industrial sites with real-time and batch processing. Business customers have improved productivity and quality by collectively linking and analyzing the data between a scattered production information system and an enterprise operating system. Based on the accumulated data, it is also possible to build an AI-level industrial site that can be predicted and checked in advance.
“Although many companies introduced big data to build smart factories, it is difficult to even try to introduce them because only a simple solution with a poor understanding of industrial sites is supplied,” pointed out Kim Chang-soo, president of ISSAC Engineering.

“ISSAC Engineering fully understands the fourth industrial technology necessary in building a smart factory from the industrial IoT to AI,” Kim said. “We will lead manufacturing innovation in Korea by increasing corporate competitiveness and efficiency with optimal solutions.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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