Home Service Robot

Have you ever imagined an item making your life more interesting and creative than now?

If so, how about paying attention to Roboware’s toy-shaped but works as full-fledged home service robot?

home service robot

Under the brand name of “KIMI”, Roboware’s toy-shaped full-fledged home service robot made its first global-scale appearance through this year’s global largest home appliance exhibition CES2013 creating fresh enthusiasm among visitors.

KIMI operates not only by various sensors ? camera, mike, touch sensor, acceleration sensor, buttons, etc., but by smart devices backed by the Internet environment such as smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.

In such an operating environment supported by the Internet, users can reproduce the very contents on KIMI depending on the user-defined type scheduler.
Are you very familiar with smart devices? Users can communicatein many ways with smart devices and can create various contents they want depending on KIMI solution.

Especially for the students, engineers, and content providers who manipulate robot, Roboware provides contents builder tools(KIMI motion and scenario editor) so that they can create their own contents such as educational curriculums and experimental engineering missions.

KIMI is a kind of software program that can create motion animation with the robotics functions playing as actuators and the LEDs. With such supported function of robot animations, users can control the robot’s motions readily.

Holding original technologies such specific areas as hardware-based design and development, software-based design and development, and service design and development, Roboware exerts its comparative competitiveness over other makers. Such robot platform-related technologies are being briskly applied to educational robot and health robot gathering excellent praise from users.


“We have carried out numerous space robot projects over the past 10 years including NASA project and recently developed a robot applying robotics technology.For release of more competitive robots, we now make furtherefforts focusing on maintaining current technology as superb level as now”, remarked a spokesperson of the company confidently.

“The simple but valuable aspiration of contributing to the creation of atmospherecentering on enhancing people’s lives is a driving force for us to maintain our current aggressive move.”

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