Air Disinfectant Device

[INQ. NO. 2208E29] As viruses are not able to live independently, they have to enter the cells of animals, plants or bacteria so as to use the metabolic system of such host organisms to reproduce.

A virus has a glycoprotein integument surrounding internal acids and proteins. And S-protein spikes in the integument allow the virus to penetrate the host organism.

If the integument of the virus is dissolved, it would be absorbed by the host cell and lose its function instead of being able to invade the host cell. This is the virus inactivation system.

JungSang E&T’s air disinfectant device ‘KPLAZER’, uses the virus inactivation system and UVC radiation to destroy and dissolve the virus’s outer cover to eliminate the virus. KPLAZER doesn’t generate ozone and there is no secondary contamination caused by the virus.

KPLAZER’s performance was tested by ofi (Austria), showing the performance of removing viruses by 99.96% and bacteria by 99.71%. ISEGA (Germany) also conducted another performance test, finding that escherichia coli were removed by 99.99% and staphylococcus aureus by 99.98%.

The performance test carried out by the designated inspection organization in accordance with the Food Sanitation Act set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan) showed that both staphylococcus aureus and micrococcus luteus were reduced by 99.99%. According to the test result done by KTL (Korea), floating viruses and germs decreased by 97% and 99%, respectively.

Air disinfectant device’s electrical safety won global certifications
In addition, KPLAZER’s electrical safety has been certified by CE (Europe), IEC (International), PSE (Japan) and KC (Korea).

KPLAZER’s casing is equipped with a safety device to stop the operation if the panel is forcibly opened while the product is working. For maintenance, the panels in front and on the right side are to be manually opened and closed.

KPLAZER’s blower is equipped with an eco-friendly EC blower (backward curved blade centrifugal type). Core components of KPLAZER can be used for more than three years without any replacements. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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