Living Appliances

[INQ. NO. 2212E14] CUCKOO Homesys Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing living appliance manufacturer in Korea. CUCKOO provides healthy and clean living environments with high quality water purifier, air purifier, bidet and many more.

Water Purifier
CUCKOO’s water purifiers have been recognized for their best-tasting water for 3 consecutive years by Korea’s national water sommeliers, and awarded the ‘Grand Gold’, an exclusive award that is given to companies that receive the Gold Award for 3 consecutive years.

The ‘100°C Boiling Water Purifier’ lineup has been introduced for the first time in the water purifier industry, and provides unrivalled taste for dishes that need to be cooked with hot water such as cup noodles and coffee. Also, it allows users to sterilize objects such as baby bottles with boling water.

The ‘In-N-Out Sterilization System’ directly sterilize all pipes and faucets with sterilized water, making product use convenient and hygenic.

Air Purifier
CUCKOO’s newest air purifier(AC-12R10FNW) has won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award-Product Design field. The minimalistic vent design not only provides an elegant feel, but also adds functional advantages to maximize the air-coverage area. Additionally, vivid LED lights indicate air cleanliness in an intuitive, aesthtically pleasing manner.

Bubble 8 Bidet’ with a automatic bubble cleanning function has won the 2022 Korea Energy Winner Award.

The Bubble 8 Bidet minimize power waste by using the ‘Instant Heater Method(heating the water when needed)’ and the ‘Energy Eye(automatically switches the product to power saving mode by detecting light)’.

The ‘Bubble System’ mixes water and detergent, and sprays the resulting the bubbles into every inch of the toilet to keep everything clean.

In addition, the multi-directional nozzle can fine-tune the direction of the water flow, and users can easily self-install the filter without concerns of water leakage or splashes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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